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  1. That was a very thoughtful and articulate post about the problems with self-identification. Well done!

  2. Sunshine, life has become very busy for me, and I only check in from time to time. I don't know when or why I stopped being your friend. It wasn't intentional. I just sent you a request - would you be my friend again??? :-P

  3. We all come to different decisions about how to raise our children. We make choices based on who we are and our own experiences as well as our understanding of who our children are and why they do the things they do. Arguments about parenting styles are as unproductive as arguments about politics. Nobody is going to be bullied into changing the way they raise their kids. They are only going to leave the discussion more self righteous about their own choices. ;)

  4. I know this is really bad, that I shouldn't be laughing at others' expense, but... but...


    Your "Ignoramus of the week" comment cracked me up!! :lol:

  5. Thank you! I was way too tired to articulate last night. I appreciate you taking my thoughts and running with them.
  6. :smilielol5:



  7. I am aspiring to spend more time homeschooling, and less time talking about homeschooling (or politics, religion, what-have-you...). DD and I have been studying the Ancient Greeks, and it has gone extremely well! We are learning about Plato and Socrates and other great minds from that time period. This week we have been thrown off by another home remodeling project, but I hope to be back on track soon.


  8. I don't know if you realised it, but I was banned also. :lol:

  9. At least it wasn't Pearl!

  10. Nobody drove me to anything. I am a big girl.

    ITA about no *man*. ;)

  11. Kay, the situation with your grandparents is beyond my own experience at this point. It sounds like you are are trying your best. Please have a {{HUG}} from me.

  12. I have missed you! How have you been? :grouphug:

  13. Yes, ma'am. I broke the rules, paid my penalty, and now I am back and behaving myself again. :Angel_anim:

  14. Have I been that awful??

  15. You're back?? :grouphug:

  16. Hi Macrina, welcome to the board! :001_smile:

    I am one of those recently banned, and I wanted to offer some reassurance. While there wasn't a warning, I did know the rules, and I knew I was pushing it. You can't accidently get banned, you almost have to want it. HTH :grouphug:

  17. "Catch phrases" is a fun thread. What an excellent idea! I wish I could rep you for starting it.

  18. So, my Favorite History Buff, do you have any statistics on how many Presidents stumbled over the oath?? :sneaky2::Angel_anim:


    (I know it wouldn't include George Washington 'cause he didn't take one. ;))

  19. That was a very gracious response. :001_smile:


    How have you been?

  20. It is nice to have you around, Dad :001_smile:

  21. No hurry, Sunshine. We are all busy. {{HUGS}}

  22. This is a fun thread, Stacy! I would rep you if I could :001_smile:
  23. Patty, why can't you drink until February 1?

  24. Drew, I am drinking black coffee. The holidays are about over for me, and none too soon...

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