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  1. Second video didn't link above. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc83VCVyWrk
  2. My favorite cow humor: I vote Sissy, Belle, or Bernice (from the second video.)
  3. You don't have to match the season with your clothes, you need to match the weather. Your last sentence seems to indicate you're considering not attending a wedding you're willing and able to attend over not having dresses of certain hues. You need winter weight dresses and hose for winter temperatures and you have them. I'd have my kids wear winter dresses and coats, a clear inexpensive poncho, and galoshes. I'd definitely take a change of winter clothes for everyone too.
  4. And as the girlfriend or the wife every.single. person in my close social network took me aside and asked, "Which eye am I supposed to look at? I can't figure it out." Then I had to explain that he has monocular vision, not binocular vision; one eye is for close and the other is for farther away, so it changes depending on how far away someone is. Splitting the difference and looking at the top of his nose was the easiest thing to do if they're worried about it, but they really don't have to worry about it, he isn't bothered by it at all. And people would be chatting about something and
  5. Train wreck seems a little generous to me. I was thinking more dumpster fire. Trains are engineering marvels, dumpsters hold garbage. (By garbage I mean their behaviors, not social status.)
  6. Shouldn't someone teaching kindergarten be able to grasp how troubling dramatically altered appearances are to young children? The burden is not on the young children to deal with the disturbing feelings, the burden is on the adults to minimize any unnecessary disturbing situations. If your appearance is so potentially disturbing to young children that they need to get used to you to get over it, you really don't belong around a group of young children. Also, from a evolutionary/hard-wiring point of view, humans are designed to be alarmed when we can't identify where someone is looking, and m
  7. So is he able to grasp that he's a good kid but sometimes does bad or hurtful things?
  8. Yes, sometimes people's interpretation of advice can be very different than what was actually said and sometimes people lie. That doesn't change the fact the person giving advice needs to have a more realistic view of the world and offer what they would do with detachment from whether or not advice is taken and applied as given. Advisers should simply them what they would do and leave it at that with no expectations. Or they should stop giving advice if detachment isn't something a potential adviser can muster for whatever reason.
  9. For my older two (who are married, no kids) we're getting them each: insulated food backpack outdoor picnic recipe book hammock for 2 adults with bug netting screen Youngest (15) is probably getting: a small photo printer photo book photo paper and ink art supplies anime posters We celebrate Jolabokaflod, so everyone will tell me what book they want and what treats they want in their stockings on Christmas Eve. We're kicking around the idea of matching llama shirts and jammy pants. (Middle daughter's idea.) "You're getting a llama" has been our cover story for Chris
  10. Why do people expect people who ask for advice to follow it? Seriously, we all hear all kinds of advice all the time. Do we follow all the advice we're given? No. Sometimes we follow what one of our sources advises and sometimes we don't follow any of the voices advising us. It's a big world with lots of different points of view. Some people are just out there getting a range of advice so they know what the spectrum of options are to choose from. So when SIL calls and asks for advice, don't interpret it as her asking you to tell her what to do. That's kind of a man thing that really dri
  11. I picked other because it bothers me, but not a lot. I helped my mom deliver MoW when I was a teen and I got the impression several of the recipients were likely personality types who were in it to be waited on rather than because they had a genuine barrier to preparing their own meals. I remember a couple of fussy old ladies who insisted it not only brought in for them, but it had to be placed in a specific table top or counter, and if you came in and put it down on the surface closest to the door because you had a bunch of deliveries and wanted to be out the door ASAP, they got pissy about i
  12. I'm not assuming everything is the same as it ever was.
  13. Anyone going into an armed conflict needs a certain amount of physical fitness to have any chance of surviving it or conquering the enemy. That's why the military has fitness standards, even during world wars. Granted, being overweight isn't relevant to firing a gun accurately, but let's remember that being in battle is incredibly physically demanding in so very many ways. Overweight people don't do well in physically demanding situations. They tend to need regular meds, something tough to get in war zones. Yet I'm seeing middle aged guys with big guts going on about fighting civil war.
  14. Going to war nationwide isn't the same as the planned protests or political narratives we're seeing right now. They're completely different things. Marching onto property armed isn't same thing as being willing to engage in armed conflict that risks your own death and the deaths of your brothers/sisters in arms. In concealed carry states everyone out in public is around armed people all the time. In high crime areas that's true too. That's been going on for most of American history and it isn't all classified as civil war. Maybe people in states that aren't concealed carry or that don't inc
  15. Plenty of elderly conservatives that I personally know IRL are masking. I don't think masks are a valid example of what you're talking about. If you don't live in a high retirement population state, you might not be seeing it. I'm talking about armed revolution with tactical weapons, not groups of people chanting with signs. My point is there aren't going to be visible symbols of the sides in an actual war. Actual wars and culture wars are fought completely differently because they're different things. I think it's funny how the people I hear talking about taking up arms in a civil war are
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