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  1. I have a list of speech therapy resources for sale. Many of the items can be seen at greatideasforteaching.com or superduperinc.com for further information about them. I can be contacted at nik11727atyahoodotcom. for info as well. I take Paypal and live in a non-smoking home with two cats.Languageitemsforsale.pdf
  2. Does anyone know where curriculum could be sent within AR for tornado victims? I would like to avoid paying shipping if possible.
  3. My family will be moving to Little Rock, Lord willing, in the next year some time. Would someone fill me in on the homeschooling climate there, a brief overview of the process with the local school districts, etc.? Thanks.
  4. good, bad??? I'd like to hear reviews. Thanks, Debonli
  5. she was homeschooled until ninth grade, but she would not work for me. She admits she was skating. She's been in private school now , and while it has not been a bad experience, I miss her, and hate the demands on time that "regular" school makes. I've been talking to her about coming home next year. I think we'd need a serious talk about what courses to take, what our expectations are regarding her performance, extracurricular activities, etc. I'm sure some of you have done the same thing, and I would like to hear your best advice, etc. Thanks! Debonli
  6. For a severe pronation of the foot. I think I have some typos here, but not sure. A friend's doctor is recommending this for her, but she's not sure. Thanks!
  7. I'm a NY homeschooler, and NY is probably one of the most regulated states in the country. My dear daughter just took the CAT for a 5th grade level. Can anyone tell me how I can figure what she might have made? The suspense is killing me. She only scored 29th percentile last year;we didn't have to turn those results in. If she scores the same or higher, she shows a year's improvement, and we'll be fine, otherwise we go on probation. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone heard of efforts to help out the home schoolers who were victims of the storms? I have books I no longer need and would be happy to donate if I knew where to send them.
  9. then started glucosamine chrondroitin...from Trader Joe's. That helped a lot! Then started wearing Crocs RX...also helped. But things seriously improved when I started wearing Merrell sandals. I really think they stretched my foot. I was able to wear normal shoes and go barefoot. My foot still hurts from time to time, but I go back to those Merrells and it stops. I'm not even taking the glucosamine chrondroitin now. I really thought I'd have to wear Crocs for the rest of my life.
  10. Has anyone here heard of story bridging? My friend's neurodevelopmentalist put this on her son's program. You start a story and ask your child if it reminds them of anything, then they respond and it continues back and forth. Sounds as if it would promote the give and take of conversation. We see a neurodevelopmentalist, but have not been given this particular therapy. If you know of this and have used it, how did you do it and what benefits did you see? Thanks, DebonLI
  11. doing research for my daughter. I'd appreciate any input, pro or con. Thanks!
  12. My daughter is 10, has language delays, auditory processing disorder. We're going to a neurodevelopmentalist and working on mixed dominance, mental processing. I'm thinking a sport would be a good idea. Has anyone tried martial arts for a child with these issues? Was it beneficial? I would appreciate any input. Thanks! Debbie
  13. I just joined a very negative Yahoo Group for MT's. They are saying India is getting MT jobs because they do the voice recognition stuff. Does anyone here know anything about this?
  14. I started out drawing maps and labeling physical features. I'd like to do a biome along with this and draw some of the animals. There's too much time left over though. It's only an hour and these kids are fast! Any good, fun ideas? Thanks, Debbie
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