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  1. Halliwell’s is even better. I just remembered this. Get a used one. I’ll edit this post with a link when I find just the right one. THIS IS BETTER THAN MAKTIN’s: Halliwell's Film Guide, Seventh Edition. Get it used.
  2. And the original is so much better than the follow-on.
  3. This. I have a friend who is a home stager and one thing I really like about what she does is that she uses MY furniture--I don't have to buy a thing...she provides anything that needs to be bought--and uses it again in another house. We would have to store a lot of our stuff because we are over-furnished (went from a 4000sf house and a 1800sf beach house to one 2400sf house....) but I wouldn't have to buy a darned thing. The house we live in now SHOULD have had a stager because they had as much furniture as we do and it was all that MASSIVE style of furniture...I sat in the house for an hour during the open house looking to see whether it was the floor plan or the furniture that was causing bad traffic flow. It was the furniture. That said...they had 5 offers in 24 hours, 3 for cash. So I guess it didn't hurt THAT much. We were just happy to find a house at this price that wasn't in danger of falling down.
  4. The best house I ever lived in and probably will ever own was on the market for three summers. There was orange shag carpet in the basement, and the kitchen needed updating. People couldn't see past the carpet and kitchen to see the magnificent bones in that house, how well it lived, how it was a dream for living small but "grew" to be able to host parties of a hundred people. The YARD (as in "none") almost kept me from seeing what was there. I called DH and said, "I think I found THE house...but it's got problems. Aluminum windows and no yard." DH: "We'll replace the windows. How big is the lot, and how big is the house?" Me: "Third of an acre and a 2000sf footprint." DH: "There's a yard there, then. We'll just have to find it." And we did...and the landscape architect who did the design won a big award for it at the Annual House and Garden Show...the only house that wasn't an "estate" with a stream running through the property and a full-time gardener. And...when we sold it, the first thing the buyers did was rip out all the beautiful landscaping and plant lavender everywhere. :::eye roll::: Lavender is pretty for like 2 months and then it is gray sticks. It was just astonishing to me. That landscape made the house like living in a stained-glass window for 10 months out of the year...but nooooooo. Lavender. Good grief.
  5. Ours is at least 10 years old, and Classic and Modern were all in one book. Looks like he's split them into two. Price is about the same for the two as it was for one, though. So, I guess I would choose the one with Gone with the Wind on the cover and one of the Modern ones, maybe 2015 edition.
  6. Leanord Maltin’s movie guide never ever let us down. Ever. Get it and watch the 4-star films. I don’t often claim to know what I’m talking about...but I’ll say it here: no kidding—I know what I am talking about. Get this guide. 4-stars actually means something. You might not agree with the politics or the social identity or whatever—I don’t always--but you will see GREAT movies and not just those from the last ten years. :::hey who stole my soapbox????!!!!:::
  7. As an Orthodox Christian, I (and all of us) engage in intermittent "fasting," which is really abstention from all meat, dairy, eggs, fish, wine, oil a couple of days a week and a couple of long fasts a year. It is as easy to gain weight as to lose it on this path if the focus remains on food. The thing I have learned over the years re: fasting is that it teaches you, habituates one to self-control. I have learned that I will not die if I miss a meal, that feeling hungry (not starving, just hungry) is not going to kill me and if I ignore it for a few minutes, the hunger will usually go away. The result is that it becomes much easier to control portions, to power past an urge to grab a brownie or a burger or a potato chip. Once the self-control is established, it is a lot easier to stick to any "diet" (as in "set of foods") you eat for whatever purpose. It's put my will in charge of my body, instead of the other way around. We fast for reasons other than these, but this is the part of our fasting that I thought might be a little relevant to your question. Fasting is about more than food.
  8. I know this topic has been discussed--the possibility of one parent taking a minor child outside the country without the other parent's permission--but I don't know if this info was mentioned, so I thought I would write it out here. It is an excerpt from the little brochure that comes back with one's renewed passport. "One of the most important tools for preventing international parental child abduction is the Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program (CPIAP). If a passport application is submitted for a child under age 18 who is enrolled in CPIAP, th Department attempts to alert the parent or parents to verify whether they approve passport issuance. Visit for more information." The back of the brochure lists these two phone numbers for further information: Inside US: 888-407-4747; Outside US: +1-202-501-4444. It sounds like you enroll preemptively if you have any concerns about your child's being taken outside the country, and if that child doesn't already have a passport. --Patty Joanna
  9. Well, who knew? I have always kept my eyes closed until after I make the first swipe to open what I *really* want to see. Now I might have to peek. Just once.
  10. I heard a speaker differentiate between balance and rhythm. It's hard to balance on one for for very long but it's pretty easy to keep a rhythm. The way the talk influenced my daily life was to help me look at different activities in different ways. Some things I do daily, some weekly, and some seasonally. The Orthodox Church also helps with this: seasons of fasting and seasons of feasting, a weekly rhythm of the same, a daily rhythm of prayer. He also mentioned writing the story and plan of your life in pencil, with big margins, so you leave space for the unexpected and other people, and so changes can be made. It really cuts down on tedium to live this way, and it accommodates my need for variety without making me a quitter. In addition, I can set aside blocks of time--entire days or weeks--for big projects (making a quilt, or doing some writing--things that I can't get done a half hour at a time). It takes some paying attention to find your rhythm, but it's a lot easier to maintain than a perfect balance.
  11. I don't mind occasional twaddle, but not as a steady diet. What I detest is the merchandising, the logo-books, the trademark-stories that tie kids into movie themes or purchased toys. I hated it when my son was young and I hate it now.
  12. Yes. And be thankful that you have an egg to eat. And that you can eat eggs.
  13. One thing you CAN do that helps (besides image distortion via watermarking) is to use software like Lightroom to reduce the resolution of the photo. If someone tries to enlarge it, they get a very pixilated image. Also, Lightroom let's you set a limit to the size of a photo, so you can say it can't be displayed larger than 3x4 or something like that. Someone can still download it but if they try to embiggen it, the image is pixilated, again. Interestingly, lower resolution shows up better on screens than high resolution because it is a BB etter match with the pixel density on screens.
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