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  1. I only give you a hard time because I like you. :D

  2. I totally agree! My dh made a cream of cr*p concoction recently, and I swear the stuff tasted like plastic. I am not sure it is even biodegradable.

  3. "Cream of Cr*p soup" Too Funny!! My crock pot is favorite kitchen appliance. Thank you for starting the group :001_smile:

  4. I have truly enjoyed reading your insights, Erica!

  5. This is an excellent, balanced response. Thank you so much for your perspective!
  6. That's it! I am going to sue...

  7. The destruction has been cleared, the highway has reopened. All that remains of last night's tragedy is a twisted section of guard rail and a new speed limit sign...

  8. You have such a spunky and fun personality. I really enjoy reading your posts :001_smile:

  9. Hey, Anj! I have missed you! Where have you been hiding? :001_smile:

  10. Soph, I am so glad you are a part of this forum. :grouphug:

  11. John 15:19 :grouphug:

  12. "No one can trash me without my approval" Excellent point! And on that note, I think it is about time for me to start that board break... :auto:

  13. You are a genius, Zelda! Too funny :001_smile:

  14. Well, I did it. I couldn't resist.

    I posted a silly tag. :tongue_smilie:

    But somehow I think the mods will be understanding...

  15. Hey Georgie! Thank you for the info on children's cold meds.

  16. I don't know the words. Do you?

  17. You know I really should take advantage of the freedom implied in a thread destined to be locked or closed. Next time I will sing a solo. :lol:

  18. You can have that thread killer title, I didn't want it anyways. I am going to think about your ideas and go get some sleep.


    BTW I have seen a few little boys in mohawks lately, I think they are cute. If my ds wanted one I would have no problem with it.

  19. Is that one of your children in your avatar? Love the hair!

  20. But not all meat ;) And humans were eating meat already. Nimrod was a hunter, etc., Our bodies and our nutritional needs changed after the SIN defect.


    Have a great day :001_smile:

  21. Little old me???


    I always behave myself! :Angel_anim:


    Nice avatar btw. :D

  22. Stacia, I am trying to read your avatar, but I am too blind. What does it say?

  23. AAH!! Don't sneak up on me like that!

  24. I am here to confess that I took a peek at your "Professional Mommies" social group. I am impressed and amazed with women who can keep up with homeschooling children and maintain a career, even part time.

  25. Kathy, thank you for starting this thread. I have just subscribed to it so I can follow the discussion. I know I don't understand what is going on, but I want to learn.

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