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  1. Hey, you Big Meanie :D

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed chatting you these past two days.

  2. You changed your name!!! I know you did so don't lie!!! :lol:

  3. Coming any time now: The inevitable "This is a HOMESCHOOLING board???" Newbie post. :lol:

  4. some believe that God's plan for man's redemption is literally written in the stars


    It is! Look up the Hebrew Mazzaroth ;)


    Thanks for your post!

  5. Have I mentioned I LOVE YOU!!! :lol:

    So what do you think it will be: Rhetorical question or stimulating conversation??

  6. DING-DING-DING-DING You win the prize!!! :D

  7. Jul, I have no wisdom for you, but I can give hugs and prayers. :grouphug:

  8. I believe the correct expression is "Snap!" :lol:

  9. You are a man of convictions, and I appreciate that. I also like it that you express your opinions so gently. :001_smile:

  10. Get Duracells!!! :smilielol5:

  11. BTW I just looked at your parenting book suggestions, and you posted some of my favorites :001_smile: Welcome to the board!

  12. I do agree with what you are saying, Scarlett. I don't think people understand that we Christians can disagree with a person's choices, and still have love and compassion for them. It is that balance you mentioned which can be so elusive. :grouphug:

  13. :lol: Thanks for thinking of me :001_smile: Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. From one tyrranical parent to another. I make my kids eat their veggies too!!

  15. LOVE the screaming pic!

  16. Pastrami in a pineapple! You're killing me!! :lol:

  17. Why clean? It will only get messed up agan.

  18. :lol:


    Really?!?! ARE YOU SURE???

    I know how devestated you are...

  19. Looks like we're friends already. Here's a :grouphug: for you anyways!!

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