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  1. Good morning! Picking up the grandkids in about 2 hours. I did not get groceries yet.
  2. Good morning, friends! It's Friday!!! We're finishing up our 6th super busy week! I think we have two more. We're getting 6 of the grandkids tomorrow morning, for the long weekend. I probably should buy some groceries!
  3. Our AFSAs (yes, very plural) always have longer lines for self checkout.
  4. Overheard from inside of a truck driving by when I was walking into HEB today:. "They don't have Publix. They don't have..."
  5. Hi, everyone! I have missed y'all! Busy, busy at work, but hopefully will slow down a bit week after next. Not that work will slow down, just that I hope to go back to my three days a week schedule. Critter, hugs and love coming your way! Hugs for everyone else that could use them.
  6. idk. The one we would prescribe was oxybutynin.
  7. My reply was in reponse to Susan's question about the med that turns your urine orange and it didn't sound like you knew what that was.
  8. No. I was talking about the one that makes your urine orange. I know what Bactrim is.
  9. That one is to stop the bladder spasms. They usually give it with the antibiotic. Hope you both feel better soon.
  10. I can't find Slaches way of saying it anywhere. I had never heard yo tambourine til she said it to me. So I looked and looked.
  11. I have tried and tried to find it said that way and cannot.
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