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  1. Exactly. You have to provide so much information to deal with any bank today, I'm not really sure how this scam is easily pulled off. I had to show ID to turn in MY OWN coins, after I wrapped them. Are you kidding me? It's MY money and I only wanted bills. No, I might be "laundering". Ha ha
  2. I'd get one of the blues, considering what you said. I like the Captain's Blue. Grey always looks like a workout item to me.
  3. Ah, ok. But how is the eBay seller crook accessing the funds? Also, I sell on eBay and never see all the detailed selling information from the buyer. I don't even know how he pays or with what card. It just shows up in Paypal. How is the crook accessing all of the details required to buy with a credit card, because the Buyer's info doesn't go straight to the seller. The money just appears in Seller's PayPal. Of course, I've not been a seller very long. Maybe I'm missing something.
  4. Well, how would that work? How does the person get the cash from the card? (Pardon me if I am being dense). Card is stolen. Crook buys stuff with with stolen card, sending that merchandise to to someone else, like the OP. Where does he get any money? It's probably so obvious but tell me. Is he stealing from the Paypal account attached to eBay or what?
  5. Hmm. Well, a gift is nice, even if you don't know from whom it comes!
  6. This is what I'm thinking too. I mean, scammers don't buy stuff for you and have it delivered to you while using their own (or someone else's) credit card.
  7. Maybe you did order it, but through eBay? Does CBD sell on eBay? Or could a relative have purchased this book for you?
  8. Since this is the chat board, all I will say is that this view is quite political. Pavlovitz is not a good source for a biblical Christian (and I don't know if that matters to you), as he does not believe scripture is any more than a collection of books, despite being a "pastor". He holds several anti-biblical positions. Maybe that isn't relevant here, as I don't know your views, but I'm just pointing out bias here since this suggestion is made. If this friend is shallow enough to have dismissed you merely over the election, when it appears you haven't even had much discussion about it (maybe I'm wrong about that), this never was a friend in the first place. Or, as a wise woman once said to me, "You were a support system, not a friend. As soon as you didn't perfectly reflect her views or had needs of your own that required her to give back, you were no longer relevant". Of course, this whole thing may have nothing to do with the election at all. Some people just fade away from friendships and you never know why. I hope you are able to work it out.
  9. Aww, I'm sorry. I know how those Facebook recreations of real life can make you feel bad.
  10. The host wasn't very good. Beyonce's thing was incredibly over-the-top, like she was some goddess of fertility or something. Eww. What little I saw made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It was good to see Celine Dion again. I was thinking about the sharp contrast between her song for Titanic, and the stuff that passes for music today. Her song is iconic and known everywhere. So much of this stuff is entirely forgettable. That angry rap stuff, calling the President "Agent Orange" was singularly unimpressive and extremely divisive.
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