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  1. Dh and I totally missed our dating anniversary. We started dating 37 years ago last weekend on April 14. He asked me out the both nights the weekend before that (Easter weekend), but the first night I had another date and the next night my mom said no. Our first date was to church (Wednesday night service) and McDonald's, which had only recently opened in our town.
  2. I worked late. Picked up grocery order. Dh beat us home so we ate mostly together. And I bagged all the Easter presents.
  3. That's how I do it. Although not sure I would've described it the way you did. 🙊
  4. Good morning! It's Hmph day!! Supplements! Coffee! Work! School! Workout! Maybe grocery order! Maybe fold laundry! Fifteen minute clean! Taco chicken is in crockpot to take to work to cook for supper tonight! Otherwise, it would never get done! Lol! My face is getting a good workout this morning. Somehow my shake ended up really thick. It's still super windy and I'm told it's supposed to rain all day. The chickens were super vocal this morning, and kept talking! There's a cat on the back of the couch, staring at me with squinty eyes.
  5. Okay, I looked. Mine are Gibson Elite. Never heard of them, but we microwave, use the dishwasher, put them in the oven, and put them on the "keep warm" burner on the stove.
  6. I'll have to look at the brand when I get home, but I have square white dishes. They were my mom's for I don't know how many years, and now I have had them for 8 years. No chips or breakage at all. I like that with white dishes, the color of nothing else matters.
  7. Good morning! So windy still this morning! We're up and heading out about two hours earlier than usual. Going to stop by job 1 and help out poolside before going to job 2. Leftover pizza and salad for supper. Dh's team has one more very important game tonight! Praying for a win!
  8. We wanted to live at a beach. (Biloxi in 1983 doesn't count) When we moved back to Texas in 2011, we knew we could go anywhere we pleased, as long as dh could get a job. We really debated, but picked Texas over an east coast beach because grandkids.
  9. Has anyone here ordered from Wayfair? If so, what is your opinion, and what category did you buy from? We're making our smallest bedroom into a den again, and have gotten rid of the daybed we did use as a couch in there. I like the looks of some of their couches and convertible couches, but have never met anyone irl who ordered from them. Thanks!
  10. I saw that. It does not look like there will be a good outcome.
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