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  1. I think the American School of Correspondence sounds like it might work. It started as a way for adults to pursue a diploma through correspondence. The price is reasonable, and it's accredited. They don't have a lot of electives or AP's like you see in the current accredited schools. I think they have placement tests. The requirements for a diploma are minimal. I think the prices include the texts. Cafi Cohen talked a lot about it in her first book. She did say that to get into a highly ranked college you would have to pursue additional classes, more than what they wanted for the d
  2. Not a book, but there's a Movie called Fireproof---Its done by an organization (a church actually) and the website is called Fireproof your Marriage. My husband brought it home from the video store because he was looking for fireman rescue movies. This movie really wasn't what he was looking for!--but you know -I enjoyed it--the messages that are woven into the plot are really true--it's the day to day things that actually keep your marriage going. I think people can see some of the behaviors done by the different couples and see themselves at least a little bit. The actors are all mem
  3. Hi --just wanted to add that in WA state we have the GET (guaranteed tuition program) and you can use it for graduate school or any other college if you want. My dd graduated from a service academy and was not able to use it there. So she still had the units available to use. (you're supposed to only store them until you're age 28) She is taking some online college courses through Purdue while she is working in the Air Force. (they are undergrad credits, so the AF won't help pay for them) She's supposed to be pursuing a graduate degree at some point, the AF pays a portion, and then sh
  4. Oh my goodness! I just love this forum---I learn so many things here! Please translate this information for me! - I read about the Cyber Challenge but I still don't understand it! Sebastian- do you think it would work as an activity for a unit of Sea Cadets? I was thinking it would be a nice way for the group to work together, if I could figure out exactly what they do. The Sea Cadets meet once a month--would this be adequate to prepare the kids? Thanks again. I found about Sea Cadets here on this forum and it has been a wonderful experience for my daughter---keep up the goo
  5. My daughter got about 1/2 way through the course. The problems in the book are interesting, and not too hard, but some of the challenge ones for the course were definitely hard! I would agree, there's a lot of reading in the book, I would say it's quite an interesting algebra book. At first the class seemed too easy, but it did get hard later on, and she didn't have enough time--we also had time conflicts with the class so you can only read the transcript.
  6. 1. Following the Footsteps of Alexander the Great (from Britain) Wonderful geography/topography lessons reading sections from his diairies and then visiting that actual location. (we got it at the library) 2. One about protecting Tigers in Eastern Russia and how the Russian government has such a small budget that they can barely afford gas for the helicopter! (also from the library) 3. Margaret Sanger- (kind of a movie about her life!) Excellent for girls to see--her own mother died in childbirth and she battled for woman to have birth control before they had the vote. 4. Buena
  7. By accredited, I mean through an accrediting body of a school association. (I forgot which one they mentioned in the email)( I think one for private schools. ) If you have questions about accreditation-you can go to the website for the accrediting body, and see the list of schools that they are responsible for. When you read the Bears book about schools and accreditation you'l find that some accrediting bodies are just store fronts. Depending on the type of accreditation, the credits will transfer if the schools are comparable. Re Digipen- the computer Game College- their accreditatio
  8. My dd has taken and recommends the Latin and the Literature through Scholars On Line. I just received an email that they are pursuing accreditation and expect to get it soon. Potters school is recommended-the Vocabulary class was fun; the teacher has a beautiful speaking voice. I am taking the Microsoft Office class for adults through TPS and it is also very good. (it's the same as the High school class) He did say that the classes will be somewhat different next year- you will do each topic separately for 1 semester. (ie Word, Excell, PP, etc. He also is going to start teaching summ
  9. The only thing I can think of after all your suggestions is to check the different websites for rating the college faculty. I would think if you were particularly interested in Subject A, then seeing the across the board ratings for the faculty that teach Subject A. One that I know is Rateyourprofessor.com and there's another one with a similar name. People here use them a lot for the community college classes where there's a lot of sections to choose from. If you're really interested in a sport or club--contact the people directly and they will give your student insights if they h
  10. I would say, "Thumbs up"! If you could combine it with a text book that would be better. Also on learner.org, there's another Earth Science course and a text book that goes with that. I enjoyed Professor Renton, him being from West Virginia, they have the mining history, which his dad was, evidently. Many of us have had ancestors that were miners... and I want my kids to have an appreciation for what a tough lifestyle it was .... how nice to have a son of a miner becoming a well loved professor! Additionally, when I read Bela Karolyi's bio about Mary Lou Retton, (who was from W.
  11. Hi- I have extensive (10 years) experience with U. of Missouri as well as Indiana U. High school, and U. of North Dakota, (and also LSU, which has just been discontinued) I would have to say that some classes are better than others. Which ones do you have in mind? If you want a diploma you can mix and match with any of the univ. based high school courses. Indiana has the smallest requirements (40 credits) You can PM me if you want. I have one that grad. from IUHS, with several courses from U. of Missouri, my second one has many courses from u. of missouri, but probably will transfer them t
  12. Any one have experience with the Oklahoma State AP Calculus Program? Thanks
  13. My d. is taking the AP Computer Science this year with Prof. Otieno. He's very good about scheduling extra 1 on 1 tutoring sessions when you need help. He uses a software where they can talk on line and watch a board also. I'm glad to know the Web design was good also. The Comp. Science isn't easy (she's 15) but I think with lots of help she's working her way through it. Not programming but--I'm taking the Potters School Office Class for Moms-- and I really like it. The book is easy to follow, kind of like a cookbook, that you work on little assignments that show you all the diff
  14. The ROTC program itself doesn't cover the housing, but many colleges provide free room/board or partial R and B for these students. I think Univ. of Portland (Air Force) is one of the better ones for the West Coast. I know at the college fair if you get a general brochure from ROTC (not from a particular unit) they will have more details for these colleges. Just off the top of my head, I think Tulane, Embry Riddle, Jacksonville, maybe Michigan, are some of the ones I've heard mentioned--for Navy. I also know Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago gives a great deal also, but I can't
  15. Hi- I actually know the answer to this question.! (nutrition degree) The strength of the gel structure is proportional to the time the gelatin takes to set. The time is more important than the temperature. So if you use the ice cubes you will get a weaker gel. In my mom's day they always made it in the evening and set it out on the counter to cool overnight. (they just put bananas and marshmallows in it anyway) This would make a strong gel, but now the health department probably wouldn't allow you to serve this type of food if it hadn't been refrigerated! Also it dissolves better if y
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