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  1. Here seems to be a pretty accurate timeline: http://myweb.uiowa.edu/cfillebr/Pictures/background%20information%20pictures/chinese%20dynasties.gif Han included Western Han (came first) and Eastern Han(came later), Jin included Western Jin and Eastern Jin (Western and Eastern Chin from the linked site. Personally I prefer the name Jin). Here the naming of western and eastern was based on the locations of the capital cities. Timeline-wise, one came after another. Later on, the so-called Southern and Northern Dynasties co-existed in roughly the same period of time, with each including several short-period dynasties one by one. It is indeed confusing. Hope this helps!
  2. Using algebra, If x = malaysian stamps, then x+(250-76)= 4x, x=58, local stamps before = 58+250=308 * At the end, local stamps were 4 times of Malaysian stamps, not 1/4 of Malaysian stamps. Or if you choose to use x= local stamps in the begining, then 4(x-250)= x-76, 3x=924, x=308
  3. 1. After they spent their money, Sara has $7 more than Lily( $25-$18=$7 ) 2. Lily’s money was twice as much as Sara, that means Sara had $7 at the end, and Lily had $7+$7=$14 or 2x$7=$14 3. Lily and Sara had $32 at first ($14+$18=$32 or $7+$25-$32)
  4. #7. US coins are divided into 4 equal portions, Canadian coins are divided into 5 equal portions. Step 1: Since 3 portions of US coins + 4 portions of Canadian coins=84 Step 2:Then 1 portion of US coin + 1 Portion of Canadian coin = 111-84= 27 Step3: Step 2 x3 3 portions of US coins +3 Portions of Canadian coins = 27*3=81 Step 4: Step 1- Step 3 1 portion of Canadian coin = 84-81=3 1 portion of US coin= 27-3=24 Step5: Total US coins= 24*4=96 #9—similar approach: Boys are divided into 4 equal portions, and girls are divided into 5 equal portions Step1: 1 portion boy + 2 portions girls =28 Step2: 3 portions boys +3 portions girls= 88-28=60 Step 3: step 1*3 3 portions boys +6 portions girls= 28*3=84 Step 4: step 3-step 2: 3 portions girls= 84-60=24 Therefore, girls not wearing glasses = 3 portions girls= 24 Edit: typo
  5. I'm sure there should be better worksheet out there. I made an Excel sheet myself in the past, and it worked for us. Each number, +, occupies one cell, select the cell that has the second number, and choose to have a border at the bottom. Tweak all the cell width and height until they are just right. I usually printed out 9 addtioin, subtraction or multiplication problems a page. Hope this helps.
  6. They carry first three new versions. Here's the first one. I believe there is free shipping code around for purchase of $35 and up. http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/product?item_no=855299&item_code=WW&netp_id=830389&event=ESRCN&view=details retailmenot posted a free shipping code a while ago. Seems people claimed to still be able to use it today: 313114TS. Edit: Just noticed that the ship date is 8/30.
  7. Thanks mom31257. That's a good suggestion. I agree it's hard to keep up the change, I just hope my daughter wouldn't lose her interest in the book. I still think it's good one, though we haven't officially started the study. Yes, I personally would like to have Pluto included in the planets... Thanks all for your comments. I will take it easy and just explain to my kids that they don't update a book that quickly sometimes.
  8. Yes, I thought about that too, and checked the publishing date of the book, it was printed in 2010 (though the revised version was dated 2006). I'll look into when they changed the definition of the planets, but at least I remember one of the planet books my son read about two years ago already mentioned eight planets. It was actually my son who first educated me on the change. Maybe I shouldn't expect that they could update the information too frequently. But it's been a while, it'd be nice if they could update the information for a book printed in 2010. P.S. I just checked wikipedia: The first known Trans-Neptunian object (i.e. minor planet with a semi-major axis beyond Neptune). In 2006, Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planets
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