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  1. I was thinking you could use one of these: :grouphug:

  2. So what do you think is going to happen?

  3. We haven't been affected by it yet, fortunately.

  4. It is nice to see you around, Chris! I have missed talking with you.

  5. Morning, Carli! Coffee?

  6. That's even better, Doran. Honestly, my favorite part of the rep system wasn't the points or the green squares but the lovely comments I recieved :001_smile:

  7. Thank you, Deb! I intend to post more pix of the kids, but the server was overloaded when I tried a few days ago. Maybe today I will get to it...

  8. Jedi Bob, you rock! Thank you for all you do.

  9. You had me looking for the rep button for this post. Extremely funny and creative. I find it tempting to post silly tags also...

  10. Pretty eyes, my dear :-)

  11. I love being able to see your face in your avatar, Kelli. You seem even friendlier now :001_smile:

  12. Hello there! I enjoyed chatting with you in the PC-TG thread :001_smile:

  13. :grouphug: I am sorry about the problems with the neighbors, Amy. I hope next week goes better for you all.

  14. Well, I'm going to be your friend anyways, faceless or not. You can't stop me!!

  15. I'm collecting friends today. The more the merrier!

  16. Mama Lynx, in your profile under current activity, it says you are "Modifying Contact or Ignore List ". Put that colander back on, Woman!!! :lol:

  17. Oh! Thank you so much! I needed my Green Square fix for the day. I'll even let you be my friend now ;)

  18. I love your spirit and your attitude. You are one spunky lady!

  19. I love reading your posts, Doran. Whenever I see your name come up on the board, I feel compelled to click and see what you are saying this time :001_smile:

  20. Fine then, I'm stepping away from the computer to go school my kids... really... I mean it now... You can't stop me you know... Beansprouts

  21. I'll be your friend, Mama Lynx!! Check it out! I can do this: :grouphug: And even this: DSC_0087-1.jpg Totally cool!!!

  22. You are too funny! I really enjoy your posts :-) Beansprouts, who doesn't have her colander on...

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