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    land of too hot or too cold. With a nice week in spring and another in fall.
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    reading anything--including cereal boxes in a pinch, sewing, cooking--or rather--eating, singing in the shower, researching things, knitting badly, pinning things to pinterest that I will never actually do, rearing my children in a way that doesn't ruin them or myself, adjusting to my chronic illness and life with a wheelchair, most importantly, living out my Christian faith.

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    RN,BSN, mom to 6, homeschooling since 2007 in a maddeningly eclectic manner
  1. I couldn't find a rough 36 week schedule for History of the Ancient World that utilized the entire book and that was organized by civilization, so I made one. I scheduled the book and study guide for my upcoming freshman. He is a fast reader and is allergic to writing. I have also scheduled the first 34 lectures from The Great Course, "The Other Side of History: Daily Life in the Ancient World." I have some videos scheduled that are mostly in my public youtube list--HOTAW. This is a rough draft. I just finished it today and thought someone might want to take a peek at it. I've uploaded it to my dropbox account, here The last page (12) is typed out for a bookmark, and lists all the chapters per civilization in roughly chronological order. Our family's strange sense of humor might not be to your liking, but it's at least a start of a schedule. Hope this saves someone some time!
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