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  1. Sunshine, life has become very busy for me, and I only check in from time to time. I don't know when or why I stopped being your friend. It wasn't intentional. I just sent you a request - would you be my friend again??? :-P

  2. I am finding it is an excuse to cut corners and create cheaper products. When my kids' computer games came in "eco-friendly" packages, my only thought was that the manufacturer used the "Go Green" bandwagon to cheat me out of a jewel case.
  3. I accept lines as a necessary evil, and do not make myself or others miserable over things I can not control. However, I much prefer to give my business to companies that are run efficiently with enough qualified staff available to meet the needs of every one of their clientele in a timely manner so that none of our time is wasted. I voted "no" to lines.
  4. Joan, I am a student midwife apprenticing with several experienced midwives in my area. We tell our moms that their newborn's axillary temperature should range between 97 and 99 degree. If the temperature is between 99-100 they should undress the baby one layer and retake one hour later.
  5. Nobody can offend me without my permission. I think many people are offended because they choose to be.
  6. I can tell you that my own husband is a GOOD man who would never leave his family. However, he is a normal man who has had his struggles, and I feel blessed that we have been able to communicate openly about them. It is only through prayer and staying focused on God that we have been able to hold it together. I know that he and I are both very grateful for anyone who cares enough about our family to use valuable knee time on our behalf.
  7. I haven't read the thread. I voted "no as long as she is discreet" and I wanted to explain my answer. In a mixed group of men and women, I think it is probably more polite for her to nurse discreetly, but I do not think this requires throwing a blanked over herself. In fact this often draws attention to the fact that she is nursing which could very well have gone unnoticed otherwise. I have had men, including my pastor, walk right up to me and start a conversation without noticing that the baby wasn't just "sleeping". ;-) If a woman in in the company of other women than I think she shoul
  8. Ditto here. People do get hung up on the word "literal" though. I usually say that I take the Bible seriously.
  9. Now I've seen it all... :lol: I am unclear about the use of the word "minority" in this thread. When more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, and countless other families are non-traditional in structure, it would seem to me that those of us who remain married are the minority.
  10. No. I will not allow dating or courtship until my children are ready to consider marriage.
  11. We all come to different decisions about how to raise our children. We make choices based on who we are and our own experiences as well as our understanding of who our children are and why they do the things they do. Arguments about parenting styles are as unproductive as arguments about politics. Nobody is going to be bullied into changing the way they raise their kids. They are only going to leave the discussion more self righteous about their own choices. ;)

  12. *Cindy wonders why you all keep doing this to yourselves and each other*
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