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  1. Our AFSAs (yes, very plural) always have longer lines for self checkout.
  2. Overheard from inside of a truck driving by when I was walking into HEB today:. "They don't have Publix. They don't have..."
  3. Hi, everyone! I have missed y'all! Busy, busy at work, but hopefully will slow down a bit week after next. Not that work will slow down, just that I hope to go back to my three days a week schedule. Critter, hugs and love coming your way! Hugs for everyone else that could use them.
  4. idk. The one we would prescribe was oxybutynin.
  5. My reply was in reponse to Susan's question about the med that turns your urine orange and it didn't sound like you knew what that was.
  6. No. I was talking about the one that makes your urine orange. I know what Bactrim is.
  7. That one is to stop the bladder spasms. They usually give it with the antibiotic. Hope you both feel better soon.
  8. I can't find Slaches way of saying it anywhere. I had never heard yo tambourine til she said it to me. So I looked and looked.
  9. I have tried and tried to find it said that way and cannot.
  10. Good morning! I'm up! Getting ready to go work the health fair all day.
  11. Dh's team lost in the playoffs. My brother (lives in Virginia) visited with ds32 tonight in Florida!
  12. Our home town football player was drafted by Kansas City Chiefs.
  13. Dh and the team are on their way to Waco, for the playoff games, which were postponed due to rain! Prayers for safety and two wins would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Someone from our home town is hoping to make first round.
  15. Good morning! No rain today, but everything is super squishy outside still. One of my Rose of Sharon bushes needs a little more support, because the rain bent it a bit, but will have to wait for dh. I couldn't find a tomato cage in the shed. We're leaving early because we're riding to work with the neighbor, but ds12 got ready then fell asleep again on the couch. Devotions, supplements, coffee, work, workout, probably grocery order, figure out supper.
  16. Here, too, like crazy! We might ride home with our neighbor. Not sure yet.
  17. Good morning! I fell asleep around 10 and woke up after 5 in the same position I started. So, apparently, I slept really well! It is pouring rain this morning. We have warnings for most of the day, I think. Dh's team's` first playoff game is this evening, if it doesn't get rained out. Prayers for a win would be greatly appreciated. Devotions, supplements, coffee, work, school, workout (don't know where I'll fit that in if it keeps raining), cook something (probably chicken and stramed broccoli)!
  18. When I want Taco Bell, it's because I want Taco Bell. I'm not looking for Mexican food. I'm looking for Taco Bell. I don't need anyone telling me it's not authentic. That's not what I want at that moment. And when I want it, I want it. Maybe only twice a year or so, but there ya go. Now I want Taco Bell.
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