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  1. I appreciate your wisdom here.

  2. I truly enjoyed your thoughtful and reasoned response here.

  3. You were on a roll last night, weren't you?? I love your posts, and miss chatting with you :001_smile:

  4. Check out this smiley, it is hilarious!


  5. I enjoy your posts :001_smile:

  6. Thank you for your observation, Zarga! The insanity has to stop sometime. It seems that nobody is mature enough to take that first step.

  7. :banghead: For your thread. I hope you were able to get some help before everything went down the tubes.

  8. *Cindy giggles in spite of herself*


    Even though it is a tu quoque response, it is still kinda funny. ;)

  9. You look like you could use a friend :001_smile:

  10. Even now :001_smile:

  11. I am doing very well, Gretchen! I have missed you. :001_wub:

    How are you doing?

  12. Myrtle! It's been a while since we have chatted. Thank you for inviting me to be a friend. :001_smile:

  13. Nice to meet you, Suzie!

  14. A friendly Bump your way also.


    How is it I neglected to befriend you? We will have to fix that, won't we???

  15. It is nice to be loved :001_wub:

  16. OMGoodness, I am in TEARS!! Well done, Remundamom :lol:

  17. I read your first line and thought you were serious. Well done!

  18. Hi Greenkitty! I seem to be able to post a message for you now. That was wierd.

  19. So is that the back of your head in your avatar? Why are you teasing us by not showing your face??

  20. hehe! I think the discussion has run its course.

  21. So get out there and start making friends, Woman!

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