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  1. Thank you for posting about the sale and thanks for the code to save even more!! I would never of known about either of these. :001_smile:
  2. Thank you both. That's exactly what I needed. I really think those both can help her DD.
  3. My friend's DD is having difficulty memorizing the multiplication tables. I thought I remember a discussion about a fun book that helped kids memorize these? If anybody has a clue as to what I am talking about please let me know. Thanks.
  4. I have told my daughter that she is in Kindergarten because she gets asked by people young and old all the time. She is doing first grade work for most of her subjects but she turned 6 in September so in some states she would be in first grade. Now my second daughter was born in August so they are almost three years apart in age but will be only two years apart in school because the cut off is August 31. This should not bug me because I will let them work at whatever level they are ready for but it still does. I may just tell my youngest that she is in K when she is 6.
  5. I am so glad you posted this. Especially on this board because I don't go to the general board. I have been frustrated lately by homeschool questions and most of them have been asked kindly and I think with good intent but I just don't have all the answers or time to explain it all. My oldest child is 6. I have not figured everything out through highschool. Testing! Do they get tested? How do you know if they are learning, right after telling me how amazed they are at how well my dd is reading. Well, she is reading so I thought that was a good sign. The thing that amazes me is the amount of people who think the public schools or the state send us materials to use. I have a variety of reasons for homeschooling but one of the biggest is I don't like what they use. Ok now I am starting my own rant and that is not what I wanted to do. I do feel a little better though. I don't want to sound irritated when I respond to people who are usually just curious and asking questions in a friendly way. Oh and my husband was the one who got me started on homeschooling too. Glad to see there are others here. To the OP, I hope you got some of your frustrations out. I am sorry you are still being made to feel this way after four years. Keep up the great work!
  6. I just finished reading that book. I was surprised that the US teachers were teaching without the zeros because I was taught to put the zeros in. However, I was in grade school in the '70's so maybe that is why? Either way very interesting book.
  7. I am considering using this for next year also. :bigear:
  8. I am trying to contact elemental science about the Intro to Science program. I tried to use the contact us form they provide but I am not able to get it to work. I can't get past the image verification. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Anyway, I am looking for another way to contact them. If you can help please let me know. Thanks!
  9. I love the directions it takes us in that I didn't expect or never would of planned. I love that it can be short or long depending on what's going on and interest level. I love that I decided to make it work for me this year not the other way around which means we do not HAVE to read the book five times. Most of all I love how much my girls remember from it. They don't remember everything but what they do remember they know well. We all have good memories of most of the books covered. I love how FIAR seems to make her interest in learning soar like nothing else has. I love that I can choose from multiple activities / discussions and not be stuck with just one thing. I love that I was able to check out volume one from the library to know if it was right for me or not. It is not right for everyone. You asked what was loved about the curriculum and those are some of the things I love. There are things that I didn't like too but not enough for me to stop using it. Also my daughter begged to do it again this year. :001_smile: This all may not be the specifics that you were looking for but I hope it was helpful anyways.
  10. I was already convinced after my thread last week about first grade math frustrations now I really can't wait for payday to get here!!! I had no idea you could do so much with them.
  11. We are reading Poppy by Avi. My dd6 is really enjoying it.
  12. I just wanted to say thanks again for all of the suggestions. Next payday I will order some c-rods. Until then we will play the games. Today we worked from a workbook that we had not finished last year and she was very happy. Thanks so much everyone. Halcyon, I would be interested in the number bod lapbook if you want to share it. Thanks.
  13. Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions. I have been wanting to buy c-rods anyways so now I definitly will. I will also try the other suggestions as well. I really helps me though just to know she is not the only one. She loves to add all the time but just gets hung up on that type of problem. Also, sorry it took me so long to reply. I managed to lock myself out of my account and just figured out how to fix it. One more thing, what is a good amount of cuisenaire rods to have? I have one dd6 and one dd3 who HAS to do everything dd6 does.
  14. Has anyone's child ever has troubles with math problems like 1+?=2. My dd is doing great with addition but she is gettin hung up on these each time they come up. I give her beans or anything available to work the problem out. She is able to do I but o don't think she is understanding what she is doing at all. We are using MM 1A and it is coming up over and over. Also, dd just turned 6 in Sept so maybe she is just not ready. Should I just keep plugging along and she will get it eventually?
  15. We just started volume 3 and our first row is The Salamander Room. My daughter really loves the book and everything we have done. We should finish tomorrow.
  16. We just finished Pocahontas and the Strangers and Cabin in the Snow. Next we will start Our Kansas Home. Also listening to These Happy Golden Years in the car. We have been listening to the Little house series this whole summer in the car and my daughter and I keep trying to find reasons to go somewhere in the car so we can listen to more. :001_smile:
  17. :001_smile: So glad to hear about your great first day. Storm in the Night was the second book we did last school year. Reading about your first day makes me want to do it again! Have a great time in your continued adventures with FIAR.
  18. I agree with others about it depending on your style and your daughter. We are going to do another year of FIAR but we are also doing Intro to Science and American Adventures from Elemental History. We don't need to add these to FIAR but my dd wanted something more. We just started today so and so far so good. With FIAR you do need to add math and phonics.
  19. OP, that you so much for posting this and thank you to all the responses. I have been going through a similar crisis lately and reading this thread really helps. :001_smile:
  20. I have not seen this yet. Wow! Thank you for sharing.
  21. My dd will be 6 in mid September and officially K this August. This will be our second year of hsing though. She was ready to start some things last fall so we have been doing school just slow as she was ready for it. I am going to have to get more creative about including my youngest this year. She will be 3 and wants to do EVERYTHING big sister is doing. I am glad to see I am not the only one with a K'er who turns 6 in Sept.
  22. I have both. I taught preschool for many years before I had children and I often used Story Stretchers. I would check your library to see if they have it so you can look at it see if you like it. Many libraries have it. I used BFIAR with my daughter last summer when she was 4. Many of the books used are the same so when I made my plans I took ideas from both books. I found that the ideas in Story Stretchers, and More Story Stretchers did not work at well at home as they did in the classroom situation. I would imagine Story Stretchers would work well for a co-op. If I remember correctly there is also a version of Story Stretchers for Toddlers that may be better for the younger end of your group but I have not seen that so I may be wrong. Also, when I used Story Stretchers I used it with 3 and 4 yr olds. I hope this helps.
  23. I voted FIAR but I have never used SL or HOD. I use the SL catalog as a reading list and get the books from the library. I was amazed at how much we covered with FIAR this last year and we will be using it again for a second year. My daughter loved all the extra books I got from the library to go along with each week. The only thing she really, really did not like was reading the book of the week over and over. I finally gave up on reading it every day and just pointed out the part in the book that was being referenced. Also we only did 19 books this year. Some books lasted weeks and other weeks we did non-Fiar unit studies.
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