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  1. It causes a break in the part of your brain that keeps the song going... it's that or get to the end of the song... or sing...



    Great! Now I have a new song in my head:


    "two plus two is four, four plus four is eight, eight plus eight is sixteen, sixteen and sixteen are thirty-two,


    two plus two is four, four plus four is eight..."

  2. Well thanks for all the nice posts.


    So... I'm upstairs giving the kids a bath... and my wife comes in. "There's a thread with FOUR pages of posts about you..." Ummm... It's not like I instigated it or anything.




    So... um... You're not offended by our "Phred Phest"??


    Just wondering :D

  3. Goodness, no. I imagine him smiling very frequently.


    But then I'm married to someone who reminds me of him. Emphatic, likes to make his point, a little taken aback when he vehemence offends.


    I had a hard time with his style of communication at first, but I see now what you mean.


    I just wanted to have a little fun :001_smile: I guess I see him as the super-serious intellectual type, and I thought getting him to smile might be a worthy challenge ;)

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