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  1. Neighbor and I went to the AFSA. Got dh's steroid nasal spray and oatmeal for DD. DD is finally unloading the dishwasher so I can reload it.
  2. Hopefully, Katie will chime in. She recommended Bariatric Advantage a couple of years ago for my DD, and we still use those.
  3. I wanted to nap. But we went to Outback. Now I'm waiting for my neighbor to get back home so we can go to the AFSA.
  4. I slept in til 725 and had to leave for work at 745! I was only about five minutes late! I'm finished with work now, but sitting here waiting for DD to be dropped off before heading home. I went to the AFSA last night for weekend necessities and hopefully can stay home the rest of the day.
  5. I scooped kitty litter, started the Roomba, and started a load of towels. And sent dd's update pictures to curology.
  6. Good Friday morning!!! Busy day. I'll take ds and neighbor kid to school, come home, and do something. Meal plan? Grocery list? Continue work on closets? Sit on my butt? Anyway, school for everyone. Then both work places, each one just for two to three hours. Leftovers for supper. Have a great day, everyone!
  7. We're finally home (except dh) and inside the house. Ds and I came home, after picking up the food, and took care of the chickens and dogs and cleaned the guinea pig cage. Then we took our food and went outside. A lot of the neighbors came out and DD was dropped off by her friend's mom, who stayed and talked a while. DD put clothes in the dryer for me, and now it's time for a bubble bath!
  8. I ordered pizzas and pasta for supper when we leave work.
  9. I just threw everything back into the closet. One of our frogs is smushed on the road.
  10. I should probably continue to work on this toy closet since I have blocked the hallway going to kids rooms.
  11. I'm checking in mostly to get my list down. I took the boys to school, took care of all the animals, took leftovers out of the fridge, loaded and started the dishwasher, have second laundry load going now, and have emptied one trash bag full out of the toy closet and overloaded my Goodwill box. Now I'm having my iced coffee. When I pick up ds, we need to go to the library (maybe not since we ordered from Amazon last night) and go to Lowe's and Kohl's and work. Not sure in what order those will happen. Maybe pizzas for supper.
  12. Don't forget at 9:19:19 it will be 9:19:19 on 91919. Argh!
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