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  1. myblessings4

    Ignore this thread!

    Have you checked your blood pressure any recently?
  2. myblessings4

    Ignore this thread!

    And I either saw all or most of the Jaws movies.
  3. myblessings4

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    I liked the little video Mr. Jaws better than Jaws, ftr.
  4. myblessings4

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    Whoa! They are big!! I posted one just to see if they were all that huge!
  5. myblessings4

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  6. myblessings4

    One Strange Rock **Mind Blown**

    I can't find Big History Project. Help, please?
  7. myblessings4

    Ignore this thread!

    Oh! And I must work from home for a few hours! And make a grocery order for tomorrow!
  8. myblessings4

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    Good Friday Eve!! ☕ ☕!! I slept in til 7!! We have a jump park and lunch date with Mama today! On the way, I am stopping to get the car an oil change and have them hook a thingy back on the bottom of the car. I saw a cover underneath the engine, loose last night. Junie, praying for your dad! And you! Yay for couches out!! Slache, you're doing this!!!
  9. myblessings4

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    When I'm not behind, it's because I just didn't make a list.
  10. myblessings4

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  11. myblessings4

    Ignore this thread!

    Good morning! ☕ ☕!! I had a hard time waking up this morning, but I slept about 8 hours. I want more. Going to work. And I need to fold laundry. This is going to sound like a stupid question, BUT...I learned to read music as I learned to play instruments. Dd took a couple years piano lessons, but was little, and a semester of guitar lessons. Both kids have had me doing basic piano instruction at home. Dd is self-teaching piano now, but asked me for more instruction in reading music. How do I do that? Do I just use the music theory books from piano? Or what? And I have no idea what to cook for supper.
  12. myblessings4

    Ignore this thread!

    I was driving home from work and cooking supper. Well, I left work. Got on the highway. Realized I left my phone. Gas light came on. Turned around. Got gas. Got my phone. Came home. We had breakfast burritos for supper. Krissi, I would love to have waffles and hash browns, too. But no.
  13. myblessings4

    What meals would work for our family?

    fish, asparagus or broccoli or some other low carb veggie, baked potatoes for the others. burgers, mine as a lettuce wrap, carby veggies for others, salad, maybe mashed cauliflower. I usually make the main dish for everyone who eats meat, then add enough side items in that the rest of us are covered.
  14. myblessings4

    What meals would work for our family?

    I probably won't think of very many in one sitting, and will have to come back. BBQ chicken, and I add cheddar and bacon on top of mine. Eat with a big salad for all of us, and carby veggies for the rest of the people. Steak or roast beef (does your dh eat any beef?) with same as above. chicken caesar salad, made individually for each person stir fry or other Chinese style food, with rice for them and cauliflower rice ( or no rice) for me, but i make sure there's broccoli, etc.