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    RN,BSN, mom to 6, homeschooling since 2007 in a maddeningly eclectic manner
  1. I couldn't find a rough 36 week schedule for History of the Ancient World that utilized the entire book and that was organized by civilization, so I made one. I scheduled the book and study guide for my upcoming freshman. He is a fast reader and is allergic to writing. I have also scheduled the first 34 lectures from The Great Course, "The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World." I have some videos scheduled that are mostly in my public youtube list--HOTAW. This is a rough draft. I just finished it today and thought someone might want to take a peek at it. I've uploaded it to my dropbox account, here The last page (12) is typed out for a bookmark, and lists all the chapters per civilization in roughly chronological order. Our family's strange sense of humor might not be to your liking, but it's at least a start of a schedule. Hope this saves someone some time!
  2. I second the CLE for LA instead of Rod and Staff. I've used both and find that CLE's LA is much easier for the children to use independently. Plus it has spelling, handwriting and greek and latin root word study(7th). Look at CLE for reading as well, especially for 7th grade. We are using it this year and it teaches a huge amount of literary analysis and critical thinking-stuff that I didn't learn until high school--stuff that I thought I would just teach through discussion (ha). It's my first year using a "reading" program and all of the kids have loved it. Story of the World on audio is great. I would think that you would want to do the third or fourth book of SOTW for a 5th and 7th grader. Get the activity book pdf. Only do the mapwork. If you want to make mapwork independent, take an evening and cut and paste the map directions from the pdf of the activity book into a document. Print it out and give it to them. _ta da-independent map work!They can cut out the timeline cards and keep them in an index card file box to review if you want to get fancy. They can also use the activity guide as a resource if they are really interested in a subject and want to independently do a project. Apologia General science with the student notebook has been independent here for 7th--and we don't do the experiments. The text tells you what happens in the experiments anyways. The student notebook has a schedule with checkboxes in the front. Ignore the weeks and the student just checks stuff off as he goes. Open and go. Or use the online at your own pace class (with quizzes and tests graded for you) available at Look at Rod and Staff science textbooks for fifth grade. Just let them read it--or read and answer the questions that are after every section. For the two year old--keep play dough in a baggie in the diaper bag, Throw a couple of bean bags in there too. A roll of painter's tape is fun--and you could tape off a square on the floor for the bean bags to be thrown into. An aquadoodle mat would be easy to transport and not messy. Board books. Two year old's have the attention span of a gnat and thrive on routine--big hugs and lots of chocolate to you for the tough time you have ahead of you. Little Bear, Max and Ruby, and Stella and Sam cartoons could save your life here. The first two saved mine the year that I was on bed rest with a two year old because the shows weren't overstimulating and I could stand to listen to them over and over. If all of that is too much--have the kids do math and read books. Have them take turns entertaining the two year old and helping do laundry and cooking. Call it good. They will be fine academically if that's all they do for a year. hugs.
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