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  1. Good morning! It's 33° with wind chill of 20°!! It's Monday! I.have.so.much.to.do!!! First, coffee! Thanks, Lynn!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! We walked a mile before our Thanksgiving meal and a mile after.
  3. Aww, Susan, you make my eyes leak! Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends. You are all very special to me! I think I saw that all the major chains were closing today.
  4. I walked another mile and a half at the park
  5. I walked a mile with ds13 and some of the grandkids.
  6. We hiked three miles--1.5 up and same down.
  7. Heading to the mountains. Will update later!
  8. I was busy all day Friday and didn't even walk the puppy! So, I just did my mile for that day. Are we doing a December one?
  9. I saw two people doing that last time we went to the lake and you couldn't pay me to get on that thing!
  10. We walked a mile and a half at a park.
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