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  1. We are running into a road block here as we enter the higher grades of 9th-12th Math I have to drop out beyond the first part of Algebra. My husband works all day and is teaching math at night. We are using SOS but for the high school years, I feel we need some kind of DVD program they can watch that will help teach Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trig. What do you use? Do you use the Khan Academy SAXON DIVE Teaching Textbooks, Any help and suggestions appreciated.
  2. WANTED: SOS Switched on Schoolhouse older editions 2007-2009 Math Electives and other electives I use the 2008-2009 of SOS for my children. I'm in need of Prep Math Trig Consumer Math GED Math GED Science GED History GED Language Arts and other SOS Electives you might have Please contact me directly at wingfieldfamily@gmail.com
  3. We are a family of 7 and as they get older, we need more space. Our 7 passenger mini van is beginning to die and I'm wondering what we can get that will give us more room? Also, we live debt free so what is out there good and cheap?
  4. So here we are entering 9th grade Algebra 1 and doing SOS Switched on Schoolhouse. I find it doesn't do a good job explaining things. What is out there free to get full lessons and tutorials?
  5. What's out there that is really good to teach Science? It's one of my weak subjects, but I need something that is engaging, entertaining, will grab their attention & focus, and provides all the info and answers for me. I have kids in all grades K- Highschool
  6. Does anyone have a copy of The Return of The Daughters DVD that they would be willing to sell or let us borrow if I pay postage to and from? I am really interested in having my own copy of the DVD but I'm looking for a good deal. Please let me know. Thank You Amy Wingfield wingfieldfamily@gmail.com
  7. homeschooling 4:10,7,4,1 Amy Wingfield
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