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  1. Ds has been taken to school, groceries have been picked up and put away, breakfast and supplements have been consumed, bills paid and budget checked. DD is taking her vitamins and eating now.
  2. I loved my Pampered Chef one. It broke after several years, and I want another one.
  3. Good morning! It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Animal chores done and muffins in the oven. Taking ds to school soon, then pick up the grocery order. DD and I will come back home til time to pick up ds, then we will go to work. Ds will do school, DD will be picked up and taken to spend the day with bff and do school there. After work, I'm going to park my van at dd's bff's house and ds and I will ride with DD, bff, and bff mom to take the girls to teen night at another homeschooler's house. We will leave them and all come home. Bff dad will pick them up then I will go BACK to bff's house and get DD. More driving than I like on Friday nights but oh well. I guess I need to call dh and ask his plans for this evening, so I can figure out supper. But first--COFFEE!!
  4. Any food I don't like, it is due to texture. Well, except cilantro and quinoa.
  5. Our light came today! Man, that thing is bright! Any tips for getting used to it?
  6. Good morning! It's Friday Eve!! Yay! Coffee is brewing and ds is getting ready for school. The usual today--school for ds, work, school for both while at work. I took some chicken tortilla soup out of the freezer for supper. It's cold and a bit rainy. Hopefully it will rain enough to cancel softball open field this evening so dh can come home earlier and help DD figure out what she needs to turn in for school. I ordered more Christmas presents yesterday. The hibiscus outside the living room window is about ready to be trimmed down for winter. The leaves are slightly black from the freeze.
  7. We're home. Supper consumed, dishwasher loaded and running, new red clothing (mostly Christmas picture items) washed and in the dryer. We're in PJ's, watching a Christmas movie.
  8. In particular, books that recommend books! Points for quoting myself, please. It's an I can't stop buying books booya!!
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