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  1. I am also doing Zoology 1 for the first time this year. I am buying the notebook, and I was going to purchase a guide that is $6 that is a "lesson plan"- it tells you what pages to read and what not. From what I have read on this thread, the notebook COMES with a plan??? I just want to be able to know what pages to do on what days. Does that make sense. Also, I was thinking of doing lapbooks ( we have never done them before) along with the notebook- is that too much? Thanks for any input.
  2. Growing up and to this day, when I put my name in at a restaurant, I give them the name Summer. It all started when people would say is that with a Ta or a To ( when I would say my name is Tawnya) It was Ta, but not Tanya- it was T-A-W-N-Y-A , then they would ask me to start all over again. So I just started to say summer, and no one ever asked me how to spell it. LOL And our youngest's middle name is Skye.
  3. Well, I would skip having her write the bible verse at the top of the page ( that seemed to be the hardest, drawn out part for my son) Then she can draw the picture and label it if needed. When it comes to writing the hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion......maybe do most of it orally? I am sure she will do fine. Hope i works out for you!
  4. We too have made our living room/dining room into the school room- it is a great place to keep all of our things we need for school and the kids also have a place to read and hang out when school is complete. They draw in there, play board games in there and just hang out in there. It is the kid hangout/school room area of the house!
  5. I will have to try that. I usually use vinegar and then sometime olive oil, but that is a pain and sometimes a little messy. We have dark hardwood and that makes it a bit difficult in dusty AZ.
  6. Thanks! I think we will skip their science and do Zoology 1 and start on Zoology 2! I think they will enjoy it much more! I am glad to hear of someone else doing the same thing I have been thinking about.
  7. I used BHFHG last year with my now 9 and 8 year old. We are moving on to PHFHG this year. I think it looks great! I am wondering what others feel about the science. We found BHFHG to be not so much fun for us. The children really found it to be kind of boring and didn't care for all the writing. I was possibly thinking of using Apologia Zoology 1 this year ( as both of them are very interested in birds and other animals) . Would love to hear any feedback and or thoughts. I did place the economy package in my shopping cart and thought I would wait for it to come and see what the science looks like.
  8. I wondered the same thing. We did bigger hearts for his glory last year and the science was really boring to the kids and seemed like so much writing. My kids would sometimes dread doing science ( and we like science). So I thought about skipping HOD science all together. I looked at Apologia for the first time today and my son was so interested and asked me if we could please do the zoology series! So I am a little torn. I don't want to hijack the thread but would love to hear feedback.
  9. This post has been very helpful to read thru. This was our first year HS and our first year with HOD. We have been doing bigger with our ds 8 and dd 9. I see the extensions and wonder, when does one use them? Do they use the guide a second year and add extensions to it? I am thinking of doing Preparing for DS this coming fall and Creation for DD- we have not really used the extensions, and not sure how or if the curriculum is meant to be used two years in a row. I just love reading all the info here and on the HOD board too! So, thanks for sharing your stories everyone.
  10. I was just looking at Meet the Masters, but I couldn't remember the name of it. I had seen it on a blog, and couldn't find it when I went back....so thanks so much for reminding me that that is what it was called LOL! I know this doesn't help you any, so now, I am going to go check out the other one you mentioned. I too would like to follow this thread as I would love to hear what others are saying.
  11. I am a lefty and I do not recall having any extra trouble with cursive. The ink and or pencil would ALWAYS smear, no matter if I was printing or writing in cursive. I have really loved Handwriting without tears. Within the curriculum, there are several tips for paper position as well as proper grip and letter formation based on development.
  12. My dd is 9 and 3rd grade, and we have taught her cursive this year, using handwriting without tears. My son, who is in second grade and 8, wanted to learn as well, but was struggling with his printing as was, so we did not introduce it to him. Instead, I used HWOT first grade book the first 18 weeks, and we are now doing the HWOT second grade book and will do cursive with him next year. I have a few relatives that are Occupational Therapists, so HWOT, for us just made since as it is all based on developmental levels. I too agree that it would be helpful to teach it for the pure fact that they will need to be able to read it.
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