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  1. Yes. LOVE mine. If I was only getting 1 or 2 mango at a time I wouldn't bother with it. But I'm the type that buys a whole case from the farmers market and cans them. :) Makes it go so much quicker...
  2. nail polish rainbow loom make cookies make cards for upcoming bdays, etc. (Father's Day....)
  3. Yeah, we watched some episode of something (TableTop??) about it. It was a good watch!!
  4. Mine are 14 yr and 12yr... 18 months apart in age. :) I also have a just turned 7yo and about to turn 5yo. Just barely 2 yrs apart.
  5. Googled and found 1 review for Dr. Kennedy and it wasn't good. Didn't really find much else... We have an appt set up to see Dr. Copela this afternoon. We were supposed to see him at 4. She said they are booked solid and we'd probably have a little wait. Then I got a call back saying he wants to see ds sooner, so we got bumped up. So far I'm feeling good about him. :)
  6. Thanks guys! Yesterday started off crummy and went downhill from there. I can now scratch off 'ride in an ambulance' off my list of things I've never done ;o)
  7. Not yet! I have emailed the same question to a couple Texas yahoo groups.
  8. super long story short-- my 14yo will be having knee surgery this week. I have 2 pediatric orthopedists expecting me to call them in the morning. (he had an accident at my sils house involving a glass storm door and running...that's the microwave version!) I know nothing about surgeons here. One is Dr. Kennedy at Cooks. The other is Dr. Copela (I think I spelled that right..) at a surgery center in Grapevine. Both come highly recommended by the doc we had at the ER. I was wondering if any of y'all have had any dealings with either of these guys? I basically have to choose between the 2...
  9. We have that one and have been wanting to play it!
  10. dh and my kids play. I'm still a hold out. ;o) dh prefers to play Traveller. I've made a few characters with him, but haven't actually played any campaigns. I think we own almost every GURPS books on the market......
  11. We bought this house from my inlaws. They painted for us. ;)
  12. Why? And, your uh...headlights would still shine, wouldn't they? lol
  13. My mom graduated 4 and she stays busy. I guess there is! ;)
  14. We don't often to salad as a main dish. When we do it's chicken caeser salad complete with homemade caeser dressing. I serve it as a side very often. All my people like it. When I serve it I serve lots of toppings. Our faves are: hard boiled eggs sunflower seeds marinated artichoke hearts chickpeas whatever fresh veggies I have...carrots, cukes (anything but tomatoes- major allergy!) olives feta bacon ...you get the idea ;)
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