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  1. I wanted to bump this topic as I am looking into 7Sisters and Windows to the World as well.
  2. Thanks, GeoKitty. I am considering EIW with grading as well, so I'm glad to hear you liked it. :)
  3. We are using the online version, and it is going well.
  4. You might like the Math Express Speed Maths workbooks by Singapore Math. There are 6 levels, and they teach mental math strategies.
  5. We are spreading it out over 2 years, and only do it once a week.
  6. Thank you! So in the online, they make no distinction about when to use the British? I read somewhere that they use both, so was aware they British ones were in there, but didn't realize it wasn't clear when to use which one. Does anyone know if any of these issues have been corrected? I'm glad to know you did like the actual workbooks and program! Thanks again, Kathy
  7. Hi, I wanted to get some current reviews of Sequential Spelling Online. Is anyone using this successfully? I understand that sometimes the words are not enunciated clearly and that there are some glitches/bugs, but is it still usable overall? Do you switch off to the workbooks for levels 6 and 7? Thanks, Kathy
  8. Thanks, mileage was another one I saw ("milage"), as well as some more "-our" words ("labour", "favour", "favourite", "behaviour", "misbehaviour"). I also saw immobilize ("immobilise"). She loves to speak in a British accent, though, so maybe studying both spellings would in a weird way actually help her remember the English one better. She is very creative, so I think this would use her mind in a way that she would enjoy. Did you follow up Apples and Pears with something else through high school? What grades did you use Apples and Pears for?
  9. Thank you! I have looked at that program in the past bc I've seen it recommended for dyslexics and have been confused about it. Is it the same as this one? https://www.rainbowresource.com/product/sku/017131 Or is the only place to order it off their website? Does the U.S. version teach U.S. spellings, I presume? Thanks, Kathy ETA: I've done a bit more research and realize those aren't the same programs, but I still have the other two questions. Also, in looking at the placement tests and the samples, I feel like my dd may be at the top end of this program. I need to test her to
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