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  1. I would love for someone to spread the word to me!
  2. You made me change my supper plan to potato soup and grilled cheeses. I can't eat the soup, but I like to make it. I'll heat up some tomato soup for mine.
  3. Thanks, everyone. He's not going. Air travel is not advised and he would probably end up quarantined for two weeks after. No good for a teacher.
  4. Good morning! It's time for coffee! Puppy only whined in her crate like two minutes total all night! It's still raining and breezy. And it's fall! I need to get busy and have a normal, full day today. We totally skipped yesterday. Dmil passed away yesterday, and dh is trying to figure out if he's flying in for the funeral, or even if he can.
  5. We moved halfway across the country the last time just because we wanted to. We had several states we were considering. But we built instead of buying a fixer upper. I don't think I would buy something I had to work on.
  6. Homemade chicken tenders are very delicious in the air fryer. Anything reheated comes out better than the microwave. I can cook some things in it just to avoid heating up the big oven. I haven't dehydrated anything yet.
  7. I like the one that has trays instead of a basket. I tried the basket one first. It also has the rotisserie things. Booya!
  8. The breeze blowing in on me as I relax on the couch is making me so sleepy.
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