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  1. Oh, it breaks my heart to see Korean spam and be unable to delete it!

    1. Hannah


      Hope you get your rights back soon Rosie!


    2. Susan Wise Bauer

      Susan Wise Bauer

      I JUST BECAME AWARE OF THIS, please accept my apologies. We will resolve. I AM SO SORRY.


    3. desertflower


      Yeah, that was painful to watch!  No apologies necessary SWB.  We know there will be glitches and these things take time. 

  2. Aww you Girls! You sent me a showbag! ❤️❤️

    1. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      What's a showbag? 

  3. If any of you are Muslims in Toronto, you should be buying books off dd's old friend at the book fair!

  4. There is a frog in my veggie garden. :)

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    2. Melissa in Australia

      Melissa in Australia

      I made a large frog pond/ suculant garden outside my bedroom window last month. A Red Belly Black Snake has shifted in and calls it home. I personly like it there but dh doesn't.

    3. Rosie_0801


      Better a Red Belly Black than many of the alternatives.

    4. Melissa in Australia

      Melissa in Australia

      Exactly what I told dh.

  5. I just got to ban Putin. It was awesome. Ha ha.

    1. marbel


      Well done! I was wondering how long that would last! :-)

    2. melmichigan
    3. EmilyGF
  6. Melissa bought me lunch! She's such a good woman. :)

  7. The chooks murdered a sparrow!

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    2. Rosie_0801



      I love rainbow lorikeets. We used to get them at our old house.

  8. Who uses words like "adumbrated?"

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    2. mom2bee


      Apparently you do. :-)

    3. Kiara.I


      The same people who use the word "promulgated" on a search and rescue website?

    4. Rosie_0801


      I didn't know "promulgated" was a word either!

  9. Phone spam is boring. Where are my Koreans?

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    2. cintinative


      We need to create fun spam for you. Maybe we can create a whole new wingdings font.=)


    3. Rosie_0801


      You know, Chris, I have no idea what Koreans spam about. I wonder if I can cut and paste into Google Translate?

    4. Arcadia


      Korean spams are back LOL

  10. Wingdings spam is so classy.

  11. My brother is now an official political candidate! *fangirl screaming*

    1. desertflower
    2. emzhengjiu




    3. mominco



  12. My brother is now an official political candidate!

  13. Listening to Yothu Yindi

    1. swimmermom3


      I actually know who that is thanks to Sonlight and adding world music to our studies in 5th grade :-)

    2. swimmermom3


      Then we listened to Midnight Oil.

    3. Rosie_0801


      What a cosmopolitan woman!

  14. Man. The spammers are starting early today!

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      Thanks, you guys, for keeping it clean!


  15. ElizabethB, where are you?

  16. We've finished the I See Sam readers! Celebration!

    1. EmilyGF


      I signed up and started week 1 today. Thanks for the recommendation.

    2. Rosie_0801


      It took me a year to finally get through, but I'm glad I did. :)

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      a great resource! So kind of you to do this and share it, Rosie.

    2. Rosie_0801


      I'll probably sort one by Story of Canada some time too.

      Note to self...

  17. Live streaming for World Ballet Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2JXlxwchOY

    1. umsami


      Neat :) I'm going to share it with my Mom (ex-ballerina).


    2. Lakeside


      This has been so interesting to watch. Thanks so much for posting it!


  18. Anyone in Paris or Istanbul should go see the Bangarra performance!

    1. Tsuga


      I used to be in those cities all the time! I'm jealous and glad you got to see it.

  19. RaeAnne! Where are youuuu?

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