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  1. LOL! All good and helpful. I think the company does want to be compassionate and helpful and I think that is possible. Very small company, less than 15 people, so there is a natural compassion as well as a "we're small enough" we really can't have someone out multiple days a week for months (not sickness) and not feel it work wise, morale wise, decision wise. Concrete policy would help alleviate questions on both sides of the fence and prepare us for a future that might need to be more open to remote work.
  2. I know people who have tons of travel in their job description and have always wondered how they balance that with family/time off. When I had that kind of job I was single. This particular job description will never have extensive travel. RE:bolded This is what we're working on. We've never had to question whether someone was taking advantage or not. Most salaried workers tend towards too many hours not workers not doing the job.
  3. I like the "open to public hours" idea. That could possibly be started quickly. I also think you hit on another issue that might need to be spelled out. What kind of notice should be given for time off. Obviously you can't know when you'll be sick or have emergency but how much notice for non-sick/emergency times?
  4. Even this wording helps. I don't think anyone in meetings has mentioned tracking by day or 1/2 day. This would be a more concrete way to deal with multiple partial days.
  5. This is part of the position and the part of being a public position that we want to address. How this person can remain accessible to the public and yet still have time to get the paperwork done. As well as addressing the policy for sick/vacation/ personal time dilemma.
  6. I have had a job that more closely fits this description. The current position we're trying to nail down, policy/contract wise, has clear guidelines for the very minimal travel. There is no one on staff who can "fill in" for this position. The 'remote work' would be a new addition but no one is sure how that works/looks in a more public position. This is very much a 'dinosaur way meets 21st century' growth time.
  7. No rumors, nothing as tragic as this. I'm more in the scouting out how to word policy. Is exempt salary position better for this title? Would a contract be better? How do you handle all of this if the position is also a position that the public needs to come into contact with. (Not possible if person is home.)
  8. My other main question? How many times does someone use the "checked an email so I consider this a work day" days before it is considered that they aren't truly working for the company? That they are abusing that thought?
  9. This might answer part of my main question. What happens when someone has gone through all their vacation/sick/personal days early in the year?
  10. How often in a year, considering there are not a lot of 'overtime' hours asked of this person, is a "checking one e-mail day" acceptable as a full day of work?
  11. So checking one e-mail counts for a full day of work? What if you answer one email on vacation? Does that count as work day so you have another vacation day for later?
  12. re:bold So safe to say that if it is used once a week or a couple of times a month, you would have an issue? Understandably, you could see where employee morale would be affected?
  13. There is no "policy" on this for this business. Obviously that may need to be re-thought. I haven't been in the work force in quite some time and honestly never worked with anyone who treated their salaried position this way. What would constitute "abuse?" Once a week? Once a month? once a quarter?
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