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  1. Nova5...I read your blog and I see you use singapore AND the computer math. We're using singapore too. Would we be able to just to the dreambox or would we need singapore as well? What I'm asking is, Is dreambox a complete enough curriculum?
  2. I need some help! I'm pretty much ready to throw in the towel when it comes to teaching my 2nd grader math. I'm looking in to a computer based math program. Can anyone recommend a good one?? I have prek, 1st, 2nd, and 4th.
  3. what an awesome idea! We are huge lego fans and would love any excuse to play with them.
  4. Ok, so I know it's not helpful at all, but the fact that you said dog/child cracks me up. Every time I read any of the responses in my head I subsituted the word "dog" for "dog/child" and giggled to myself. They can't be serious, right?!?! PS...I think it's a little odd that anyone would bring their pet to another person's house unless 1) they were out on a walk and just stopped by for a chat on their way or 2) the homeowner REQUESTED it.
  5. The crazy crazy truth... When my parents were both 17 my mom's mother married my dad's grandfather. so technically my mom is my dad's aunt. Yes, I live in bizarro-land.
  6. we can just house swap so my kids can enjoy some snow!!! I really want a http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/
  7. http://www.babysteals.com, http://www.kidsteals.com, zazzle.com but my all time favorite is shirt.woot.com...they're descriptions of the shirts slay me! Such clever writing!!!
  8. :iagree::iagree::iagree: I don't believe in cookie descrimination. All cookies are welcome and highly encouraged here.
  9. Would you mind taking a picture? I'm trying to picture how the paper aligns with his arm and I just can't figure it out. My DS4 is a lefty and although we're just starting with writing, I'd love to know how to help him in the future.
  10. Thanks for the tip!!! I cannot believe I've gotten this far into the holiday season and have not had a cup of eggnog...I'm slipping.
  11. i LOVE my vibrant! DH and I both have one. We debated for a while, but we prefer Tmobile over ATT so we went with the vibrant.
  12. It all started here with the Tampa Tribune. They said the bags with painting on the outside were the ones in question.
  13. Ok..so we're working through 100 easy lessons, but so far, I don't think I'm getting the concept and I just don't have faith in the program. It all started with e...why are we teaching that e says "e as in me"....not e as in egg? Does this program REALLY work like everyone says? Is there anything out there you like more? Help me out! It's for my preschooler.
  14. Don't worry, I'm saying Duh to myself as I read this! I've wanted to incorporate work boxes too, but I'm in the same dilemma as you. They aren't independent yet, but there are fun review games and things I've been meaning to incorporate in. Thanks for the lightbulb moment!!! Why didn't I think of this before??
  15. practice substituting "too" with "also".
  16. wow! That was much more interesting than I'd expected! Thanks for posting. I'm gonna leave that up for DH, the health food nut.
  17. We make the same but we add 1/2 cup sugar and 1 tsp vanilla. LOOOOVE!
  18. We're doing level 1 with DS9 and DD 7. My DD7 isn't the greatest speller, she's 7 after all! I'm surprised at how well she's doing though! It's working well for us.
  19. You wouldn't happen to have a blog post on this would you?? I'd love to see it in action! PS...what's Tapestry?
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