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  1. I have twin almost 7-yo boys adopted from the foster system, and one of them has serious impulse control issues.  So, I feel your pain.  I don't have much great advice other than just to encourage you that the fight is one worthy of fighting!  :-)  Whenever I think that I can't do this, I know how much worse off he would be in a regular classroom.  I know he is learning, it just isn't the FUN journey that homeschooling the big kids was!  :-) 

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  2. This past summer I searched everywhere to find a good resource to use with the What's in the Bible DVD series.  When I couldn't find one, I decided to make something up.  And, I thought I would share in case someone else wants to not have to recreate the wheel.  I don't have any affiliate links on my blog, so I'm not trying to promote anything.  I'm also posting Story of the World stuff, but all the WIIB posts are tagged with What's In the Bible.  You will need the DVDs and I bought the coloring book, although I think you can download all the coloring pages for free on their website.




    Here are a couple of great websites to give you some free templates.  Notebooking can be ANYTHING that you want it to be! They can be simple with writing and pictures, or you can add lapbook foldables as well.  I think of the notebook as a scrapbook of the things we have learned.  I include pictures of projects, foldables (that I either design of find somewhere on Pinterest), copywork (or narrations, depending on the age), etc...

  4. Some experiences from a variety of sources.

    1. My son (after being homeschooled from K-9) went half days to public school last year.   (I needed to make sure he could perform for other teachers better than he could perform for me before he went to Running Start this year.)  I was able to hand-select the courses he took (not the typical 10th grade classes) because I didn't care about meeting the graduation requirements.  The counselor at the school was MORE than happy to work with me and my goals.  I explained my goals to each of his teachers and they were wonderful about working with me.  I was actually surprisingly impressed with the rigor of the courses and the their willingness to keep me in the loop.  It was a great experience and he did very well; it was the perfect bridge year before he started college this year.


    2. I teach in a 2 day/week public school co-op for homeschooled kids.  I find that most parents are happy to be hands off once they know someone else is teaching their child.  As a teacher, I wish it was more of a partnership since I only see them twice a week.  


    3. In teaching at WTMA I find that there is a higher percentage of parents who are pretty directly involved, but many prefer to be hands off. 


    It does take quite a bit of effort to stay involved in the classroom when you are not the primary teacher because (surprise, surprise) the students don't usually give parents/teachers all of the information.  :-)  I'll be interested to hear your synthesis of this info!

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  5. I missed a lot of the great PHP materials when I homeschooled the older two and I've been excited to use them the second time around.  One thing I've noticed when I look at all the pieces that fit together (FLL, WWE, SOTW, science, etc...) is that there is a lot of narrations/copywork for all the different subjects.  If I am trying to follow each of the curriculum as written my poor little boys will keel over and die.  I would love to see (and, maybe somebody has done this and I just haven't been around for a long time) a lesson plan that combines them all so that the writing is streamlined a bit.   WTM probably isn't the best place to do this, but my dream would be to have lesson plans using all the pieces like this with all the PHP resources.  (I know, I don't want much!) :-)  My boys are in K, so you have until September to complete the first grade plans.  No pressure!

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