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  1. Patty, do you mind explaining what you mean by "given to me?" And I absolutely love that one liner purpose statement!
  2. I'm sorry, Garga! I think we got sidetracked! I've been trying to decide what to do with DD's b vitamins and then some of the other ones she takes we're mentioned.
  3. I'm looking at the links, thanks! So is myoinositol different from inositol? And can they be used interchangeably?
  4. Thanks. Why would that be a problem?
  5. Can anyone comment on how this compares to B-Healthy ingredients (not mg)? It is from Klaire Labs, which we do have access to, and is their lowest dosing b complex. Also, if any of you have any info on whether Klaire compares in general, with regards to honesty, ingredients, etc.
  6. How much inositol? DD takes it, but we haven't gone beyond 500mg.
  7. I feel like maybe I asked this years ago, but have you tried Berberine for glucose control? Any info will be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I haven't seen anyone not use fitted sheets, that I know of. All of us use fitted, but I never leave a mattress without a quilted mattress cover, anyway. Everyone also has a flat sheet, but ds12 won't use his because he likes the feel of his comforter against him better, and DD uses hers some and other times sleeps wrapped in a blanket on top of all of her bedding. I'm curious to see what those pics look like.
  9. Good morning! I haven't been here much because it's been crazy busy here. We decided to stay home from church this morning. I'm still having coffee right now. Chickens out and fed ✔️ Litter box ✔️ Cook a big breakfast. Bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, fried potatoes, pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes, and sliced tomatoes and cheese. ✔️ Dishes and kitchen ✔️ Think about the week, plan school work, maybe meal plan Hang out with the neighbors while kids play outside Laundry Read Hopefully catch up on a few chores or maybe work on an employee handbook I'm making for one of my bosses Probably use leftover breakfast to make a supper for those that don't want chicken and salad, which some of us will eat. Only one person is awake now, so I'm enjoying the quiet at the moment.
  10. I wasn't raised with fasting, either, but as an adult I have chosen something for Lent some years. I need to think about what for this year.
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