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  1. This is an excellent, balanced response. Thank you so much for your perspective!
  2. Thank you! I was way too tired to articulate last night. I appreciate you taking my thoughts and running with them.
  3. This is a fun thread, Stacy! I would rep you if I could :001_smile:
  4. :banghead: For your thread. I hope you were able to get some help before everything went down the tubes.

  5. :grouphug: I am sorry about the problems with the neighbors, Amy. I hope next week goes better for you all.

  6. :lol: Thanks for thinking of me :001_smile: Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. :lol:


    Really?!?! ARE YOU SURE???

    I know how devestated you are...

  8. :smilielol5:



  9. "Catch phrases" is a fun thread. What an excellent idea! I wish I could rep you for starting it.

  10. "Cream of Cr*p soup" Too Funny!! My crock pot is favorite kitchen appliance. Thank you for starting the group :001_smile:

  11. "No one can trash me without my approval" Excellent point! And on that note, I think it is about time for me to start that board break... :auto:

  12. "Swimming" post, Colleen! :001_smile: You managed to explain what I was clumsily trying to say and do so compassionately.


    You seem in better spirits these past few days. I hope all is well with you. :grouphug:

  13. *Cindy giggles in spite of herself*


    Even though it is a tu quoque response, it is still kinda funny. ;)

  14. He is your son and he will do, and should do, as you decide, but excuses, justifications, red typeface and everything else aside a few words drove him from a team. He has lost the opportunity to be coached by what you describe as a superb coach, he will have to live with this.


    You are exactly right. However, I think the choice has been made probably won't change.

  15. New Yorker liberal agenda + Unbridled support of anti-Christian community + Highly subjective data + Highly subjective field of science = Significant doubt as to the objectivity of the results


    Yup! Do the math! :lol:

  16. some believe that God's plan for man's redemption is literally written in the stars


    It is! Look up the Hebrew Mazzaroth ;)


    Thanks for your post!

  17. To end with a song: "To everything, turn, turn turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn..."


    You do know that is from the Bible, right?? :D

  18. A friendly Bump your way also.


    How is it I neglected to befriend you? We will have to fix that, won't we???

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