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  1. DING-DING-DING-DING You win the prize!!! :D

  2. Drew, I am drinking black coffee. The holidays are about over for me, and none too soon...

  3. Even now :001_smile:

  4. Fine then, I'm stepping away from the computer to go school my kids... really... I mean it now... You can't stop me you know... Beansprouts

  5. From one tyrranical parent to another. I make my kids eat their veggies too!!

  6. Get Duracells!!! :smilielol5:

  7. Have I been that awful??

  8. hehe! I think the discussion has run its course.

  9. Hello there! I enjoyed chatting with you in the PC-TG thread :001_smile:

  10. Hey Georgie! Thank you for the info on children's cold meds.

  11. Hey, Anj! I have missed you! Where have you been hiding? :001_smile:

  12. Hi Greenkitty! I seem to be able to post a message for you now. That was wierd.

  13. I am awake and I have rum, come play with me!!!

  14. I am here to confess that I took a peek at your "Professional Mommies" social group. I am impressed and amazed with women who can keep up with homeschooling children and maintain a career, even part time.

  15. I am here! I have regular coffee, "Merry Mocha Mint", and a colombian roast decaf. I have milk, half & half, refined sugar, raw sugar, honey and two kinds of artificial sweetener. I also brought the rum.

  16. I am tired too and my head is killing me. I keep hoping the toddler-monster will settle down and go to sleep, but it looks like I am going to have to force the issue *sigh* Let's talk more when we both have rested.

  17. I appreciate your wisdom here.

  18. I believe the correct expression is "Snap!" :lol:

  19. I do agree with what you are saying, Scarlett. I don't think people understand that we Christians can disagree with a person's choices, and still have love and compassion for them. It is that balance you mentioned which can be so elusive. :grouphug:

  20. I don't know if you realised it, but I was banned also. :lol:

  21. I don't know the words. Do you?

  22. I enjoy your posts :001_smile:

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