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  1. It does sound like the kind of irreverant humor dh and I would enjoy. In a former life we were fans of The Simpsons. We also liked In Living Color.

  2. Tea? I have tea, also (the real kind). I have Chai, Roobios, English Afternoon tea and an orange spice. I also have hot chocolate, and a stash of leftover Christmas cookies that the kids haven't found yet...

  3. I have lived in a tv-less cave for several years now. Tell me about AD.

  4. I am here! I have regular coffee, "Merry Mocha Mint", and a colombian roast decaf. I have milk, half & half, refined sugar, raw sugar, honey and two kinds of artificial sweetener. I also brought the rum.

  5. OMGoodness, You're killing me!! How do you come up with this stuff??

  6. You are a woman of perserverance! :lol:

  7. "Swimming" post, Colleen! :001_smile: You managed to explain what I was clumsily trying to say and do so compassionately.


    You seem in better spirits these past few days. I hope all is well with you. :grouphug:

  8. New Yorker liberal agenda + Unbridled support of anti-Christian community + Highly subjective data + Highly subjective field of science = Significant doubt as to the objectivity of the results


    Yup! Do the math! :lol:

  9. He is your son and he will do, and should do, as you decide, but excuses, justifications, red typeface and everything else aside a few words drove him from a team. He has lost the opportunity to be coached by what you describe as a superb coach, he will have to live with this.


    You are exactly right. However, I think the choice has been made probably won't change.

  10. No headache. I was just overtired. My dd took skating lessons for two years. She knows all her basic skills and a few half-rotation jumps. We loved it, but it was very demanding and expensive.


    But you are just "going skating" in the recreational sense, aren't you? I should take my kids again soon they like it.


    So, today's question...

    If God is not willing that any should perish, and it is by God's sovreignty that we are saved (no free will on our part), then why isn't everybody saved?

  11. I am tired too and my head is killing me. I keep hoping the toddler-monster will settle down and go to sleep, but it looks like I am going to have to force the issue *sigh* Let's talk more when we both have rested.

  12. I don't question my salvation, just my understanding ;-)


    re: Free will

    What is your understanding of the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden? I always thought it was God giving us free will. Without free will we can not choose to Love Him.

  13. Thank you for explaining The Dark Side. I really appreciate your input. I do agree with it, mostly. I definitely think our salvation has more to do with Him than us, but He did give us free will, which means that technically we can resist. I also take great comfort in the fact that I can not lose my salvation. I think the area where I have the biggest problem is the concept of "limited atonement".

  14. Well then let's have some fun! I am in the mood to lock threads, what say ye?

  15. I am awake and I have rum, come play with me!!!

  16. Actually I was picturing Audrey Hepburn at the Bistro in Funny Face :lol:

  17. umm...

    I never drink the stuff :D

  18. BTW I think I do understand your tone. My suspicion is if we met in person, we would probably laugh a lot :001_smile:


    Edit: I just realised I typed "smet" instead of "met" :lol:

  19. LOVE your advice! Remind me to look you up the next time I need fashion tips.

  20. Mungo!!! I've missed you, Woman!

  21. Okay...

    You are agreeing with me while I am disagreeing with you...

    I am so confused!!!


  22. Yep, You've got that right!!

  23. To end with a song: "To everything, turn, turn turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn..."


    You do know that is from the Bible, right?? :D

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