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  1. My mother (floral designer) and one of my aunts (wedding coordinator) have bride stories. You'd be amazed at what some brides expect of friends and family. And I've personally known a few brides who do this kind of thing.
  2. What has she got planned? One or two bridal shops for a couple of hours each or is she going to every. freaking. shop. there is in her area so she can play pretty pretty princess dress up doll diva? I've known those brides who do to half a dozen shops. I would suck it up for 1-2 at 1.5 -2 hours each, but I would not do more than that. Sorry, Princess. If you didn't get playing dress up out of your system by the time you're an adult, it's not my job to oooh and aaahh while you attempt to fill any emotional voids from childhood.
  3. That's terrible! What on earth kind of good does she think she's doing by baptizing without consent!?!?
  4. I've only once been asked by a stranger to do so. It was at a bed and breakfast and one elderly couple asked if it would be OK with everyone there if they prayed before the meal and when we all said that was fine with us, they asked if it would be OK to pray for my baby because I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest. I was fine with that. Back then I wasn't as cautious as I am now. To be completely honest, I would be extremely wary of a stranger offering to pray with me now outside of a church setting because who knows what kind of whackadoo they could be. Are they going to command pennies to walls in faith? Who do they say Jesus is? The same as who I say he is? Who knows! I would respond with, "That's kind, but no thank you." My husband has a few extended relatives and I have a former SIL who are heretical nutjobs once you get to know them that I wouldn't want to be associated with in any way spiritually. Seeeerious nutjobs. I'm talking about the kind of whackadoo pseudo-Christian nonsense that results in being arrested if the authorities find out about it, so I've learned to be cautious. (Their teen and young adult children have chosen not to press charges.) I have a former pastor who is now completely off the deep end in awful ways that I wouldn't want having anything to do with spiritually. He actually needs to be committed to a mental health facility long term and his wife needs years of intensive counseling. No more wildcards for me. If I don't know you fairly well I'm not going to let you pray with/for me publicly. I've been asked by random stranger Mormons on bicycles if there was anything I needed help with that they could do for me. I said, "That's kind, but no thank you." Yes, I pray for people, sometimes strangers, but I pray silently "on the hoof" when I'm out and about. I have no problem praying out loud over a meal in a restaurant if the person I'm with says something like, "Shall we pray?" I say, "Sure, do you want to pray? If not, I'm glad to do it."
  5. If he really does want to learn a particular trade can he meet some people who do that for a living? Can he go to their place of work and observe from after school (when he gets out a noon) to the end of the work day at a few places? Talking to men who already do what he wants to do might be exactly the point of view he needs. (If we were talking about a female I'd encourage her to meet with women who do that.) They'll tell him what he should do to get where they are. Honestly, every parent should be pushing this for a kid that has an idea about what field they want to be in. I went to a mediocre public high school that required an English class paper that researched a field you were interested in. You had to interview at least 1 person who was currently in that field, either in person or over the phone and you had find out what education path got you there. And let's not forget that for a kid who decided while still in high school that they're interested in a specific trade, it's not so unusual to lose interest in classes that aren't directly related to that, as stated upthread by Mergath. Not that substance abuse can't be involved, but I wouldn't go there right away because a teenager was unmotivated at the end of high school. It's not his fault that the standard American public education isn't like some European countries that has high quality trade skills instruction during the high school years.
  6. Can he just enroll in the cc finish high school classes (if they have them) and then start the trade classes? He may be more motivated if he's in an adult learning environment and in a way that seems more directly related to his future plans. (I have to take these high school classes at the cc, then I can start my trade school classes. ) Not everyone responds well to the stupid frivolities (sports games, dances, clubs) of high school or high school teen culture. Many ccs are doing orientations this time of year, so getting him to one might help with motivation. Can he do online classes? 2 classes should be very doable very quickly. Sometimes those are a good way for students who know what they want to do to knock out the last few academic classes without having to go to a high school campus. My niece did this when she was pregnant the last half of her senior year. She ended up only 1 semester behind her peers, which isn't a big deal. I would've connected school performance and my part of the car payments much earlier. We phrase things like, "We don't pay for people not pulling their own weight. You can take the bus high school." Either he uses the work money for his car while he fails or jumps through the high school graduation hoops and keeps his money from his job to spend as he likes. But I also would've allowed online options, cc dual enrollment options, etc.
  7. "And Jesus said, 'Go into all the world commanding coins against walls.l..'" Um, no. "And Jesus said, 'If you love me you'll stick coins to walls...'" Nope. "And Jesus picked up a coin and said, "Render unto the wall what is the wall's..." Nuh uh. "And the disciples went out two by two through faith sticking coins to walls...." Nope. Can't think of any examples of believers doing little tricks in NT. Those who did perform supernatural acts physically healed people, cast out demons, or had supernatural abilities to speak understand earthly languages they never studied to spread the gospel message. When the coin sticking bunch manages to heal someone, they can let me know. When they are in a situation without an interpreter and need to preach a sermon in someone else's native language, I'd love to hear about it. When someone is not responding to psychiatric meds and participates in self-harm and hears voices and the coin bunch prays, fasts, and verbally command it to leave and it does, I'm all ears. Until then, I'm not impressed by their pointless acts of propping up pennies. What to say to the kids? Well I'd be honest and direct, "I don't see any biblical precedent for anything like that. Jesus gave us lots of commands about living our faith, but that wasn't one of them."
  8. I was assuming a neurotypical child. I don't pretend to know what to do in that situation with a non-neurotypical child. Hang in there.
  9. I have very good executive function but I don't multi-task well. In the situation you're describing I would have done the following: 1. I would've been very assertive with my large, loud family like I always am and yelled at first to say, "Hey everybody! Steve! You too! Trav! TRacie! Sorry to interrupt, guys, but I need your attention for just a minute!" Then, when I had everyone's attention I would say, " Everybody, this is my friend Jane. Jane, this is everyone. Don't worry, I won't make you learn all their names. " They would all have waved and said hi and someone would've joked about the chaos. 2. Then I would've turned to Jane and said, "Feel free to get yourself a drink and have a seat while I get the kids off." If anyone else tried to talk to me at the same time I would've continued to make eye contact with Jane, but put my right hand up with my index finger pointed up in "wait a minute" gesture to acknowledge that I know I need to get to them, but they'll have to wait a minute. 3. Then I would've talked to whatever adult needed info from me. Again, ready to give the "wait a minute gesture" to anyone else trying to talk to me while I was already talking to someone. 4. After that was all settled I would say what I always say to my kid about to walk out the door, "What do you need to take with you? Do you have that/them?" If they don't I'd say, "Go get it." If they do then I say my goodbyes. "Bye, honey. (Hug) Have a great time! Love you!" Note* If life happened and I missed giving a kid love before they walked out the door and they called me upset about it, I would be having conversations when the kid is at home about different ways to show love and how just because the one step in the ritual didn't happen, it's no reason to go to pieces. In life things fall through cracks and we need enough emotional resilience to carry on contentedly when they do. We can know someone loves us even though they didn't say so or get that hug in this time.
  10. What country and century are you living in that this is a thing? The modern western world isn't status or hierarchically ordered. The only circumstance I can think of where someone in our time and country would view anything through the lens of status is cult. Is there a category I'm not aware of? American culture, in general, is egalitarian. We don't operate in a world where people are above being questioned. I'm curious to know your location and religion/denomination now, but you're not obliged give that kind of information out. Grown ups should be emotionally able to handle the fact that there are differences in people. That poem is meaningful to some people. It's too sappy and simplistic for my personal tastes, but I can certainly manage to be at someone's house with it on the wall and not be the slightest bit bothered by it. I go to the houses of Mormons that have Joseph Smith on the wall, and even though his theology contradicts mine on almost every major issue, I have accepted invitations to those homes without making any literal or figurative comments about them taking down those pictures. I don't roll my eyes when I see them either. I had a Hindu neighbor who had pictures of some of her gods on the wall at her house. I never made comments about those either. The world doesn't accommodate our personal tastes. It never has. It never will. Especially in someone else's home. This is something we all manage to figure out by the time we're adults. Those who ignore this reality are delusional. The person you're talking about is a serious piece of work who needs some sort of correction or rebuke for their attitude.
  11. Mine are on loan to one of my pastors and his wife: the main book, study guide and the journal, so I can't look at them for a detailed comparison. Now we're going to rely on my peri-menopausal brain to reconstruct some of it while looking at my bookshelf. (Wish me luck.) The journal was more in depth about personal application and reflection. Since I swim at the part of the evangelical end of the Christian pool, which isn't known for it's depth in the areas covered in the book, I have little to no experience to really write about, and I'm not a journaler by nature anyway, so I put that aside to do after I completed the study guide and the additional reading and practiced for a year or two. It's always good to come back and review and that's what I have planned for the journal. I think the journal would work well for people are natural jouranalers and those who want to clarify their thoughts on the topics in their everyday lives. I had a need to know what each discipline was and how each discipline worked, so I went to the regular study guide and its recommended reading first. The study guide was more general discussion type questions because some people have used it as a group study. The thing I love most about it is the list of further reading. There are classic works on each discipline. I picked at least one of each. It looks like this for me: Celebration of Discipline chapter topic/Classic work on that same topic listed in the study guide's recommended reading list Living a spirit filled life/ Practicing His Presence by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach and Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Because I just couldn't decide between them.) Study/The Christian Mind by Harry Blamires and Renewing the Christian Mind by Dallas Willard (Again, I couldn't decide.) Prayer/ Prayer by O. Hallesby. Confession/The Joy Filled Life by M. Basilea Schlink. Service/Improving Your Serve by Chuck Colson Fasting/ God's Chosen Fast (Hhhmmm, must've loaned that out too.) Meditation/Meditation by Jim Downing Body Life (or something like that)/Life Together by Dietrich Boenhoffer Guidance/Knowing God's Will by M. Blaine Smith I just finished the Mediation book this week. There are more. I'm not in a hurry. I just wanted to really understand things in depth before I moved on to the next thing, which not everyone is going to want or need to do. I've been at it for a year and a half now and probably have at least another 6 months to go, which is fine with me.
  12. Youngest is making these sheep cupcakes:
  13. Celebration of Discipline regular study guide workbook journal
  14. I wouldn't save anything for my daughters to homeschool their own kids. Each homeschooling parent, child, and family dynamic is unique, so each homeschooling parent should choose their own based on those factors. I saved the children's books I loved to read to my own kids so that I can read them to my future grandkids, if I have any. I make no assumptions. I saved some lapbooks and notebooks we made from completed assignments for my own sentimental reasons, not for someone else to use. I let people leaf through them we when I do workshops on planning the year out ahead of time or designing your own unit studies. I have a couple of years left and I'm sure some of what I still have will be culled again when I retire.
  15. I graduated from high school in 1991. I had several friends on BC for complexion issues. I had several friends on them for contraception. I had several friends on them for cycle regulation. So....I'm not sure what's shocking about lots of teens being on BC pills.
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