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  1. I don't want to buy or watch any DVD's. Is the syllabus worthless without the DVD's? Thanks, Julie
  2. Is Lightning Literature for 7th & 8th grades more of a literary analysis program or a composition program? I already have a writing program and was looking for a lit. analysis program. Would it be possible to use Lightning Lit. if we skipped most of the writing assignments? Or would that really take away from the value of the program? Thanks, Julie
  3. I've never seen the TWSS DVD's from IEW. Do I really need to watch the DVD's to be able to use the Student writing intensive? It's just so expensive. I either have to buy SWI alone, or buy SWI and TWSS. I know I have to have those lesson plans or we will never apply the stuff from TWSS.
  4. I was very suspicious of this program because everyone says that their kids are doing so well after struggling with other programs. It made me wonder if TT is just too easy. So, after looking at the online samples (which were VERY simple and basic) I have determined that TT is not challenging enough for a college-bound math student. I'm probably bursting some bubbles, but you have to honestly ask yourself why your student is all of a sudden having such an easy time with Algebra.
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