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  1. I love this course so much, I'm working my way through it while reading and/or re-reading books as I go. It's a topic of some interest to me, as I once spent a course in grad school designing a course on this very topic, and it is a delight to hear someone else's thoughts! Best of luck with it!
  2. I haven't been active in these forums for some time, but my mother sent me this link and I thought I should relay it: https://adaughterofthereformation.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/plagiarism-wilson-and-the-omnibus/ It is a truly fascinating, though not exhaustive, look at the rampant plagiarism in the Omnibus project. Some of the incidents cited are "simple" cases of failure to attribute translations, etc, while others involve actual copying from Wikipedia. (!) I no longer attend the church where many homeschooling families used these texts, but I would be very interested to hear what those who are currently using them (or have previously used them) make of this.
  3. I have started to go through things, though I started before re-reading the book. (I initially read it one week before leaving the country for two months, so I had to wait to get started.) I've done my clothes and the hallway linen closet, various smaller areas, including some kitchen cabinets and our master bathroom. Now I'm backtracking to books. Marie Kondo places books second, but frankly I did memorabilia before books... it was easier to toss old boyfriends' letters than to toss the books whose inside covers they inscribed to me. Is that weird? It is hard work going through all the books (I think we have well over a thousand, I've already sorted out nearly 300 for the "to go" pile and donated 70 to the boys' school). Kondo says to do this in quiet, but I totally had "Adele Radio" playing, which means there were massive breakup songs going on. Seemed appropriate. ETA: I am still holding on to books that are about who I want to be, though I am letting go of books that are attached to who I used to be. Case in point: I bought books for some online courses a few years ago, then never completed them because of my third little one. Now that he is finally (!!!) sleeping through the night at nearly two years old, I think I will finally be able to complete those courses. It gives me joy to think of taking and completing the courses, but I don't think I will hold on to most of those books after. If I were being really and truly honest with myself, I'd probably keep five books. There are VERY FEW that I truly love. Even books whose content I love I don't want to keep if they're ratty old paperbacks that were already ratty when I bought them. I'm rewarding myself for completing the book purge with an Easton Press edition of Jane Eyre, for instance.
  4. Canadadrugs.com! They come from England, and look identical except in the fine print along the edge they identify the emergency # as 999 instead of 911. ;)
  5. Congratulations! I love your son's name. :)
  6. Yes!! I've been trying to dissuade my children, my niece and nephews, and my friend's sons from using that exact phraseology on the grounds that it's not a proper word... but then I hear other children using it and I get the feeling that, in time, it will be a word. Usage evolves over time. It's frustrating, but then when I propose "play or compete against," the children reply that their version is simpler and gets the point across. I can't really fault them for their logic.
  7. I'm afraid I'm completely useless to help, but I feel your pain. I just gave away 2/3 of my wardrobe, because I've been holding on to them in the hopes that those styles would come back. These are nice, high-quality pants and skirts and whatnot that I've had since college, but... yeah. Bright side: my closet is now nicely organized. I've made peace with the fact that I basically have four things to wear, in different color combinations.
  8. Yes. My oldest was at a mid 2nd-grade level, my middle son who starts K in August will be at a mid 1st-grade level.
  9. Wow, I had never heard that girls stop growing about a year after menses begins, but now I see that's totally true. I was a full head taller than everyone else in fifth grade, but haven't grown since then. My great grandmother was 16, my grandmother 14, my mom 12, and I was 10 (though close to being 11). If I recall, there were definitely a few months between the first and the second, and then again it took a while to "settle in." And they were TERRIBLE at first. Sigh. Thank God that's over... Come to think of it, the above ages make me a little glad I have three sons. I can imagine it's scary to have your daughter begin so young... and such an inconvenience for her at a young age. Thankfully for your daughter, she is at home. I imagine elementary school teachers have been trained to deal with that, though. I taught middle school some years ago, and definitely kept a stash of "supplies" handy. Still, dealing with it the first few years in school was THE WORST.
  10. Do you have a cooler handy? Because we just did a four-day trip to California including some theme parks and ate every meal save one from the food I had packed to bring with us. I even brought an electric water kettle and a mini crock pot to the hotel!
  11. I can totally second the desire to see Edith "outrank" Mary. (Not that I'm mean spirited about it... I want Mary to be happy in her love life, also.) I do think the Bates and Anna plot was the most pathetically tired re-tread... and such a waste. We could have seen real development, but instead? Maybe a plot surrounding the question of whose baby Anna was having? Still lots of emotional turmoil for the pair, without turning into a Wuthering Heights style "and now we repeat the plot and switch the roles" thing.
  12. The birthday boy, has, at times, requested a Lego (or Lego Movie or Lego Ninjago) birthday party, a Star Wars birthday party, a glow-in-the-dark birthday party, a dance birthday party, a Minecraft party, or an Angry Birds Transformers birthday party.... oh, and of course a Soccer party and a sleepover. So. The full schedule is something like this: Soccer match, (pizza and other nummies), swimming in our pool (Ninjago "spinjitsu" moves into the pool, pool noodle light saber fights), (cake and ice cream), dance party with a borrowed disco ball, and then whoever is still there will be settling down for a half hour or so of iPad Minecrafting and Angry Birds. (Up to six kids can join each other's Minecraft world.) Oh, and the cousins stay overnight... so there's the sleepover. Thankfully the multiple theme thing actually makes it easier because other than a Playmobil or Lego soccer player on the cake and the soccer shirt party favors, there isn't any theme decorating, etc. Maybe I'll spring for some soccer ball napkins. :)
  13. I would totally buy some shirts, but I already bought these as party favors http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/usstore/p/tcp%3Aus/50-off-sale/50-off-sale-boy/matchables-sports-tee-2036566-524 and the thought of buying more is a bit ... daunting. After a 25% coupon and counting the $10 Place Cash for every $20 spent, the shirts come out to about $2/ kid.... BUT they are all the same color, so doing "teams" that way wouldn't work. I may ask children to bring white shirts and we can do whites vs. blues. Actually, we have about six white t-shirts between my two older boys, maybe those would suffice... Hm.
  14. On a related note: he will have practice with his city league team on the night of his actual birthday, and we would like to bring something... but I foresee drama if we try to bring cupcakes or the like to a practice that takes place just before dinner. ;) What is something healthy and festive we could bring?
  15. I need help figuring out how I can separate the teams from my son's birthday party without paying several dollars per child to buy a scrimmage vest or something similar. I was thinking fabric swatches as "belts" or something similar, but I wonder if those would fall off/ get pulled off. Does anyone have any ideas?
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