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  1. The destruction has been cleared, the highway has reopened. All that remains of last night's tragedy is a twisted section of guard rail and a new speed limit sign...

  2. umm...

    I never drink the stuff :D

  3. We all come to different decisions about how to raise our children. We make choices based on who we are and our own experiences as well as our understanding of who our children are and why they do the things they do. Arguments about parenting styles are as unproductive as arguments about politics. Nobody is going to be bullied into changing the way they raise their kids. They are only going to leave the discussion more self righteous about their own choices. ;)

  4. We haven't been affected by it yet, fortunately.

  5. Well then let's have some fun! I am in the mood to lock threads, what say ye?

  6. Well, I did it. I couldn't resist.

    I posted a silly tag. :tongue_smilie:

    But somehow I think the mods will be understanding...

  7. Well, I'm going to be your friend anyways, faceless or not. You can't stop me!!

  8. Why clean? It will only get messed up agan.

  9. Yep, You've got that right!!

  10. Yes, ma'am. I broke the rules, paid my penalty, and now I am back and behaving myself again. :Angel_anim:

  11. You are a genius, Zelda! Too funny :001_smile:

  12. You are a man of convictions, and I appreciate that. I also like it that you express your opinions so gently. :001_smile:

  13. You are a woman of perserverance! :lol:

  14. You are too funny! I really enjoy your posts :-) Beansprouts, who doesn't have her colander on...

  15. You can have that thread killer title, I didn't want it anyways. I am going to think about your ideas and go get some sleep.


    BTW I have seen a few little boys in mohawks lately, I think they are cute. If my ds wanted one I would have no problem with it.

  16. You changed your name!!! I know you did so don't lie!!! :lol:

  17. You had me looking for the rep button for this post. Extremely funny and creative. I find it tempting to post silly tags also...

  18. You have such a spunky and fun personality. I really enjoy reading your posts :001_smile:

  19. You know I really should take advantage of the freedom implied in a thread destined to be locked or closed. Next time I will sing a solo. :lol:

  20. You look like you could use a friend :001_smile:

  21. You were on a roll last night, weren't you?? I love your posts, and miss chatting with you :001_smile:

  22. You're back?? :grouphug:

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