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    Never even opened levels 3 and 4! Everything you need for levels 1-4.


  2. This looks super interesting to me and my daughter....but my question is this....what else do you use on the years you are not using this? For high school, one year could be byline and another OYAN....but what else would you use?? Thanks so much!
  3. This sounds amazing! I had never heard of this...so thank you!!!!!
  4. I'm totally open to online. She needs a challenge..so I will look into this! I have never heard of it...so thank you!!!!
  5. Hey all! I haven't been on the forums for years, but I am back and asking for help! MY DD13, somewhere in that 8th-9th range, is needing something for writing. She is very writing oriented....especially fiction. We have done IEW for a few years and she has done well...I just feel we need something...more. Different. Any ideas? Thanks, all! Carrie
  6. This is such a helpful thread! We are getting ready to dig into IEW this fall! Thank you all so much!
  7. Good point! I had been thinking about this too. Thanks for all the feedback...I think switching for now will be the best fot for my little man!
  8. Goodness do I have myself in a tizzy trying to determine what I am going to do with math this summer and heading into next year. My DS is 7.5, doing mostly 2nd grade stuff, though Saxon 3. He is good at math. He loves math. But I am afraid that Saxon 54 will be tough with having to copy the problems down. I was thinking of switching him to CLE until he is ready for Algebra, then going back to Saxon. (I used Saxon personally and loved it for Algebra). Thoughts? I was Looking at CLE's placement tests, and I am not sure he should do the 400 series, though. It feels more advanced? Maybe Saxon 3 is really going to kick it up over the next 70 lessons? My daughter is exactly one year younger and doing Saxon 2. Again, very good at math. And again I was thinking that CLE might be good for her....making her a little more independent? And now I need to start my 5 year old on something more intentionally....and my nearly 4 year old wants to do school too. So I was looking at CLE's kinder II program for those two, adjusting as needed for their levels. Anyway.....would love thoughts here! Thanks!
  9. I need to know how to delete! I defected about a year ago, haven't looked back...but it irks me that I could only deactivate. Can you send me the lionk on how to delete? Thanks!
  10. That's what I have been doing...adding in another curriculum. We use Saxon as our base (though we do Saxon in K and Saxon 2 in 1st grade) and I supplement with Singapore...I went through and lined up lessons in Singapore with lessons in Saxon. So when we start one concept, I actually teach it from Singapore first, then reinforce with Saxon. So far, I think we like it. My son is rounding out more in the conceptual stuff. There is just no such thing as ONE perfect curriculum...they ALL have their strengths and weaknesses! Good luck!
  11. Absolutely moving. A powerful song that is made all the more powerful through sign language. A beautiful gift of praise to the Lord! Thank you for sharing!
  12. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Will be passing this one along.
  13. That's what we did and they are working just great!
  14. Ohhh...I love this thread! My mom and dad are avid book collectors and they definitely passed it on to me! DH has a huge collection on the history of Africa. He loves Africa. And also economics. When I was 13, we lived in a small coastal town with a really small library. I had no friends and I worked by way, nearly book by book through the shelves of the library. That has inspired many of my collections. I am always looking for Miss Billie books. I won't "cheat" and buy them online....gotta find them like treasures in bookstores. =) Also....Gene Stratton Porter books...old ones. And DH and I enjoy adventure adventure/hiking/backpacking books.
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