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  1. I posted on the networking board too, but I know this one is more active.


    I have been around the WTM forums for years. Some of you will know who I am :)


    I popped in tonight because I am considering a move to Ohio. One of my considerations would be the ease of finding a community for my children. I was wondering what the home school environment was like in the Coshocton county area, and whether there might be any active groups there.



  2. But it's not true for everyone.


    I also vote for the 25th, at the earliest. Typically you wait until your longest cycle length and then count yourself "late" if you haven't started. So if you have had a 35 day cycle and you haven't started on day 36, test that day. However, if that 35 day cycle was off for some reason (i.e. illness, stress, medication), don't figure that cycle.


    Another suggestion for charting if this isn't your month. You'll be able to see those temp shifts and also know your typical leutal phase (LP). If you can see the day of ovulation and you know your LP then it's much easier to see if you are pregnant.


    That's interesting.

    I admit I need to do more reading on the subject. TCOYF is on the book list ;)

  3. I don't think you can pin-point any one religion or denomination. It is more of a bit of cancer in the body of any given group. Off the top of my head I can't think of any one religious group that does not have its short-sighted legalistic mini-group. Unfortunatley sometimes the short-sighted legalistic people get put in charge or charm their way to the top or even force their way in.


    I can accept this. I have seen it also.

  4. I am truly confused about the rules for jokes, innuendo, etc., in this forum. One man quotes an anecdote from Winston Churchill and people are offended. But discussion and references to TeA are okay? I am not saying that it bothers me. I'm a midwife. You would have to work hard to offend me. I am saying that I just don't get it. I am sorry to hyjack what was meant to be a light hearted thread, but can anyone explain?

  5. We are taught that the time between ovulation and the first day of the next period is always 14 days. If you have a cycle that varies from 28 days the difference is in the beginning, not the end of the cycle. This means that if your LMP was 1/25, and you're having a 28 day cycle, you would have ovulated on 2/8. If you're having a 35 day cycle, you won't ovulate until 2/15.

  6. Plants KILL PLANTS if they are fed microwave boiled water? OMG!!!! So, does the microwaved water give weeds super powers so they can choke out all the non-weeds? Is THAT what happened to our back yard? Crazy neighbor people pouring microwaved water on our grass? :confused:


    Oh my goodness, that's FRIGHTENING! If these mutant plants who have been nourished with irradiated water will kill other plants, then what else are they capable of???

  7. And surprise, surprise, baby was a girl!!! We named her Harper Mackenzie and she arrived on Feb 8 at 136pm at 7lbs 10oz at our home after about 6 1/2 hours of labor. We are doing well, just very tired around here. Now my mom's gone out shopping for girl clothes. :auto:



    Welcome to the world, little one :)

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