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  1. The time I forgot my son and left church without him...on Mother's Day.
  2. I just had to have some PT for a crushed rotator cuff. They charge $150 self-pay, $225 with insurance...and my insurance co-pay was $175. Duh. With insurance-pay, I would have gotten written medical records. Well, I'm not going to sue anyone, and all I want is to get better, and I'm pretty sure that written records have nothing to do with healing. In the time my therapist would have spent filling out paperwork, she can bring in "half a customer"--so all in all, it's a double benefit: the PT can see more patients and hire fewer support staff. This has been my experience again and again. Pay-on-the-spot gets the doctor out of the insurance run-around which means s/he has to hire fewer people which reduces over-all costs. Some doctors pass that savings along to the patients who make them possible. Some do, but not all.
  3. Responding in general to a number of posts, not pointing at any single one. All five teams have people who make a boatload of money, who can provide more than their "fair share"--and they do. We have people who barely make ends meet and they bring very simple foods -- like a Jello bowl -- or nothing at all. They help a lot by set-up and clean-up jobs. We all do what we can. Every team also has at least one "freeloader" and we just deal with it. We also have families who live on or past the edge. Each week, a designated parishioner gathers the leftovers and distributes them to those in need. I don't even know the identities of the recipients. My mom and dad came to our Sunday meal with me one Sunday, and they couldn't believe how full the tables were, and of good food, too. Mom asked how much the church had to pay every week for that meal. I told her it was all volunteer (no one is required to be on a team, and about 25% of the parish is not). Well then, how do the people get reimbursed? It took me awhile to figure out what she was talking about. We don't get reimbursed. We provide a meal so that everyone has a reason to stick around and be together. We take turns. It evens out. She was literally dumbstruck. She couldn't imagine something like this in her home church. I mention the latter because Mom's experience may be more the norm than my own, so take my planning lists with a grain of salt. This is just something we do. Oh, and we gripe about it from time to time, too. :0)
  4. That seems a little excessive--and generational, at that. I don't think we have ever had a single case of someone bringing potato salad, even when the category was "side dish" and they could have done so. The thing that is funny to me (and I am talking "yes I am laughing not being bitter") is that because of my excessive number of allergies, very often I can't eat a single thing on the table--even the items brought when it is my own team's week!--except the rice and the green salad/veggies. And that will often include the main dish I myself brought!
  5. I agree. For one thing, it might not be in my wheelhouse. I tell people what we need and they can choose. One gal *always* signed up to bring the large green salad, but she moved away, so now that is back in the pool...and I've noticed that the last couple of times, another gal on the team has signed up for that. She must like making salads! The other thing is that we say "Main dish", not "Lasagne". General categories, not specific foods. Sometimes we will have a theme--like if we fall near the Fourth of July, we'll do a Picnic Theme--but not assign people "baked beans"--it's just a general idea--"Picnic" "Side Dish"--you choose. My mom brought Potato Salad to almost every potluck we ever attended when I was a kid. It was (apparently) really really good and everyone loved it. But I don't know...I can't eat it. Everyone sort of knew that was her "territory."
  6. On my team, both people get the message. It's up to them who does the cooking. Also, in our list, we have clean-up jobs, and sometimes those fall predominantly to it kind of works out as far as the work level goes. I have a couple of single guys on my team and one of them cooks and the other goes to the deli. About 25 years ago, I had my team at work over for a potluck. We all left work at about the same time to get to the gathering...and burst out laughing when we ALL showed up at the deli counter at the store that was on the way. ALL of us, including me! We worked out who would bring what, and it was perfect!
  7. 4 main dishes, one of them vegan 4 side dishes, one of them vegan (like Mac-cheese, tater-tots, French fries, potato salad) Vegetable or fruit tray (seasonal) Pot of rice (8-10 cups) Bread/rolls, pickles, olives, stuff you can stab with a toothpick Large green salad, dressing on the side (no nuts or dairy in the salad, but can be on the side) Chips, salsa and guacamole Dessert (like a pan of brownies or a big package of Oreos) Dessert Dessert Beverages for kids (ETA NOT juice-boxes. Those things turn into squirt guns and it is a MESS. They get water in cups now.) Someone always makes coffee but otherwise I would add that to the list, and someone then needs to bring cream and sugar. It's funny--I can do this from memory, just walking down the table. :0) As for sign-up, I put this all on a Google spreadsheet and gave everyone access. I send out an email one week prior, and on Thursday I check in and see what we need -- which is usually not much more but a few fill-ins. That's when the young single men on the team fill in things that they can pick up at the deli or whatever. :0) It helps if you leave 4 rows for main dishes, for example as opposed to waiting for 4 people to fill in one line. It's more obvious where the holes are. We USUALLY have left-overs BUT ... last time it was my team's turn, 3 of the 8 texted at 8a.m.--two were in the emergency room and the other was at home with back they would not be in. THAT Sunday, I put out the smaller plates!
  8. We do this every Sunday and I’m our team’s lead. I have a list that works pretty well and it has room for people who cook and people who buy from the deli. We have it worked out through practice. Our team if 8 families feeds 125 people but here’s my backup secret: when we haven’t been able to bring enough food, I put out smaller plates. It works like a charm. the other thing I remember On a short day is that people will live to eat again. The food isn’t the point. It gives us a way to gather but no one needs to eat like it’s their last meal. Re: allergies, preferences and so on—we always have a pot of rice and a large green salad with dressing on the side and things like nuts and cheese on the side. That takes care of about 15 different people without additional worry. I hope this helps.
  9. Funeral homes and lawyers have to deal with this stuff all the time. Both will have great suggestion and direction for you. Talk to the will-making lawyer. You can do a lot of legwork or you can pay them to do it.
  10. And with all that has been said above and experienced by me, I will add something that I found extremely interesting when I learned it a number of years ago. A guy in my former church is a PhD brain researcher. He taught us many classes and brought a lot of science into his talks, a lot of the research done in his labs and at a major university. He told us that at puberty, when the hormones kick in, boys pheromones are such that they are specifically repellent to their mothers. I guess it is part of the way that we are made so that it is easier (imperative!) to let go, to get that stinky bird out of the nest. My son would smell good for about 15 minutes after a *real* shower, but within an hour, I'd be sitting...over there. I mentioned it (about 4000 times) to my dh and he didn't notice anything. Neither did my sister. He still doesn't smell that good to me but his 3yearGF snuggles in close and breathes deeply, so I think there is something in this. And like everyone else, he stinks when he doesn't shower properly--and I've actually had him go take a shower when he comes over for a visit. I guess I needed an extra dose of stinky to let go. :0)
  11. Yes, but I think I would change the word "image" to "understanding" -- for the reason that how we understand God will determine how we relate to HIm. "Image" seems to me to be what I can create in my own imagination or by what I *want* to be true (for whatever reason, but in my case, usually because it makes me more OK the way I am and lets me off a lot of hooks I belong on, if I am going to take Christ seriously. For me, after finding that there had been some bad teachers (all using the same book/s), and realizing that I wasn't going to be any better as an autodidact for all the same reasons the other teachers had failed, I had to figure out who I could trust as my teacher. Not myself, that's for sure. (I discovered this when I considered writing my own catechism to teach the faith to my son. HAHA. Like *I'M* going to be the first one to get it right. Granted, I could teach him what *I thought* by doing this exercise...for what that would be worth. I'm not asking this to be snarky. I ask it as a question I asked myself. What does it look like to put Jesus first, but not the Bible (or Church or another teacher)? How do I know about Jesus at all without others (including the Bible) telling me about him? How does Jesus tell me about himself if not through the Bible or the Church or another teacher? I don't know. There's a hymn we sing on Great and Holy Friday, about Joseph asking for the body of Christ. The hymn repeats the lines, "Give me this stranger." That really got to me because I came to understand that the Jesus I had "made up that fit my worldview" was a stranger to those who lived in other places, other times. And that makes no sense to me. So that became my prayer--give me this stranger. But I don't know how that would happen without some kind of revelation or teacher. So that is why I ask. Of course, there are a skillion other questions, many of which I still ask or struggle with. I'm still learning.
  12. That was *the* tipping point for me. Frederica dealt with it to some degree in this article: In about 2006,I was commenting on a former boardie's blog-conversation where the topic of penal substitutionary atonement was being discussed; I said something like what ktgrok said in the quote and I was called all sorts of names and thrown off the board. But this view was not part of mainstream Christian discussion until Anselm, who riffed and expanded on one of Augustine's musings (not a teaching). It's sort of like if you look at the Garden of Eden story (whether as story or history...I don't care) and hear God say these words, "Adam...what have you done?" Do you hear God yelling, angry, see a scowl on his face, his arms akimbo, and know he is going to mete out punishment for willful offensiveness? Or do you hear God moaning in sadness, see his hands covering his face, and know he wants to help deal with the consequences of a poor choice on the part of one He loves? I'm with the latter.
  13. I get something for the parents. A photo frame or something that has a tie-in with the baby but the baby doesn't need anything.
  14. There's a lot in here that matches what I believe. Not all of it, but a lot of it.
  15. This is what I have. Health insurance but t not healthcare coverage. Every year, befire I decide whether to continue this path or go to healthcare coverage, I do the math and with self-pay, I've never come close to paying what I would pay for healthcare coverage. Not even the year I had two surgeries. I even checked my rates with a broker and the closest he could get me to what I have now would have cost me double per month. This has been true for us for 13 years, first family of three and now just my son and me. Dh is on Medicare now.
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