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  1. You know, it IS just hair...but I have to say that I can get why it is upsetting...because there is something that is being *said* here. And sometimes THAT is what is hard to hear/understand/de-code--but the "just hair" is part of what is being said. ((Chris))
  2. Thank you! I have been delayed by my bossy son who insists that we take a look at some other I will be SLY and take a look at THIS one without telling him!! Ha! Role reversal. LOL
  3. DING DING DING! This seems to be what I was looking for. I'll give it a shot...after I contact the planner's Creator and suggest that the company should do this themselves.
  4. I would do this but imthe only member of this potential group that is a member here--and frankly, I like having "my" space here. 🙊. That said, it did occur to me to talk to the planner's creator and suggest that a discussion forum might be something he would like to run.
  5. I'll check out Slack. We might run into lack of memory on 2 phones.
  6. About ten people want to trade suggestions, ideas; ask for help; share successes in using a new kind of planner. What would you do to make this happen, given the following conditions? FB is out, both because it is annoying and three people won't join. Texting is out because it is too hard to add/delete users and because texting has an urgency that is antithetical to the whole purpose of this planner. Apps--we have different platforms both in phone-land and in computer-land. So that's spotty. What I have in mind is something where Jane can say "I'm having trouble managong the daily to-do's in light of wanting to have more focus on projects." And then having space where multiple responses can happen and be kept for future reference when Sally hits the same roadblock. Someone ought to be able to post "I had a great idea today--xyz idea--what do you think? Or, "I tried thus-and-so last week and it went great/it was a disaster." WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Thank you.
  7. VRBO is better than Airbnb on this count, but it's still waaaay too much work to narrow things down to what I want. Key concern is better addressed in VRBO--that has categories for both "You need to accommodate my pets" and " you need never ever to allow pets" which also allows for "whatever". Airbnb just has "allow pets" but not "never allow pets". That said, some Airbnb hosts have very strict rules about it but it takes a lot of digging to find those places. So if you have any search suggestions or know of any way a potential guest can create a request asking for an allergen-fre host, pipe up, ok? (And my godson who just started at Airbnb is going to get an earful....). 🙊😂❤️
  8. While you are at it, get an undermount sink. SO much easier to clean up! That, and the ability to put a hot pan directly on the countertop, is the big benefit of granite countertop if you ask me. I have the speckled granite--it was here when we got here--and I know it's clean because I can feel it but I after having light colored laminate at another house, I like have the bit of "grace" that a speckled granite gives me. It doesn't show every last thing. Seal it, and we try to do that once a year. It's about a half-day stinky job but the granite really shines, at least if it is supposed to. I like the shiny granite, even tho honed is supposed to be hot right now. I don't like leathered at all because our kitchen counters do a lot of multitasking, including serving as a writing surface, and the bumps are annoying. But I do like the LOOK of it--at my friend's house. :0) AND you have a couple of other decisions to make--backsplash, edge and thickness. Some people like a bullnose edge; I like a flat edge with a small radius (rounded corner), and I prefer the thinner granite, not the thick but YMMV. Backsplash--I personally am so sick of the glass-multi-tone-tiny-square backsplash (which I put into a house 20 years ago) and I think there is a newer way of doing this that is more ... calm. The more grout, the harder it is to clean--that's a good thing to remember, especially around the stove area.
  9. I'd look on eBay, or Craigslist, as well. We have one that I need to get permission to sell...son's high school required it, and they used it. But HERE IS WHAT I REALLY CAME TO SAY: My boss (back in the day) was on the Apollo 8 team. He wrote a lot of the life-or-death computer code. He told me (in 1990) that the calculator that rides on the end of a keychain has more computing power than those banks and banks of cooled-room-required computers they had at their disposal. Interesting, huh?
  10. I haven't read all the responses, so I'm just doing a hit-and-run pipe-up. BTDT, and went through counseling and so on. Through understanding that BOTH DS and we as his parents made goofy decisions, but based on what we knew or were capable of at the time, I wanted to write an apology to my son when he was about 20. The counselor said DON'T. Wait until he grows up (about age 25 for most young men) and then talk it through. If you do it too soon he will receive the apology as a child would (not as an adult would), and it would increase his bitterness. So I waited. And he rejected many things that we hold dear or think important. Still does. But when he complained about them, I just shrugged and said, "We did the best we could, and we know you will find a good life because you are well loved by very imperfect parents. And I know you love me." Well, when he was about 23.5, after he had moved out of the house and been on his own (haha, with some $$ from us) we ended up meandering into the conversation, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. He said that he didn't remember all the yelling I did (one of my bitterest regrets) and that he probably deserved it as he was a little _____ (his words, and I managed to refrain from nodding). He said there were two things he had a hard time forgiving me for--they were specific incidents, not the general milieu--and so I asked his forgiveness, and explained why I, an imperfect person, had done what I had done. (Almost 100% of my mistakes have been based in fear...). After the first one, he said, "I forgive you--but the next one harder." (I braced myself, trust me.) We walked through that one, and he GOT IT. And he practically YELLED, "MOM! I forGIVE YOU!" And then he broke into a big smile and started JIGGING (this is my totally not-excitable kid). "MOM-This feels so GREAT! I feel as light as a FEATHER!" This was a real breakthrough for us, and we are in really good relationship now, even though it is not what I had imagined it would be when he was a little one. But it also seems to have helped him turn a corner as he is really working on who HE is now, with help, and making some good progress. He's still not where he should be, maturity-wise, but it is a LONG way forward and I am just so happy for the relationship to be flourishing. I wanted to write this out because it might bring hope to some who are in the weeds. Trust me, ages 15-20 with this one were ... nothing but weeds. :0( Worst 6 years ever. As for what to do, shrug your shoulders, admit imperfection, and tell the kid to make a good life for him/herself...and expect to make mistakes of his/her own along the way. Just like you did. :0)
  11. I suspect this is what would happen with me. I can't stand to be cold but I hate *weight* on me, so I have big puffy covers. That said, I HAVE to have at least a sheet on me; it's neurotic, but ever since I was a little kid, I've felt like someone could steal me unless I had some covers on me. HAHA. :0)
  12. That's pretty much what we did. DH also had great ideas when I got stuck, and when the Boy was older, like 10-up, the two of them would go on a long road/camping trip once a year and get out of my hair. :0) I was ready for them to come back at about day 10. I should also add that he gave me spine when I needed it. I am a rule follower, and he is a rebel, and he was the one who gave me the spine to try new things, like homeschooling, and to stick to my guns, like classical or die, and see things through.
  13. Oh--don't get me wrong! I may not have been clear enough. I myself have a photography side-hustle, doing interior design, real-estate and fine-art photography. And I make money at it. The thing I was referring to was the stock photo business. To succeed in that, one has to have a very distinct style that appeals to a specific market. The people who got in early on stock photo did quite well with it, but entering that area now and expecting to make a lot of money at it...not a very good likelihood. That is, unless one has a unique market and access to the buyers in it. All of the situations you mentioned above--senior photos, schools, etc.--those are fantastic opportunities, and can produce more money than I make at the things I shoot. I just happen to be too high strung to do people photography. You will know that I have gone completely off my rocker if you ever hear me say, "I'm going to be a wedding photographer this weekend!" In that case, call in the shrinks, because I've lost it. :0)
  14. Thank you. I've found a couple of ideas hustles in retirementnt--so I'm a believer. Look up upwork for contractor work. Lionbridge too . On the linked articles, the photography items are out of date. Those who got in early are doing ok...but that market is really tough now, to even make side-hustle money. There are other ways to make money now, with photography, but a newbie in stock photo-land had better bring something special to the table.
  15. Just agreeing. I've been using networked computers for 30 years now and it just seems that printing ought to be ... EASY now. But I know the tech changes... We are in a good space now with our printing but mostly because we have updated all the equipment within the past 3 years. But I do feel your pain. I still get twitchy when printing is suddenly a problem.
  16. THANK YOU. I will check to see where his aunt has taken him to Urgent Care. THAT was hard enough, finding one of those that was open. She's having to drive 20 miles to go get him, and then 20 miles back to the Urgent Care which is near her house, then back again. And HE lives in the more urban location. Go figure.
  17. I know! I thought of that, and called three hospitals and their outpatient pharmacies are closed. Ugh. But maybe if he gets a referral to the hospital pharmacy, they can fill it from their stores. IDK.
  18. Thank you so much for ALL your helping, though. It is so frustrating. Oh, and godson is 23. :0) He's the best guy. And he starts his new post-college job TOMORROW. I hope the Urgent Care folks can refer him to a pharmacy or to the hospital pharmacy where he can get the meds. I know he could get them if he went to Emergency, but that is like 8x the cost. (See above: first job...). :0)
  19. That was the first place I have checked. They have pulled my fat out of the fire more than once, and they are the only 24 hour within 10 miles of me...but they are closed.
  20. I called all of the above in the area of concern. All closed. I didn't check Costco. But... I DO THANK YOU for responding.
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