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  1. Must be in the air. One of our grown (not yet self sufficient😩) just sat us down to share our parent fails. A lot of same exact scenario...choices they made that we didn't "force" them to do or undo. Because yes, I could sit on you, hold your hand/pencil and help you write each thing!😨 (or take each step in running, dance, etc) Are there fails in our parenting? Yes. Were they malicious? No. Doing the best we could with what we had factoring in 7 people not including the aging parents, 3 moves in 3 years, the I hope to live long enough to see each of my people realize that parenting is about so much more than each one of them.
  2. OMGosh! I forgot Sunday Gulch. DS13 will tell you BEST EVER!
  3. Another vote for Harney Peak! Great hike even for kids.
  4. The store I bought them at has a 60 day return policy so I'll have to go through Teva. I will try another phone call. I thought a picture with receipt should be enough.
  5. Anyone have the Velcro come off the straps of their Tevas? Purchased in the spring and worn maybe 15 days. Apparently the only way they deal with them is if I ship them back & they evaluate which could take 3 weeks. By the time I mail them & hear back it will be August😞.
  6. Thanks, everyone. Some of these books I have heard of, others, not.
  7. As a very newly married adult(before Google, though I don't know that Google is a great idea) I had some questions. As "generally" as I knew how I asked a married(10 yrs) friend for advice. I was incredibly vague. She totally shut down. Obviously we don't talk about "that." That struggle with tEa persisted for years because, who do you talk to about it? My dd and her peers are starting to get married. Where do we direct these young ladies when they have questions?
  8. I have averaged 2,000 a month in the 14 months since we bought our new van in Feb 2018.
  9. Nike Alpha something. Way too much $$$ (find coupon/sale) Easy to get off after exercise and pads are not removable.
  10. Thanks for the info. I couldn't help but wonder why they seem to be showing up more often. Especially in my "older" friends posts.
  11. if any, in answering those questions on Facebook that seem so innocent. Such as--There are no cities that have an e in their name or The English language has only one word that has long oo sound-good. People seem very quick to prove this wrong or that they know many city names that have an e. Or correct by answering hood. What could the original poster gain by people answering?
  12. This. As much as I hate it, I know enough parents with no healthcare, or deductibles so high, that a trip to the ER, for what ends up being nothing, is a major consideration.
  13. I see the difference when there is a lot of travel involved. This particular position= -5% travel. You mentioned again something that I have always seen in salaried positions-a high percentage of over 40 hour weeks. Yes, some shorter days over the year but mostly not. We want to word the policy in such a way that the job gets done, most hours at the office(public related job) vs remote. Before current person/generation this position was in the office consistent, regular hours M-F. Again, we don't want to be dinosaurs but change for the sake of change isn't on our agenda either. We're in the process of updating our policy manual, trying to plan for the future and cover bases, being general and specific. 😃
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