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  1. I get it. We're going back in July because it's good timing for us, not because it's a nice time of year to visit. If we waited until the weather was nice we'd have to wait until November.
  2. You mean you are now aware. Everyone who listened to them and read their materials and website were fully aware of that because they don't hide it and they never have. It's never been a secret. It's been explicitly stated for decades now. They stay completely out of public school options and they oppose (in words and actions) hybrid options.
  3. That's an unreasonable expectation. When asked, they're going to give their point of view. If the situation had been reversed would you expect those supporting hybrid homeschooling options to say, "No comment".? I don't believe you would. That's not how life works. When issues come up people from all different points of view take the opportunity to speak up. Expecting anything else is unrealistic. And no one who is at all familiar with HSLDA is being informed of anything they don't already know. We know what kind of organization they are and how the respond to this particular issue. They always have so far.
  4. Are you assuming that the person doing the reporting didn't ask HSLDA? Based on what I've seen, HSLDA gets asked to comment on just about any story that involves homeschooling. You also don't get to decide what other people have to say about these issues when they come up.
  5. They are philosophically opposed to keeping independent charters as an option for homeschoolers. They always have been. You are not entitled to their support for something they're opposed to.
  6. They take issues with hybrids. Hybrids are point of all of this. They're opposed to hybrids because it blurs lines and causes all sorts of potential and legal problems and it conflicts with their cause. They aren't supporting me in that option, they are completely detached and have nothing to say about that option. If I had an issue with a teacher at Eagleridge calling CPS on me for some nonsense reason, they wouldn't have helped me, even as a paying member, because I voluntarily chose to get involved with a government funded school system. Again, that's not throwing me under the bus. They don't do taxpayer funded school situations. They never have. They have been clear about that all along. (I've been a member for 19 years.) I don't feel entitled to them changing their organization to something other than its been just because it personally suits me and some other homeschoolers. I'm not entitled to have them at my beck and call for issues they have said they don't get involved in and neither does anyone else. If someone wants a legal organization that supports hybrid versions of homeschooling then they can get up and make the effort to create and maintain it themselves instead of fussing that an established organization refuses to change its entire philosophy. Repeat after me: I'm not entitled to to the services of an organization that is dedicated to a cause different than mine. I'm not entitled to to the services of an organization that is dedicated to a cause different than mine. I'm not entitled to to the services of an organization that is dedicated to a cause different than mine. I'm not entitled to to the services of an organization that is dedicated to a cause different than mine. I'm not entitled to to the services of an organization that is dedicated to a cause different than mine.
  7. HSLDA has always maintained that it only gets involved in homeschool situations where there are no taxpayer dollars involved. They aren't throwing anyone under a bus, they simply disagree with you and so do I. They're maintaining a philosophically consistent position of complete autonomy from the public system, which includes public funds. Do I agree with everything they do? No, I wish they only dealt with homeschooling laws and nothing else. Do I agree that it would be a terrible idea to give taxpayer funds to homeschoolers? Yes. It blurs the lines which has the potential to create all sorts of legal precedents and legal definitions that in the long run have a worse effect on homeschooling as a whole. And I do fully support tax credits for homeschoolers? Yes, because they aren't taking tax money out of the government coffers, they're crediting taxpayers for the relief they're provided the system (on average $10,000 per kid per year.) I have used the public system for homeschoolers at Eagleride in Mesa, AZ. I knew I was enrolling my kid for extra curricular public school classes. I have no problem with the legal distinction. I made the distinction when people asked where my kid goes to school. (Public enrichment school for extra curriculars 2 days a week, homeschooling for core subjects 3 days a week.) Whether or not that made me a real homeschooler in someone else's eyes doesn't matter me. It' a bad mental habit to get upset about other people's classifications. You can tell people how you classify yourself, and then they'll agree or not. Whatever. I only care about legal issues because that can really cause people serious problems down the road. Those were public school classes open to only legally registered homeschoolers. They set the schedule, content, rules, testing requirements, vaccination requirements, etc. I'm in or I'm out, but I have no say over what they do and HSLDA doesn't either.
  8. Make sure you have emergency supplies in your car: food, plenty of water, and portable shade. There are remote stretches along the way, you probably won't have cell service for much of it, and if you're stuck in your car on the side of the road the inside of your car will heat up very quickly during the day.
  9. You don't want to meet in Wikieup. It's just a gas station and a very small run down town. I used to drive every Feb. to Vegas from PHX when middle daughter was a competitive archer for the Vegas Shoot. Kingman was our lunch stop each time.
  10. Chocolate Green Tea Camomile Tea Coke Mexican (border food) MexiCali, Baja, Sonoran, New Mexican, but not TexMex. Burgers and fries
  11. That's not how it's turning out. They're hybridizing and worse than ever.
  12. Many of our family's favorites came from her 30 Minute Meals book.
  13. Roadrunner. We had a mated pair living in our neighborhood in AZ. She had a clutch of eggs under our bougainvilleas. Once two of my cats tried to stalk up to her. She turned around and went after them. They hid under the bed the whole rest of the day.
  14. Nowhere did I suggest not accepting that your feelings are real. Please reread my post carefully. And neither did I say you couldn't cut ties with those dealing in jackassery. All of those things can still happen and everything I said can still apply.
  15. This is the perfect example of why idealism can be ruinous, and practicality the only real solution. You are never ever ever going to get everyone to do what they should. Never gonna happen. You can only control yourself, not others. So, instead of wishing upon a star for something that's never going to happen and will continue to cause you pain, adapt appropriately by accepting reality and acting accordingly. Sometimes jerks say hurtful things. What you do with that is on you. You can either internalize the jackassery of another person, or you can choose to reject it. If you need help with that, a professional counselor is trained to help you. That's what people mean by the sticks and stones comment. Yeah it's worded awkwardly. It means people will say hurtful things and you'll feel the initial pain, but you don't have believe what they said is true, which would increase and prolong the pain. You have it in your power to decide they were wrong and you can choose to be resilient and bounce right back. What's the alternative? Accept their jackass comments as true and continue in pain? No thanks.
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