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  1. And we do shrimp and fish in one of the little seafood holders
  2. We grill a lot. Mostly any flavored chicken, steaks, burgers, brats, sausages, corn on the cob (in husks), kabobs (teriyaki, steak seasoning, etc), with or without squashes, onions, pineapple, green peppers. That's just what I can think of immediately.
  3. I had a really nice time listening to the mourning doves while I hung clothes on the line! I use Facebook mostly for what I joined for. Posting pictures and news for far-away family to see. Saying happy birthday to someone I might not get around to texting. Also, my whole graduating class (1984) has a page that I'm on. And sometimes a cute meme or something. I don't get into any discussions there, or in person, about political stuff. Nothing is anyone else's business. I unfollow people whose posts I don't enjoy, so I can check on them every once in a while. I am usually not truly bothered by posts, because I know how people are.
  4. Good morning! Done: Bible, prayer, supplements, walkabout with dog, having coffee #1. To do: Coffee #2 ✔️ Morning routine ✔️ Evening routine Feed dogs x 2 ✔️ Pick up two dgd from other grandparents ✔️ Store for gluten-free pizza crust ✔️ Pizzas for supper ✔️ Dishes and kitchen after supper ✔️ Walk 4/4 ✔️ Read and take notes from Writing Revolution for 20 minutes ✔️ Read Maybe call handyman in Virginia about trimming shrubbery. Texted him. Guess I'll call tomorrow. ✔️ Move my desk ✔️ Add supplement amounts to make sure it's right when I switch ✔️
  5. I joined Weight Watchers on Mother's Day, after starting to follow the thread going then. I keep it mostly low carb (I had been doing straight low carb for the four years before this) due to blood sugar, while staying within my points. I have lost 3.4 pounds. I would like to lose eight to ten more. So far, I am totally loving WW, and had when I tried it years ago. I had only avoided it due to eating low carb. I shoot for a four mile walk each day and lift a few light weights/do T-Tapp abs three days each week.
  6. Good morning! Figuring out my day and week, but dh isn't helping. He has nothing set on his calendar yet and I work around him, usually. Lol! Done: Bible, prayer, walkabout with dog, supplements, abs, chickens out and fed, paid a bill, did some online stuff, including printing a return label, having coffee now. To do: Coffee #2 ✔️ Feed dogs x 2 Morning routine ✔️ Evening routine Thaw dog food ✔️ Repot some plants with dh ✔️ Dh take some cuttings and plant them ✔️ Wash and fill ice trays since icemaker is being finicky ✔️ Ride with ds33 to the store ✔️ Take a return to UPS store ✔️ Go by Walmart for a few things ✔️ Make two gallons of tea ✔️ Leftovers for supper, just need to make more sides Exercise--walk 4/4 ✔️, weights 3/3 ✔️
  7. I have always made my claims about probiotics, since ds13 was helped so much by them when he was a toddler.
  8. I was nervous. I think the last one I watched was when I was pregnant with ds33 and I saw the explosion.
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