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  1. The Orthodox Church gives us a common fast. There's a short story and a long story. Here is the shortest I can make it. The fast is really just abstention from foods--meat, dairy, eggs, fish, wine, oil. Pretty much vegan, but the wine and oil are in there, too. We get wine and oil on Saturdays and Sundays during Lent. There are other fasting periods through the year, and we generally fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. ALL of this has exceptions! We are all in it together, which is very encouraging and supportive. Part of the Lenten rule is fasting. The other parts are prayer (which we increase by having more services) and almsgiving (eating less food, so you have more money to give to the poor, theoretically...and we set side time to serve others. There is widespread understanding that temptation comes from the world, the flesh and the devil. We combat these, respectively, with almsgiving, fasting, and prayer. And we do it together, which is huge. ETA: today is Meatfare--the last day we eat meat until Pascha (Easter). You should have seen our coffee hour!!! MEAT.
  2. Yep. We are taught that it involves fasting, acts of mercy, and prayer. The one-liner on that is that fasting without the other just a diet. :0)
  3. I did for about 15 years as a Protestant and now that I'm Orthodox, my fast is given to me. When I chose, I would give up coffee or alcohol or the Well-Trained Mind boards. The only year I was a wreck was the year I gave up both coffee and alcohol--mostly it was hard because these are social foods... My Presbyterian pastor gave the best one line purpose statement I have ever heard about fasting: "We fast to remove from ourselves the anesthetics we use to mask the pain of our sin." That was why I fasted from the boards--I found that when I was impatient with my son, I ran to the boards to get a break. Instead, I should have run to God in prayer, and to my son in love. So, during Lent, when I got the urge to run to the boards, instead, I was *reminded* to go to prayer. It was a good trainer. I'm a believer in fasting.
  4. I think so!!! Maybe I can search on her name. It is interesting that I remember that now that you mention it. No—it’s bigger than that It’s like getting a global understanding of a large body of knowledge when a small part comes to you. Metaphorically, macro vs mega. closer, but not the term I seek. Gestalt would be understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 1+1=3. What I am talking about is more like this: if 1+1=2, then {I understand addition}.
  5. I don't know anything about cultural stuff. Or much else, for that matter! I think sometimes there is a backstory that isn't told, at least at the individual level. Maybe what started as "help" (totally fine) became "enabling" (destructive to everyone involved and the relationships). My son, age 24, is finally finding his path. We have thrown a lot of money at stuff over the years, and it turns out to have been at least partially enabling. He's grown up a lot, and we are a bit wiser now. So, he's going to this school which will get him a skill which will get him a job and he is FINALLY happy and engaged and diligent. Never thought I'd see the day. We are footing HALF the bill, AFTER he completes the course. This is a kid who has to have skin in the game, to know he is earning it (in part because he has grown up a lot in the past year! thank God). This looks stingy to people who know us. It looks selfish or crabbed. But with THIS kid, this is what has to happen. And I am glad it is finally happening, If he gets through this program in the next 4 months, he will likely be able to get a job that is at least 5x what he was able to earn in each of the past five years. :0) But we have to help him the right way. For the record, had his path been traditional, and he been able to receive help without going sideways, we were ready to throw a TON of money at his college/post-grad education. But HE doesn't work that way.
  6. I love this. It was free-floating for whomever needed it and seemed to replicate itself as needed. :0)
  7. You're going to have to try them on. I sooo want a pair of chaco sandals, but the arch hits in the wrong place on my foot. I wouldn't mind having a pair of Birks, but my second AND third toes are longer than my big toe. Those don't work I can't tell you how many pairs of walking/tennis shoes I tried on to find a new pair now that my best pair is in shreds (literally). Nope--low outside ankle bone. Le sigh. My Danskos are great, but I had to try on at least 6 pairs of the exact same shoe in the exact same size to find a pair that worked. Sanitas is actually the brand that made the original Danskos...they sold the brand name but not the "recipe" to Dansko. Sanitas are cheaper and better made. I'm really not that picky in real life. But shoes do me in. I have two pairs of Clarks flats that work for me--but they can't be the kind with the elastic around the top or the thin sole where you feel every rock. I used to have Eccos that I liked, but apparently they don't make them any more. I've had very good luck with Abeo--the Walking Company's store brand. I've used the same sandals for about 10 years now (the exact same pair) and the arch support is still good, and I wear the tar out of them in the summer and in Hawaii (at least 2 weeks each year so far--only shoes I take). When I found out they were changing these sandals, I bought an extra pair, which are still virgins, sitting in a shoebox in my closet. I just got back from Hawaii, and I think my oldies are still goodies...yay!
  8. I added the "laughing" icon in my response because I am 20 years past this age with my son. I can laugh now.
  9. A sort of spin-off, but I've seen people who have back-row seats get on at the right time, but dump their stuff in the more-forward overhead bins...leaving those rows with no space for their stuff. And while I am at it...I've also been so careful to get all my stuff into the required items (one small bag, one rolly) for carry-on and then have someone take up the overhead space with a big rolly, a small rolly, and then their satchel and put an enormous handbag under the seat. I think the world of flying has become so aggressive that the flight attendants just don't want to deal with it anymore...
  10. Maybe this? or this? or this?
  11. I hope we do some major work this spring, but at the moment I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread. It reminded me that I had to get after my hydrangeas.
  12. About 15 years and two discussion board formats ago, there was a discussion with a gifted woman who described a kind of learning / knowledge acquisition as basically having the body of knowledge of a subject come to you all at once, not step by step. I can't remember the name of this kind of experience. Does anyone here know?
  13. I am so sorry. Anything is possible as you know but you also have to deal with the probable. I’d be a mess. Let us come alongside you in your struggle. You matter.
  14. Yes. This is what I will do when it is time. But it wouldn't work for my MIL. She won't have a cell phone *because it is not a land line.*. Go figure. She has one of the pendant around the neck things but won't wear it so it is worthless. My mom puts hers on to walk to the bathroom. She's not going to lie on the floor with a broken hip for 7 hours (unlike some people I could mention). If your dad is active, get something with GPS on it. If he is not but stays home unless accompanied, then I LOVE the Alexa idea. One has to have internet, but if he already does, that's no problem.
  15. I’m willing to try. I’ll bow out if I’m not helpful and keep your confidence and be merciful.
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