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  1. Sorry, I don't know how to quote yet. Thank you for the book recommendation, Spycar! And I'm sorry if I scared you, Gardenmom5. I certainly hope it's not MS. I have to agree with a previous poster - the not knowing is hard.
  2. Hey! I don't post here often, but read frequently. So, I am in the middle of dealing with weird symptoms too and a potential Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. What you are describing kinda sounds like an "MS Hug". Has a doctor ever looked that direction?
  3. Well, this is just anecdotal, but best friend's sister just died of the flu. 😞 She was only 43, began symptoms on Wednesday night, and was gone by Saturday morning. The coroner spoke at length with my friend and confirmed this is the worst year he has seen in a long time.
  4. I don't have any advice regarding MM, but I just wanted to say that my daughter went straight from R&S 6 to pre-algebra. She is taking an online class that uses the Lial text and is having a great year!
  5. We are actually in Okracoke right now! We love it - so beautiful, with quiet beaches, and we can bike everywhere. We enjoy and recommend Edwards of Okracoke. It is not on the water, but has easy access to everything. The rooms are pretty standard, but have various options of bed arrangements, depending on family size. What we particularly like is that our room has its own private screened porch and faces a courtyard....I think it is the "bungalow" area of the hotel...
  6. Oh, these are good things to know. Thanks! And yes, our class is a full year as well. I'm hoping that would make BCM more manageable?
  7. Hello again! I'm still trying to figure out math for next year, wanting my DD to be ready for pre-algebra in 7th. DD is wrapping up her 5th-grade year, finishing off in Singapore 5A. There is a local opportunity for her to take a live class in Lial's Basic College Mathematics next year, her 6th-grade year. My question is: Would she be ready/be able to handle Lial's BCM after finishing Singapore 5A? Thanks for your help!
  8. A thousand times, YES! One thousand pages of rambling misery.
  9. LOL - you pegged me there. I am, indeed, a compulsive box checker. :closedeyes: I also think I'm just plain scared....I feel like we are entering big-game homeschool territory, and I can't help but wonder, ARE WE READY? Thank you sooooo much for the link to the pre-algebra thread!
  10. Well, that is encouraging. I hate to have 6B dangling out there, somewhere in outer space, unfinished. But it is very encouraging to hear that it may be enough. I'll need to look at the scope and sequences. Thank you for the heads up re: the spiral format of LiveOnlineMath. I could see that working very well for my youngest DD, but maybe not my soon-to-be-6th grader.
  11. Hello! I feel strange posting on the Logic Stage board - surely we aren't there yet!? I didn't get many responses to my question on the K-8 board, so I'm going to try over here as well. We are wrapping up my DD's 5th grade year, and will have finished Singapore 4B/5A. I want her to be prepared for Pre-Algebra in 7th and wonder which path to take. If we were to continue on with Singapore 5B/6A, will DD be ready?? Or should we go another route? Part of me is tempted to have DD take LiveOnlineMath's Pre-Pre-Algebra class, or to use another curriculum's full 6th-grade year, instead the half-way mark we are at with Singapore. But a PP wisely stated why change curriculum if I don't have to? Especially when we will be changing for Pre-Alg. Anybody have experience with this type of transition? Any advice is much appreciated!
  12. Thank you for the reassurance. :) I think I will take your advice and also ask on the Logic board.
  13. I might be able to squeeze in 6B, but knowing our track record, maybe not. I don't want the feeling of always being behind and needing to cram extra into our week. Sigh, but I wonder if that is what I have to do? That is why I'm tempted to switch to another program to just have a rounded 6th grade year. Arg...but maybe that makes no sense....as the PP said, why change programs only to do so again in another year? Or, Kateingr, does finishing through 6A really prepare for Pre-algebra? If I ensured understanding of fractions? Have others followed this path? Actually, doesn't the WTM Academy use part of Singapore 6 in its Pre-algebra course? Does that mean we are okay? Thank you for the thoughts!
  14. We are wrapping up my daughter's 5th grade and will have finished Singapore 4B/5A. What do I do for 6th grade? I want to use the next year to ensure DD is ready for pre-algebra in 7th, and am wondering the best way to go about it. I could continue with Singapore 5B, but then what? If I started 6A, would she be left dangling? With topics uncovered? Do I use 5B and then follow unit studies to tie up loose ends, like the Key to... series? Or do I use a completely different curriculum altogether? Aak! Any advice? Thanks!!!!
  15. Does anyone have experience with these offerings? If so, what did you think? I'm trying to find some sort of fellowship and niche in the homeschool world, but have been having a bit of a tough time. Do folks get to know each other at the Homeschool Campus? I actually do better when we don't have too many items on our schedule, but the girls love the social outlet and I would really like the support with other homeschool moms. And Science 2 U just sounds neat! Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  16. We are big fans of Gareth Hinds here. He's created graphic novels for The Odyssey, Beowulf, Shakespeare, etc. My daughter LOVES them. Warning, though - the graphics are descriptive of the violent stories being told (i.e. Cyclops munching on men...) and might be too much for sensitive folk.
  17. Ah - Memoria might not be the best fit then. First Form is full of recitation, charts, and such.
  18. This is what I do! Minus the BJU. I use Singapore and VP Self-Paced History, but everything else in MP. I might throw in some extra science units as well, and I should check out that BJU Science Rec. Anyway, OP, MP + VP Self Paced has been WONDERFUL! I am loving my boxed MP. It is rigorous, the bases are covered, and we have found it enjoyable. I tweek the amount of writing required, to allow for more discussion, and it has worked out beautifully.
  19. Memoria now offers a classical pronunciation CD, if that helps. We aren't too far into First Form, so I don't yet know how ecclesiastical it's focus might get, though. So far, it seems like a basic Latin intro.
  20. We were just like you. We spent about 6-8 months using Latin Prep and reached a point where we needed more repetition/review. I loved (love) the humor in Latin Prep, and the translation work as well, but we felt lost - even using the workbook. Anyway, we switched to First Form Latin. I thought we would be bored with the repetition, but instead we feel much more confident. We really like it. I do keep Latin Prep on hand, though, to have fun with translation.
  21. When it comes time for the spelling test, I use the words to form a story about my two daughters. This has become a favorite for the girls, as they are eager to find out what happens to them each week. One child was chased by trolls, while another wandered a lonely road and consumed brussels sprouts along the way, LOL. :)
  22. I'm planning to sign my daughter up for the VP Self-Paced Online Middle Ages and have a quick question. Once lessons are completed, is it possible to go back and watch them again? I'm assuming work can't be redone, as the program is graded. BUT, I'd love to personally watch the lesson and might not be able to alongside my daughter. It is possible to re-watch at a later time/date? Thanks!
  23. Thank you. There is probably a list of online Latin programs on this board - I should go hunt! My goal is to reach AP Latin.
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