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  1. I love being able to see your face in your avatar, Kelli. You seem even friendlier now :001_smile:

  2. Your value to us is immeasurable, Dear! {{HUGS}} Beansprouts

  3. I do agree with what you are saying, Scarlett. I don't think people understand that we Christians can disagree with a person's choices, and still have love and compassion for them. It is that balance you mentioned which can be so elusive. :grouphug:

  4. Get Duracells!!! :smilielol5:

  5. LOVE the screaming pic!

  6. Even now :001_smile:

  7. I love your spirit and your attitude. You are one spunky lady!

  8. Oh! Thank you so much! I needed my Green Square fix for the day. I'll even let you be my friend now ;)

  9. Coming any time now: The inevitable "This is a HOMESCHOOLING board???" Newbie post. :lol:

  10. You changed your name!!! I know you did so don't lie!!! :lol:

  11. Little old me???


    I always behave myself! :Angel_anim:


    Nice avatar btw. :D

  12. Hi Greenkitty! I seem to be able to post a message for you now. That was wierd.

  13. That was a very thoughtful and articulate post about the problems with self-identification. Well done!

  14. Thank you for your observation, Zarga! The insanity has to stop sometime. It seems that nobody is mature enough to take that first step.

  15. Check out this smiley, it is hilarious!


  16. OMGoodness, I am in TEARS!! Well done, Remundamom :lol:

  17. I am awake and I have rum, come play with me!!!

  18. You can have that thread killer title, I didn't want it anyways. I am going to think about your ideas and go get some sleep.


    BTW I have seen a few little boys in mohawks lately, I think they are cute. If my ds wanted one I would have no problem with it.

  19. Well then let's have some fun! I am in the mood to lock threads, what say ye?

  20. A friendly Bump your way also.


    How is it I neglected to befriend you? We will have to fix that, won't we???

  21. I appreciate your wisdom here.

  22. You are a woman of perserverance! :lol:

  23. Nice to meet you, Suzie!

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