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    I began homeschooling in 2000 when my oldest was 4. I have 3 daughters.
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  1. (I'm the parent of an international adoptee and 2 bio kids.) Here's the primary problem in this situation: “But we also believed with everything inside of us that there was no way a judge could hear our story and look into our faces and tell us that we do not have rights to our biological children.” Some people just aren't a good fit for legally complicated families because they think their feelings are primary. But they aren't; laws are. There was a long history of that jurisdiction having anti-surrogacy laws and premie twins are incredibly common. So they gambled foolishly and los
  2. My parents and in-laws aren't on FB. I have very extended relatives I haven't met in person on social media and they don't interact much beyond a comment or two here and there. I have no problem unfriending or unfollowing extended relatives (and I have a boatload of them on social media) or other FB friends. I'm not inclined to babysit adults, so I'm not prone to wanting to correct every error I see on the internet. Now I do occasionally post a directly contrary view to a person's posts or on my own wall, but I do it with no expectation whatsoever it will persuade anyone or that others w
  3. Yes, I use it. I spent the first 45 years of my life in the greater PHX area. I was raised by a mom from PHX, step-dad from Norfolk, VA, dad from rural Maine along the Canadian border, and grandparents from OK and KY.
  4. I forgot to mention that in the videos in my above post, she's absolutely right about there being times when some people are almost always one style, but then there's an aspect of their lives where they need a completely different style. For example, I'm almost always a Ladybug (macro: big picture+ hidden:solid big bins/categories) but I do the 36 week hanging filed folder system and coordinating books spine labels which is a Bee (micro: small categories/36 weeks +visual: labels for spines and file folders and color coded subject binders). If something isn't working, consider the possibility
  5. Mine (15) has to be ready to start homeschool at 10am. She can sleep until 9:55 and come down in jammies if she wants as long as she's ready to start at 10am and works through to 4pm with a 1 hour lunch break. She can do chores after school. Starting later than 10 doesn't work in my household if we want a family life. My husband is not able to sleep past 7am no matter what he does ( he's tried it all and then some over the years) and he telecommutes to work from home with co-workers on the other side of the country with a 2-3 hour difference due to time zones and there have to be certain h
  6. Start here to save time, money, and energy. The organizer in these 2 videos only demonstrates different organization styles and container types that she buys at her local dollar stores. You can obviously invest in pricier items. She explains why each organizing style does better with certain types of containers over others. She's chatty, but it's worth it. 4 Organizing Styles: explanation, comparison contrast, dealing with different personalities, container types: Organizing 1 closet and its contents 4 different ways according to each style and its preferred types of cont
  7. I googled "color palettes forest green gray" and here are the results: https://colorpalettes.net/tag/green-and-gray/
  8. Here's an article on sleep hygiene and shifting your sleep schedule. https://www.sleepfoundation.org/sleep-hygiene You might also need a sleep study and blood work health screen done just to make sure you're not dealing with an issue that requires medical intervention. You can't fight an underlying medical issue with behavior modification. I developed low B-12 (intestines can't absorb it in food anymore) that caused anemia making me incredibly tired. Vit. D can be low due to lack of sun exposure-a chronic problem in kids who are indoorsy. I had a friend shifting from night owl to early bir
  9. We stayed at an Air BnB for 2 nights in October in a very small town near the Blueridge Parkway. It was a small granny house and there were no other clients at any of the other houses. There was a couple of day gap between visitors. The host 2 houses away greeted us outside from a distance of at least 10 feet away unmasked while we were masked. We ate in two restaurants with social distancing and took the farthest table (we didn't dine during peak hours) in a corner with the nearest customers 6 tables away at the closest. We were always masked when we interacted with the waitresses while w
  10. I think there are 2 big factors in choosing a home reno over finding a facility with different levels of care. Considering a reno for him to live with you until he needs a facility, you have to ask if the funds are better spent in getting him in a facility he can stay in permanently with full time skilled care as he needs it or renovating a home he'll live in temporarily before he's forced to transition to a facility an unknown period of time later because he needs full time skilled care. When the situation doesn't have a live in family member volunteering caretaking as an option, it's almost
  11. It doesn't sound to me like the OP's sister is being denied permission to be sad in general. Opting out of the baby shower after my miscarriage wasn't denying myself permission to be sad. The OP's sister can miss one of Mom's birthdays if she's so completely unreasonable that she doesn't want her own niece present because of her face, for heaven's sake. When I was around people with their babies I was able to genuinely happy for them and genuinely sad that I lost 3 before I had a live birth all at the same time. If I want it for myself, it's important to be glad for others who have it. Not
  12. You and daughter should celebrate Granny's b-day as you usually do and invite grieving sister with something like, "We'd love for you to join me and daughter as usual for Mom's birthday, assuming you're up to feeling joyful for Mom the whole time. If not, we completely understand you skipping it this year while you grieve. You can celebrate with Mom on your own timetable in your own way." ETA: Obviously not at Sister's house if that's been the norm. I had one of my miscarriages a week before a baby shower at church. I wasn't completely sure I could be there and be pleasant the whole time
  13. I wouldn't take someone who hasn't camped in 27 years and is worried about no bathrooms on a camping trip like that. I'd ease them in in warmer weather and covered vault toilets or whatever the Michigan equivalent is. Then if they did well, I'd take them in cool weather and no toilets. If that went well I'd do it in cold weather. The kind of gear required for cold weather camping (which I haven't personally done colder than 35 degrees at night) is usually different than for warmer weather-it's heavier. Also, with the possibility of an adult being injured farther away from civilization, I wo
  14. Old fashioned key or plastic bubble blowing wand that comes in a bottle of bubbles.
  15. Thank you for your responses, it's been helpful to hear other points of view.
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