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  1. Thanks so much everyone! I'm not sure where we'll be exactly. We're still figuring that part out.
  2. Thanks! I know the area has a large homeschooling community and an AMAZING homeschool store, but that's all I've got. It took me about 2 years to really get into the homeschooling community in Charleston, and now we're moving again! I don't want to spend another year finding the homeschoolers. =)
  3. We're moving to the Raleigh-Durham area in a few months and I need help! I'd really like to find a co-op or resource group to help me out. I have a 6th grader, 2nd grader, and 3yr old. I know Classical Conversations is big in that area, and I'd done CC before, but it's just not my favorite. If it's all I can find, I'll probably go for it though. Can anyone point me to some websites or groups in that area? I need some help and accountability so any information would be greatly appreciated!
  4. We actually started last week. Some things came up at the last minute (doesn't it always?) and I almost decided to push off a week or do a lighter load, but we stuck with it and did a full load all week. In the past when I've tried to ease into it, our year never goes well. This year, we are DOING IT! ***Battle cry*** If starting off light works for you, then you should do it! It just doesn't work well for me so we're pushing through the interruptions.
  5. Ooh! I went there once! I was visiting a friend in Raleigh and she insisted we go. It was a beautiful, magical place. =)
  6. Seriously. Thank you. With a 5th grader, 1st grader, and newly turned 3 yr old, I have had the hardest time this year. Your post was exactly what I needed to see.
  7. Of course not! Coconut oil cures everything! :tongue_smilie: Just kidding. I'm no help.
  8. The biggest thing that helped my dh was having to pack up his mother's house when she moved. She could. not. get rid of anything. She's a hoarder. When we were halfway through loading the moving truck, he found me in a room packing, gave me a hug, and whispered "I'm getting rid of my junk. I don't want anyone to have to do this for me."
  9. It is a financial based scholarship. This is a private organization and they give out their own scholarships. The tuition is to pay the tutors and for materials. They simply offer classes once a week and give assignments for the rest of the week. I've done Classical Conversations in the past, but it wasn't a great fit. Thanks for everyone's input. We're in a strange position where everything is changing in the next couple of months. Once everything settles down, we'll know much better how we stand.
  10. I'd go to a doctor to rule out any kidney issues, uti, etc.
  11. I hate this for your dh, but I think option 3 is best. Having done the separation thing for a job, I can tell you that it is NOT easy. We were not cut out for it at all. If he were younger with no kids, it would be completely different. However, if he can't get the degree he needs, he'll never make it long at a college. Even with a phd, I've read that it's not easy to find and keep a position. I do feel badly for your dh though.
  12. It's for a homeschool resource center. Tuition includes books. They go once a week to go over their lessons and assignments, then they get a week's worth of assignments to work on throughout the rest of the week. It will get some structure that ds and I both need. After the way this school year has gone, it's this or enrolling him in school. He's a great student, but he needs to be pushed, and I need someone to just tell me what to do for a little while.
  13. What kind of financial situation would make you consider applying for a homeschool resource if it's something that you really need to be able to continue homeschooling? I've always felt it should be a last resort, and scholarships should be for people that can't participate without it. I'm not sure if we're in that boat yet, but we might be. We won't know until after the choice has already been made. Even if we don't apply or receive a scholarship and things stay the way we'd like, we'll still be tight. So what do you think?
  14. Fellow slug here. We've had a lot of upheaval and stress in the last week and a half, plus a busy schedule, and a lot of rain. I'm doing good to stay awake.
  15. But that's exactly what the sil isn't doing. She made plans with her friends for dinner. If she cancels with them to do the family thing, she's canceling for a "better offer." I do this all the time, but it's because I'm running through my calendar in my head. Our job is to plan events so we have a busy schedule. It's never to be rude or boastful. It's more like, "Let's see, dh is working this weekend, we've got an event on this day, we have another event on this day, but we're free on these days!" It sounds more like a personality difference. Or else I'm extremely rude and had no idea! :laugh:
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