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  1. I used TOG for about half a year a few years ago, so I'm familiar with it, but my son wil be a junior next year and has not been using TOG so far. Because we've been eclectic thus far, he has an American History credit and a Geography credit. He will still need to get a World History credit as well as a semester of Government and a semester of Economics. Is there any way I can use TOG and count it for a World History credit this year? I am flexible on what year we use, but own yr 1 and 2. Thanks for the input. FYI, I also have kids in grades 9, 5, 4, 1, K.
  2. oops...ignore the post about the hive title. I wondered where that went! It was supposed to be a totally separate thread.
  3. Meggie: Love the meat ideas especially. Oh, and I love your new motto. :001_smile:
  4. I've tried the seltzer water/juice thing for my kids--thought they'd really love it. No go!! But I had forgotten about it. Would still be better for me. Especially with our whole wheat veggie pizza. :001_smile: Great ideas. Thanks.
  5. You know that little thing under your name? Right now mine says worker bee or something like that. Is there a list somewhere of how the ranks go. Was I previously a larve?
  6. oh man...we're bad about the cereal. REALLY bad. :blushing: We can eat all the sugar we want in our cereal as along as our bread doesn't have any...right? :blushing: :leaving:
  7. :bigear: I don't have a clue either. I can't even figure out how to highlight and copy from another post on the board and insert it into your own. :001_huh:
  8. There's just no way I'm making my own. It ain't gonna happen, so let's move on. What's your favorite store bought bread that: -has no high fructose corn syrup -is not found at a specialty store, but at walmart or a regular grocery store -is cheap (well, for that kind of bread, anyway) :bigear:
  9. I may still be lacking the motivation to make a huge change like this, but I really NEED to. Has anyone made the transition from a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle and what some might call the typical American diet (fast food, boxed food and sugar) to a healthy lifestyle? How did you do it? Cold turkey? Did all the healty food taste totally nasty for awhile until your tates changed? Did they change? Did the cravings go away? What form of exercise worked best for you (without gym membership)? Got any suggestions? Looking for some BTDT advice. If you're interested, there's a little more info about me and my family below. My favorite things to eat/drink are pizza, pasta, pop and chocolate in any form and on any thing. :blushing: We do not, however, eat :spam: . (HA! Finally found a way to use that silly picture!) :D When I have tried to eat "healthy," I get terribly bored with my food options. I have a very limited palate. We'll eat just about any fruit except melons. (watermelon is ok) Can't stand green peppers nor squash of any kind. Can't afford all the strange things at the health food stores. Gotta be a walmart/grocery store kind of thing. We're feeding 8. I'm open to expanding our food choices a little and I feel like maybe we are in a financial place where we can afford more than macaroni and hot dogs. But barely. As for exercise, there's usually none. However, I swam this summer. My first day I could only swim 8 laps. My final day I swam 80, which was a mile. :hurray: (It may be a minor accomplishment, but I was thrilled by it!) This morning I realized when I was swimming I wasn't craving junk food. Was that because my "oh that was a good brownie" high was replaced with the endorphins from the exercise? (Oh, I feel it worth mentioning. I DIDN'T LOSE A POUND. :glare: But, my clothes were beginning to fit better.) So, I'm feeling rather exposed after sharing all of that with you, but I need to formulate a plan! :bigear: If my mom can quit smoking after 40 years, surely I can find some ways to take better care of myself. If you read all of this, thank you!
  10. No... I meant homeschooling! Sorry if I alarmed anyone! I'm a little more together today, but that's only because we don't "school" on Fridays, we just have a full day of various music classes. For those that wondered, I'm just trying to handle a previously independent 8th grader who now needs everything to be spoon fed. :001_huh:, a couple kids doing ok, one very reluctant reader, a preschooler and a toddler. SOMEONE always gets shortchanged. Don't know how to work it all out and just about to throw in the towel. :glare: Thanks for all the hugs. :001_smile:
  11. I think they're nasty. So do my kids. :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks for the hugs. Tap, tap, tap: That was awesome. Can't decide what was best, the beverage or the cheers. I rarely do either. Thanks.
  13. I just don't know that I can do it anymore. That's all. I've written this post 4 times now, and anything more is just pathetic. Just needed a cyber shoulder... :(
  14. Has anyone ever done it all the way through? Do you think it's necessary? If you don't, what year do you stop? We are currently doing 8th. TIA
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