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  1. I am aspiring to spend more time homeschooling, and less time talking about homeschooling (or politics, religion, what-have-you...). DD and I have been studying the Ancient Greeks, and it has gone extremely well! We are learning about Plato and Socrates and other great minds from that time period. This week we have been thrown off by another home remodeling project, but I hope to be back on track soon.


  2. I am awake and I have rum, come play with me!!!

  3. I am doing very well, Gretchen! I have missed you. :001_wub:

    How are you doing?

  4. I am here to confess that I took a peek at your "Professional Mommies" social group. I am impressed and amazed with women who can keep up with homeschooling children and maintain a career, even part time.

  5. I am here! I have regular coffee, "Merry Mocha Mint", and a colombian roast decaf. I have milk, half & half, refined sugar, raw sugar, honey and two kinds of artificial sweetener. I also brought the rum.

  6. I am tired too and my head is killing me. I keep hoping the toddler-monster will settle down and go to sleep, but it looks like I am going to have to force the issue *sigh* Let's talk more when we both have rested.

  7. I appreciate your wisdom here.

  8. I believe the correct expression is "Snap!" :lol:

  9. I do agree with what you are saying, Scarlett. I don't think people understand that we Christians can disagree with a person's choices, and still have love and compassion for them. It is that balance you mentioned which can be so elusive. :grouphug:

  10. I don't know if you realised it, but I was banned also. :lol:

  11. I don't know the words. Do you?

  12. I don't question my salvation, just my understanding ;-)


    re: Free will

    What is your understanding of the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden? I always thought it was God giving us free will. Without free will we can not choose to Love Him.

  13. I enjoy your posts :001_smile:

  14. I have lived in a tv-less cave for several years now. Tell me about AD.

  15. I have missed you! How have you been? :grouphug:

  16. I have truly enjoyed reading your insights, Erica!

  17. I know this is really bad, that I shouldn't be laughing at others' expense, but... but...


    Your "Ignoramus of the week" comment cracked me up!! :lol:

  18. I love being able to see your face in your avatar, Kelli. You seem even friendlier now :001_smile:

  19. I love reading your posts, Doran. Whenever I see your name come up on the board, I feel compelled to click and see what you are saying this time :001_smile:

  20. I love your spirit and your attitude. You are one spunky lady!

  21. I only give you a hard time because I like you. :D

  22. I read your first line and thought you were serious. Well done!

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