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  1. Hey all! My son (11yo) will be entering a new phase of learning in the fall and while I have been able to piece things together (with local help) to meet our needs for elementary school, I feel the need to connect to the larger hive mind for more specific help for the pre-teen/junior high years. I will do a search on the topics that interest me but also wanted to post a few of the things that are really on my mind right now: 1. Is there anything I just shouldn't miss - something that saved your pre-teen homeschooling experience? A book, a weekly ritual, a rite of passage ceremony, an essentia
  2. I have decided to start with Grammar Island, then Practice Island. Then we will take a short break. I will start again with either Sentence Island or Building Language. I know I want to use Building Language and think it will pair nicely with our Ancient History studies next fall/winter/spring. Ds will also start an IEW writing class in the fall. Depending on how we feel at that point I will decide whether or not to skip SI. Does ds need some extra support in writing/implementing what he learned? Then SI followed by Killgallon. I can start Building Language later in the year while he does Kill
  3. sbgrace - YES! I am totally signing him up for an IEW class in the fall. There are a couple about 30 minutes from me that are taught by registered instructors. So I will be checking those out next week. I have already spoken with one of them and she recommends Level B to start. I think having a group of friends to present to will be fun for ds - he loves public speaking. :) I got both the TM and SB for Practice Island (I like having the answers and I can just photo copy the student pages for my second child). I see you are using Grammar Fix It - is that from IEW? How do you like it? Can it sta
  4. Poetry Tuesdays and Grammar Thursdays - HERE WE COME!!! :thumbup1:
  5. *Jessica*: Thanks for the input on Sentence Island - I think I will start without it and if it seems like we need more reinforcement I can always pick it up later. domestic_engineer: Thanks for your thoughts on Building Language and the reminder that gentle is a good place to start (for me as well as the kids). I am feeling inspired to start this summer so keeping it light will be nice. Thanks also for mentioning Killgallon's sentence composing. Tell me more! How old were your kids when you used it? What did you love about it? Jackie: I LOVE the white board idea and look forward to th
  6. Oh gosh! I forgot! I wanted to ask do I need teacher's manuals or student books for every subject. Their website says The teacher manuals in the series always include the student book plus special boxes that provide tips and further questions for the teacher Does this mean that a separate student book is included or simply that the INFORMATION in the student book is included in the teacher manual? Here is my plan so far: Grammar Island - Teacher Manual only - I will type and print the sentences they need to label, unless a separate student book is included. Practice Island - 1 Teacher
  7. Grammar island gives you a good start in looking at someone else's writing. Sentence Island gives you things to think about in your own writing. As far as time goes, we just work through one book at a time. (Except practice island, which we keep doing a few sentences from each week). I found each one takes about 6-8 weeks to get through. TriciaT: These comments were very helpful. And it is nice to know that learning to write poetry could be just the ticket for igniting a child's passion for writing. You sound like a conscientious parent, trust your instincts! LMD: This actually made me
  8. Hello all! I am researching MCT Grammar Island. It looks right up our alley. I plan to purchase it and Practice Island. It seems like a beautiful way to introduce the basic grammar concepts. I will also purchase Building Language as I love the emphasis on Latin and it dovetails nicely with the fact that we are studying ancient history next year. But I am undecided about Sentence Island and Music of the Hemispheres. I welcome your thoughts. Here are mine: Sentence Island Sentence Island seems to focus on subject/predicate stuff, which is covered nicely in Grammar Island. So I am not su

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    I am looking for the following All About Reading Level 1 materials: Teachers Manual Student Activity Book Run, Bug, Rub (and the other two readers as well if you have them) Adventures in Reading with the Zigzag Zebra PM me or email me directly at reesecoli@yahoo.com Thanks!



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    I am looking for Artistic Pursuits book 1 for K-3rd grade. I can pay with paypal. Email me at reesecoli@yahoo.com or pm me.



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    I am looking for History Odyssey Ancients Level 1 please! Thanks! reesecoli@yahoo.com



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    I am looking for: Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4, 5, and 6 English Lessons Through Literature Levels 1 and 2 A Child's Copybook Reader from Simply Charlotte Mason Volumes 1, 2, and 3 Email me at reesecoli@yahoo.com Thank you! Reese


  13. reesecoli

    Wtb: Aas 3


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    Looking for All About Spelling Level 3 Teacher's Manual and possibly student materials as well......email me at reesecoli@yahoo.com. Thanks!


  14. Are the Teacher Guide and Student Guide necessary, helpful, needed for all three Story of Science Books? Trying to decide if I should get them for the Aristotle Leads the Way book. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! Reese
  15. Has anyone used this science curriculum (chemistry and physical science for k-8) or heard anything about it? Inquiry in Action: http://www.inquiryinaction.org/ Thanks! Reese
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