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  1. This is an excellent, balanced response. Thank you so much for your perspective!
  2. Thank you! I was way too tired to articulate last night. I appreciate you taking my thoughts and running with them.
  3. This is a fun thread, Stacy! I would rep you if I could :001_smile:
  4. :lol:


    Really?!?! ARE YOU SURE???

    I know how devestated you are...

  5. :smilielol5:



  6. "Swimming" post, Colleen! :001_smile: You managed to explain what I was clumsily trying to say and do so compassionately.


    You seem in better spirits these past few days. I hope all is well with you. :grouphug:

  7. *Cindy giggles in spite of herself*


    Even though it is a tu quoque response, it is still kinda funny. ;)

  8. He is your son and he will do, and should do, as you decide, but excuses, justifications, red typeface and everything else aside a few words drove him from a team. He has lost the opportunity to be coached by what you describe as a superb coach, he will have to live with this.


    You are exactly right. However, I think the choice has been made probably won't change.

  9. New Yorker liberal agenda + Unbridled support of anti-Christian community + Highly subjective data + Highly subjective field of science = Significant doubt as to the objectivity of the results


    Yup! Do the math! :lol:

  10. some believe that God's plan for man's redemption is literally written in the stars


    It is! Look up the Hebrew Mazzaroth ;)


    Thanks for your post!

  11. To end with a song: "To everything, turn, turn turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn..."


    You do know that is from the Bible, right?? :D

  12. A friendly Bump your way also.


    How is it I neglected to befriend you? We will have to fix that, won't we???

  13. BTW I think I do understand your tone. My suspicion is if we met in person, we would probably laugh a lot :001_smile:


    Edit: I just realised I typed "smet" instead of "met" :lol:

  14. But not all meat ;) And humans were eating meat already. Nimrod was a hunter, etc., Our bodies and our nutritional needs changed after the SIN defect.


    Have a great day :001_smile:

  15. Check out this smiley, it is hilarious!


  16. Have I mentioned I LOVE YOU!!! :lol:

    So what do you think it will be: Rhetorical question or stimulating conversation??

  17. Hey, you Big Meanie :D

    I just wanted to say I have enjoyed chatting you these past two days.

  18. Hi Macrina, welcome to the board! :001_smile:

    I am one of those recently banned, and I wanted to offer some reassurance. While there wasn't a warning, I did know the rules, and I knew I was pushing it. You can't accidently get banned, you almost have to want it. HTH :grouphug:

  19. I am aspiring to spend more time homeschooling, and less time talking about homeschooling (or politics, religion, what-have-you...). DD and I have been studying the Ancient Greeks, and it has gone extremely well! We are learning about Plato and Socrates and other great minds from that time period. This week we have been thrown off by another home remodeling project, but I hope to be back on track soon.


  20. I am doing very well, Gretchen! I have missed you. :001_wub:

    How are you doing?

  21. I don't question my salvation, just my understanding ;-)


    re: Free will

    What is your understanding of the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden? I always thought it was God giving us free will. Without free will we can not choose to Love Him.

  22. I know this is really bad, that I shouldn't be laughing at others' expense, but... but...


    Your "Ignoramus of the week" comment cracked me up!! :lol:

  23. Little old me???


    I always behave myself! :Angel_anim:


    Nice avatar btw. :D

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