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  1. I would put a single, large potted plant that works in that space's lighting conditions. If you're going to do pics, I suggest a few large scale instead of many of the smaller scale ones. 3-5 at most.
  2. I just ordered Universal Yums today for my family's D&D game nights. It's a package of snacks from a different country every month. There are 7 of us, so I got the medium sized package for $25 per month. It'll be fun trying something so different each time.
  3. I think it's a combination of family dynamics and personality for most situations.
  4. We rented a new Ford F150 pick up last weekend. It was $45 a day total. We could rent it many times a year and spend nowhere near what it costs to own one.
  5. How many miles and hours on flat terrain can your kids walk without complaint? Also, be aware that people living at low altitudes can really struggle with high altitudes. I have a Dramamine patch I wear behind my ear when I hike at 5,000+ ft. It's good for 3 days. That might sound low to people living at higher elevations, but when you've lived near sea level where the air is so think you can cut it with a knife, it can be a serious strain to your system hiking at 7,000 ft. Without the patch I'm puking in the bushes and dizzy much of the way. With the patch I'm fine. You don't want to find that out for the first time on a long hike. I found out on a 6 mile hike.
  6. The youngest people I've known (one was my step-brother) to do it before sunset were Boy Scouts in their mid to late teens who did a lot of hiking and played sports. We always do training/audition hikes with new to us hikers before inviting anyone on a more strenuous hike: short length with moderate incline, medium length and flat, medium length with more intense incline, long length flat, long length with moderate incline, long with more intense incline. We watch and listen for physical strain and psychological state at each stage. If both seem solid we invite to the next level. I haven't done that particular hike. I did the Havasupai Falls hike in the Grand Canyon which isn't as long or intense an incline. Be forewarned, getting permits can be a real challenge.
  7. Last weekend we put in: Pear tress-Sekel and Moonglow Apple trees-Golden Delicious and Gala Peach trees- Windblow This weekend we'll put in: Pecan trees-Lakota and Mandan blueberry bushes-Legacy, Tifblue, Powder Blue, and Premier For my ornamental/woodland garden I'll plant the week of Easter: Ferns-Ostrich, Christmas, Cinnamon (to add to established Korean and Autumn) Bleeding Hearts Peonies-bowl of beauty and Itoh Lilies-Pink Rain, Day, of the Valley, Astilbes-Chocolate kiss Liatris Aquilea Clematis-City of Leon, H.F. Young Orchid-Ground bush (To add to established camellias, begonias, hostas, and anemones) In my front flower beds I have popping up: Tulips, Irises, Daffodils, Muscari, Hyacinths, Allium, I just need to add some speedwells in the spot reserved for them as filler and pollinator plants.
  8. Looking up Minimalist Weddings could be useful for budget friendly ideas. Minimalist weddings are usually focused on the biggest bang for the buck. That doesn't mean she has to have a minimalist style wedding, she could start there for the basics and build on that as her budget allows.
  9. I'm irritated that people are ruining perfectly good swear words with over usage. We need a swear word in reserve for the most extreme situations, but now they've lost their punch because of people's short sightedness. What are we going to do when the f word is no longer The Big One that dropped like a bomb in a conversation? I remember about 20 years ago when Joanne (Yes, the Joanne that you all knew here for more than a decade) said to me as we at breakfast at McDonald's, "I've been married for 10 years. In that time I've used the F word one time. It got results." We need a new swear word, people. Somebody get on that...and then don't ruin it. I listen to a person who works in a placement agency for fostercare vent sometimes because she needs to. There absolutely is a place for a swear word that conveys the terribleness of horrific abuse of children. I'm also irritated with a few people in my religious circles who go on and on in person and on FB about all the profanity in movies and how it hurts their delicate hearts so much that they can't possibly bear what those godless people in Hollywood are peddling, but then send their children to ps where their kids hear it constantly all day long for their formative years. I don't buy it. I think you can tolerate it if your kids can because that's just the world we live in. No one is saying you have to participate.
  10. There's too much love for what is quick, easy, convenient, and effortless here in the US.
  11. It drives me nuts dealing with elders who cannot separate themselves from their own preferences to look at reality. Each generation should be thinking about the effects their actions and inaction have on their parents and their children. Everyone needs to be less rigid about what their elder years are going to look like and embrace a wider range of possibilities. People go where the work and cost of living best match their prospects, and dependents should cooperate with that.
  12. I agree that the perpetually adolescent mindset of a huge percentage of Boomers is making many of these problems worse: choosing to have fewer children to maintain a certain lifestyle and not considering the long term increased tax burden on fewer workers, abandoning their spouses and children for the people they were having affairs with, living beyond their means most of their lives and expecting the taxpayers to cover their losses with decades of Medicare and Social Security, insisting on aging in place even when it's not a reasonable option, pressuring daughters into careers instead of being genuinely OK with each woman choosing for herself working vs. being at home, fighting low cost housing which contributes to skyrocketing housing costs and homelessness, and so on. It really is frustrating to see people with children not going to the doctor because even with insurance their healthcare costs are insane, yet healthy, functioning seniors insist on retiring at 65 for a couple of decades so they can travel between their two homes, buy their boat, and take yet another cruise or trip abroad for their quarter century retirement. If you suggest to them that it's time to raise the retirement age to better reflect the realities of health and vitality these days, they wail and rage that "they paid for it" and are entitled to it. Never mind that the cost of the many surgeries and treatments, and facility fees they've had cost more than they ever paid into it. Never mind that Social Security was never meant to be decades of payments to individuals who have private retirement funds. No, it must be business as usual and no one can adjust anything until the last Boomer dies.
  13. In the US, we have high obesity rates, higher in some regions than others due to entrenched lifestyles and mindsets. Not every subculture is prone to believing in taking an active role in their health maintenance. Their idea of health maintenance is going to the doctor for meds or surgery when they're sick or injured. I have in-laws like this. Neither of them is willing to make lifestyle changes. My parents are very active and will follow lifestyle recommendations, but even my very active mother (75) has been out of her usual routine since she wore out one hip, had it replaced, and now the other is worn out and needs replacing. Her recovery time is so much longer at her age and she isn't bouncing back fully to resume her previous levels of activities. The US also has a wider range of extreme weather than Great Britain. Gardening and being outdoors isn't as easy to do for people in some places many months of the year. If you live somewhere with snow on the ground for 6+ months (I have relatives in Maine) or 100+ degrees for 7+ months along with a water issues (I have relatives in AZ,) it's a very different situation. Milder climates are just easier to be active outdoors and are better for gardening year round or close to it. And don't forget that most Americans work at the office or at home long hours. My husband typically puts in 10-12 hour days as a programmer. Most professionals we know are putting in 10 hour days and are often still doing work related tasks at home after hours. And there's commute time. My husband works from home but everyone in my city commutes into neighboring Raleigh which is typically at least hour to an hour and a half each way for most of them because they have to drive rush hour. The ER nurse only commutes for 40 minutes each way because he drives odd hours.
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