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  1. can someone tell me if these are similiar programs. I have used SWR but I have never used AAS I would like to know if they are different what are their differences? Also what level or grade does AAS go up to ? thanks
  2. can someone who uses Signapore math - and has used it for a while tell me what you use to supplement? I think it is an excellent curriculum but I have heard others say that you need to supplement with something that has more drill of the basic math facts? We used Abeka k-3 and I switched my daughter to saxon this yr for 4th but is really easy for her so I am thinking of switching to signapore math but would like to use it along side another math program
  3. anyone have an electronic thesaurus and dictionary. What Brand? how much? I am looking for one and want to get a good brand and one that a 4th and 5th grader could easily any info would be helpful
  4. can someone tell me what grade this is applicable for? I have seen alot of people that use it for older kids and I am concerned that it will be too much for 3-5th grade. Anyone have experience with it? It does not say what age or grade it is for and the other ones like the Fables Myths and fairy tales specifically say for 3-5th grade thanks
  5. Is there any fun way , crafts, or songs to learn the 50 states and capitols and also be able to locate them on a map. Dont want to buy a whole curriculum just something supplemental thanks lorinorton@cox.net
  6. Can someone please tell me if ETC is for spelling or reading or both? and what is an appropriate amount of work to do each day? How many books to do in a year? IF using this as phonics , isn't there something else I should be doing also?
  7. which do you feel is a better curriculum to use. If I use Spelling w/o I am also going to use wordly wise but If I use mega words then I dont think I will need to wordly wise. btw -this is for a 4th grader who is an ok speller and reader thanks
  8. can someone tell me which is better or I should say what is the difference? I am teaching a co op 4-5 grade we are doing 15 weeks of IEW , SWI Level A and then I want to use either Writing trails or US history based writing lessons any input would be great thanks Lori
  9. oh.. and I am planning on doing a lapbook for each time period. I will be assignning homework each week for those that want to do more. I thought it would be good to have the kids read a book from that time frame also.I dont think 10 weeks for each time period is too much. Especially with the explorer one. I can pick and chose which explorers to focus on.
  10. I am trying to decide what I want each family to purchase. The cd or the kit. So for 60.00 I can get all 4 cd's worth of materials?
  11. another questions for someone: the TT student pack that you can buy from winterpromise website is 60.00 but it does not let you chose which one you want: new world explorers, colonial life, american rev. or 19th century? since there are 4 of them. How do you know what you are getting? Am I missing something here? Also, I know there are 25 lessons on each time period. In a class situation, obviously we will not be able to do everything. I am going to take 10 weeks to do each time period.
  12. I am doing a history class starting in sept. I am trying to determine what is the best way to do the lessons - there are 15 lessons on each cd and I want to get through all 4 cd's in 1 year. We will be meeting every week for 1.5 hrs. Any one have any suggestions. What have you done? what worked good? Also can someone tell me if buying the complete kit from winterpromise is worth the extra 30.00 ? I have been printing papers all day. Is there a better way to do this? I thought I could just push the print button and it would print everything for me at once but it doesn't I have to sit here and do each lessons and each project. There has to be a better and faster way to do this. I am really excited about using this I know the kids are going to love it! thanks Lori
  13. I have a 4th grader and 2nd grader and was wondering what you do to organize their school work for the year. Do you do it weekly, monthly, semester. I try and get a notebook ready for them so that everything is in it that they need. I have tried dividers for M-F and I have tried by subject. I was just wondering if there is anyone that has any unique ways that have worked. I dont want a lesson planner book or something on the computer I just want a simple way of them starting to become responsible and independent with their studies.
  14. anyone have experiencing using time travelers history from homeschool in the woods? Would love to hear if this would work in a co op setting and/or if it is too much arts and crafts. I want a combo of both
  15. I am trying to put together a year long class for 4th and 5th grade students to study us history. We will meet 1 a week for 1.5 hrs. I am trying to find a curriculum that I can tweak a little because the students will not be purchasing books. we can get some from the library but for the most part I need it to be a class time only class with very little to do at home. I was thinking of doing the history pockets and then asignning reading for at home. Does anyone know of an outline for easy reports for the kids to write on after they are done reading a book? I would prefer to have curriculum that tells me what to do. I do much better that way. SO if anyone knows of a good american Us history curriculum that would work good with a co-op please say so. thanks Lori
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