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  1. I must be missing something very simple. In the Miquon yellow book page E-52 on the bottom table I cannot figure out the final column. I understand the rest of the table but the final column has no number at all in it. I don't see a pattern in the numbers either.


    Thanks for any help you can give. My daughter and I are lost.

  2. My girls and I love FIAR. I started with my oldest when she was five and she has wanted to continue it every year. Both of them remember more from FIAR than anything else. We also do SOTW but just at a slower pace. We use the activity book with SOTW and the work pages. Some chapters we do the activities and some we don't. We like having a variety of things. That is what works for us. The challenging part is finding out what works for your family.

  3. My dd took the first grade Terra Nova test last year and she did just fine. It was her first experience with testing so she was a bit nervous but ended up having fun with it. I do not remember what was on the science and social studies sections but it was mostly basic stuff. I just received 2nd grade and looked over it. Even though it covers things we have not studied in history (because we are doing SOTW) I think she will do fine. I hope this helps.

  4. We do FIAR and SOTW. We may not need it but my girls love them both and are learning from them both. We did not get all the way through vol 1 of SOTW this year but who cares. We will just keep going. As far as the projects from the activity book goes, we do them occasionally. We always do the coloring page because they LOVE them. I know what you mean about not being a slave to curriculum. I realized that at one point (and continue to learn it over and over) and it has our school so much better.

  5. My daughter is a rising 2nd grader and I wanted to buy one of these for her. I bought the older version based on Hunter's positive praise for it. I also checked out from the library the newer version so I could compare the two. From just glancing at them I thought my daughter would like the newer version better. I was wrong! She loved the older version because it has real pictures not drawings and has been reading it for fun since it arrived. I was going to use it during the school year but she is enjoying it so much now I am just letting her go. She keeps writing short summaries of the history section and calling them book reports. I had no idea she would love it so much. Thanks Hunter!

  6. We love FIAR! We started it when my oldest had just turned 5 and we plan to continue this year also. She will be 7 in September. My youngest is just starting B4FIAR and so happy. Although she joined in on so much of the books that I did with my oldest that I was amazed what she was learning when I wasn't even trying to teach her. At the end of the school year I asked her what she liked and didn't like about school. She liked everything but FIAR was by far her favorite. The first year I did it I added extras to the lessons but this last year I kept it simple and we enjoyed it even more. I have found that what they learn with FIAR really stays with them. We have the recipe book and even though we don't use it every time we enjoy the ones we do. I highly recomend it.

  7. Oh good. My daughter loves the rods so I was hoping to use those. Also, I will be combining Singapore with Miquon so I am thinking the rods will tie the two programs together nicely. Plus, I do have a set of multi-link cubes from when I used to teach preschool and the ones I have are very hard to snap together or take apart. I also recently found a set of the flats for $1 at a used homeschool sale. The girls are loving those. Thanks.


    OP, sorry for hijacking your thread.

  8. I am using Elemental History this year with my DD6 (turned 6 in sept) and my DD 3 tags along. It has gone quite well. We do not do the copy work. They both have really enjoyed it and the suggested read alouds have been very good. Some weeks were more interesting than others to them but they each have had a good time and learned quite a bit. The history stories that are part of the program are short so the girls don't lose interest. The projects that we do to go with it offer a good variety of things to do too. I could see them bith getting even more out of it if we did it the upcomming year instead. They will be 7 and 4. Hope that helps.

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