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  1. Does the homeschool buyers co-op ever offer deals on Math Mammoth? I think it's on sale now on KAGI but I'm wondering if I wait I can get it for even less from the co-op?
  2. I switched from LoE Foundations to Reading Lessons through Literature and it's working much better for us.
  3. I missed a set that was for sale so it looks like I will have to buy new directly from the website. The description for CE says the teacher's manual is not usable by students?? Also, I was planning to save a little money and purchase the black and white editions. Does anyone think I MUST have the color editions?
  4. Hi. Would I be able to use the teacher manuals only for Grammar Town, Paragraph Town, and CE 1? Thank you.
  5. I thought the solutions manuals I linked to were for the workbooks, not the textbook. So, you cannot buy solutions to the workbooks but they are available for download (for a price?) on the Pearson website if I can prove to them that I am homeschooling?
  6. Is this what you bought? Student solutions manuals? http://www.pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS1lMk&PMDBSOLUTIONID=6724&PMDBSITEID=2781&PMDBCATEGORYID=811&PMDBSUBSOLUTIONID=&PMDBSUBJECTAREAID=&PMDBSUBCATEGORYID=23496&PMDbProgramId=129801&elementType=programComponents I'm sorry but I'm still confused. It appears that I can't purchase the solutions manuals from this website. Only the workbook?? And, I bought my workbooks on Amazon and they are not the same edition. Have they changed?
  7. Would someone help me? My dd is using Knight this year with regentrude's schedule. How exactly do I find the solutions? I'm not familiar with how to use Chegg. Can I find solutions for both the text and the workbooks on Chegg?
  8. My dd is definitely trustworthy and can grade her own work. She just enjoyed the ease of using the 2.0 edition of Algebra 2 this year and was a little bummed that it was not yet available with pre-calc.
  9. I was told that it would not be available at the start of the 2014-2015 school year so I should purchase the current edition. But, if it would be ready by September, I might wait. Did they actually say maybe September?
  10. I was not sure how other programs worked. I suppose it would be the same. I guess I was wondering if there was something out there she would like better. I did email TT and it will not be available by next fall. It probably is best to stick to TT. Thank you for your help.
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