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  1. Unfortunately both recordings are "Out of Stock." :( Any idea if they will be "in stock" again? Thanks, Babette
  2. Coming to terms with another diagnosis has been especially hard for me, too. Just another thing to have to research and deal with. Hugs to you. Looks like you've got lots of support here! Hang in there!
  3. :iagree:Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. I really like that it gives Lexile scores. It's hard to find a "private" assessment that gives this info. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  4. Do any of you measure beginning of the year "benchmarks" for comparison at the end of the year to document progress? If so, what "tests" do you use and for which subjects? Thanks for your input!
  5. I found this at our library, and we are enjoying these quick experiments! Genesis For Kids: Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation! by Doug Lambier and Robert Stevenson
  6. I LOVE that word "wonky!" I've had lot's of "wonky" things in our homeschool! :seeya:
  7. We will NEVER move before the house is sold again! Banking on renting your house is not a sure thing. We thought the house would sell quickly, but it did not. We had two lease purchase agreements fall through even though they had paid several thousand dollars non-refundable deposit. We had renters about half the time the house was on the market (5 years!). We ended up having to put in roughly $15k in repairs over that time. Paying for two places to live nearly wiped us out. If we hadn't had significant savings and my husband still working, we would have had to file for bankruptcy. For us - NEVER, NEVER AGAIN. FYI - our current house is on the market, and we will not sign a contract on another house until this one is closed and we the money in hand. Good luck with your situation.
  8. I will be 61 when my oldest is 20. Hope I make it that long! LOL (I'm 53 this Thursday.)
  9. Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck. We're not supposed to have "dealers" on here, but either these posters have 1) never sold anything for several years, 2) are posting for many friends, or 3) are buying and reselling (sounds like a dealer, doesn't it). Do I buy? I check out the feedback. If it's O.K. and they have something I want at a price I'm O.K. with, I buy.
  10. :iagree: If the friendships are worth it, just forgive and move on.
  11. Yep, this is a mess. It's hard to just walk away from family, and having to work with a problem family member is even tougher. I agree about getting the Boundaries book. Know what is acceptable to you and not acceptable to you. Deal with others based on that. If you are a Christian, pray, pray, pray. As for medical issues, once you've voiced your observations to that person, leave it be. Blessings, Babette
  12. I just got my ProClick a few weeks ago. I found it on Shoplet.com for $66.53 and the .5" ProClick spines for $12.68. I also ordered the opaque covers for $22.24. I Googled for coupon codes and got a 10% off code. I also got free shipping because my order was over $45.00 (that is standard with them). However, the deal at Office Depot is definitely better! The ProClick is better than the others because, as said above, you can easily add pages. It comes with a "zipper" tool to open the spine. For all the legal copying of curriculum I do, these are great to make workbooks. Unlike 3-ring notebooks, the holes don't rip as easily, the spine is much less intrusive than the rings in a 3-ring binder, and you can actually fold it all the way back to keep the other pages out of the way. I also anticipate using these to pull together papers from unit studies and presentations. Maybe you and a friend or two could go in together to purchase for limited use. It's such a great tool. You can find the binders online everywhere. I would imagine that if Office Depot sells the ProClick, then they would have the supplies for it.
  13. Great ideas, everyone! Just remember, the "want to" has to be there for ANYTHING to work. ;) Sometimes with my ds, I've found that he needs .....how can I say this without sounding like a behaviorist.... a good reason to apply himself. Small "rewards" for small goals is the way to go. Also, he is one that gets easily overwhelmed. We are also working on the times tables, so I've had to severely limit the number of "facts" that we include in any game, drill, etc. Sometimes it's just 2 or 3 facts from which to choose. HTH
  14. Maybe I'm missing something here. What is the end goal in getting a degree from an Ivy versus a highly-rated school in one's field of study?
  15. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful resources! My dh just decided to teach American History to our 4th graders this year....with no resources. Needless to say, I'm scrambling!
  16. DS has just come from MUS (changing curriculum had to do with competition with DD) to CLE. I've had to pull out MUS to teach some of the concepts to him. He has a tough time with Math no matter how it is served. He really likes CLE, I think, for the very short segments on each topic and the daily reviews. He loves the speed drills and dislikes the flashcards.
  17. So dad doesn't go to church? Is he involved in other ways with your ds? The reason I'm asking is that it took BOTH of us to get our ds (ADHD, bipolar, ODD, etc.) to be able to function at church. I can't imagine having to deal with that alone. He was a handful. He is now on a good mix of meds, which allows him to control himself. I tell folks that meds don't change behaviors, they only make it possible for a person to change his own behaviors. I just said a prayer for you. It will get better.
  18. Well, in the last month or so I switched my ds10 out of MUS because he and his sister were in too much competition with each other and he was losing. So we went back to 2nd grade in CLE. Very easy level for him...mainly needed to get his "facts" memorized instead of counting. This has been going well until recently. Yesterday he hit a brick wall, and I ended up bringing out the MUS blocks and reviewing their strategy for doing what he was working on. Light bulb went off and he was fine again. If I hadn't been through MUS and learned how to teach it, he'd probably still be stuck. I don't know anything about Semple Math. Sorry. I just know that MUS has been great for my "math-challenged" kids. HTH :001_smile:
  19. Thanks for asking this question. I'm wondering the same thing about my DD 10 and DS 10. It is all rather confusing.:confused:
  20. You are NOT alone! I am not a morning person anyway, and the idea of breaking up fights, the extreme behaviors of my kids, and my general tiredness all contribute to my bad attitude. Don't know about you, but I need a vacation....from school, the kids and my other obligations. Our family refuses to take our ds over night due to his wildness...even at 10. :sad: I feel trapped....and not just in the morning. Sorry to take this topic to the extreme. Just needed to vent.
  21. I was wondering this, too. DD to start TT4 this coming year. Just finishing up MUS Delta.
  22. WOW!! Thank you so much for all the information. Better than reading a book!! If you haven't already, you should do presentations at conferences.
  23. We've been using HWT 3rd grade cursive. By mid year the lines had become too wide for comfort. They get along fine either filling out blanks or using wide ruled paper. Once the kids can form their letters, it is tedious to write on the wide lines. I tried it a couple of times. Boy was that painful! LOL
  24. :iagree: Hey, I'm with you on this. We get really bogged down for some reason. The kids see it as all one big "subject" that just takes "forever" (in their words). While we've all enjoyed the copywork, reading, and read alouds, the topic applied to everything else for six weeks (or more in our case) gets really old. We are going with separate subjects next year so that the kids have a sense of "closure" with a lesson after only a short amout of time. I do intend to carry over the idea of basing our reading/lit. studies around topics from other subjects (history/geography, science, and Bible). However, it will be a breath of fresh air to learn about a few other topics through our language arts studies as well as getting more structure in spelling and grammar. I had great hopes that Paths of Exploration would be our yearly curriculum, but it just doesn't "work" for us. We'll see how my plans for next year work out. I just want to get settled in a curriculum for each skill subject (math, spelling, grammar, etc) that we can use "all the way up."
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