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  1. I made the grocery order and finished the Goodwill dropoff.
  2. Good morning! Coffee is abrewin'. DD is getting ready, and I need to wake up Ds soon, and let the chickens out. It's still dark right now. Today is my late day at work, but I still need to stop at Kohl's and Goodwill. I'll try to figure out when, based on the predicted rain and storms. I think we are just having salad for supper. Oh! I definitely need to order a couple of things for a grocery order today.
  3. Have you tried Amazon? I get my Clark's there a lot now.
  4. I am home. The day flew by, but now it seems like it's been long. We moved office furniture all day, practically. I did get to leave for a few minutes to go buy an extension cord. I'm home and have vacuumed and wiped out the van and cleaned the inside of the windshield, made a salad, steamed broccoli, made two gallons of tea, threw some old stuff away from the fridge, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, gave DC and dh their clean clothes, and put away my clothes. Now I'm just waiting for the van towels to finish drying so I can put them back on the seats. I forgot to go to Kohl's and Goodwill. It was time for dh to leave for the game by the time I left work and he had DC here.
  5. I just call Amazon when this happens and they send a new one out immediately. Or refund immediately if not available.
  6. Good morning! Coffee is on! I'm getting ready to go to work. Everyone else can sleep in. After work, I need to drop off an Amazon return at Kohl's and take a bin of stuff to Goodwill, if they are open today.
  7. I think that mash-up will be perfect! I wanna hear it.
  8. We cleaned the chicken coop, clipped wings, and repotted a plant. Then I threw the chickens some tomatoes.
  9. We are still not sure we want to stay at our church. It's hard to decide, though.
  10. I churched online on the back porch, with a blankie, while birds and dragonflies and butterflies fluttered around. Now I have started the vegetable soup.
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