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  1. Actually, you switch to Medicaid. The problem is that only one or two places in our area will take "pure medicaid from the get-go" and the rest require a 3-5 year self-pay, THEN you can go to Medicaid. Well, we don't have 3-5 years of self-pay available. MAYBE 3...and she is 97...but you see the issue...
  2. I may have to respond to this tomorrow. Remind me if I don't remember to!
  3. This was a fairly precipitous drop. I think the lockdown had a lot to do with it because she lost her weekly church contact and dinners with friends and the one remaining relative won't come over because COVID. Mom and sister had a visitor a couple of weeks ago and it was like a miracle drug. Mom was coherent, ate without being prodded, got up and dressed every day, showered, didn't disobey the no-cooking rules...for a week. I initiated contact today. For reasons explained in previous post, the "get her lunch ready" was tried but abandoned. No. That is because s
  4. Thank you all. It's such a yucky situation. I agree about the safety issue--and COVID has thrown some wrenches into the works. One thing I want to do (and have wanted for a long time) is to get my sister named as on official caregiver caregiver so she can get paid for the work she does. This will do two things--one it will allow for the transfer of money from mom to my sister without Medicaid pitching a fit when that time comes, and that money would be set aside to do nice things for mom, given that within a matter of a few months, she would be out of money in a nursing care situ
  5. If you look at IKEA and find close-to-what-you-want, then also go out on the web and snoop around for IKEA DIY add ons. We have a kitchen interior designer for a friend and she had NO CLUE that our kitchen and family room was all from IKEA (thanks to the flippers we bought from). They did things like put in IKEA bookshelves--but with crown molding at the ceiling. They got really nice hardware for the cabs.
  6. Here's the deal. Mom is 97, deaf as a post, can't talk on the phone, maybe can hear the doorbell. She lives with my sister who works and HAS to work at a full time job to make ends meet and can't come home mid-day to make lunch or to check on Mom, nor can she get through on the phone (see DEAF) to remind her to take pills. Mom doesn't remember instructions like "No cooking. Don't use the garbage disposal." So my sister comes home to find the gas stove burner on, or the garbage disposal running, and likely since noon. (We are taking care of this with child-proofing but I'm telling yo
  7. I'd forgotten that--maybe that was why ds wasn't all-in for the follow-on stories. One of the goofy things that happened was when he cried (really little guy-4 or something) when I read Peter Rabbit (Beatrix Potter) to him. It wasn't because Mr. McGregor shot Peter's father--it was because Peter lost his buttons! KIDS.
  8. My ds liked similar books. He didn't like Little House after the dog died--"That's it--I'm done." He did like Caddie Woodlawn, Anne of Green Gables. He liked a LOT of Roald Dahl (but not all). He liked the first Little Britches but not the follow on books. Phantom Toll Booth. Freddy the Pig. Thornton Burgess animal stories were GREAT--they were somehow different from the Beatrix Potter books. (This was a long time ago, so I'm remembering as best I can...) He also liked biographies starting at about that age. (That proves that I am his mother.)
  9. Humans are pretty amazing. It might not be ideal but ... the kid is alive--and he cleans the kitchen! My son never gets sick, either. I think he has had 2 colds in his life. Go figure, with that crazy diet. I had a friend whose child would only eat strained plums from age 2 to 7! I don't know what happened in the longer run, but I do know that he graduated with honors from high school and went to college...
  10. PROBLEM SOLVED! THANK YOU! I was so dreading spending a lot of time on this--thank you thank you thank you! They are ordered and on the way. :::mwah!:::
  11. I have to keep potato chips out of the house. If they are here I will eat.the.bag-ful. If I don't have them in the house I don't want them at all. SO out of control. I can only control access.
  12. The only time my son ever melted down in a store (I WANNNNNNT IT!) was at the grocery store when I wouldn't buy some broccoli. A nearby customer overhead the tantrum and said, "For heaven's sake, buy him the broccoli!" I laughed -- "We have a bunch at home already." It was a pretty classic tantrum with an unusual object of desire.
  13. True. He did like a few healthy things and that was good. I should add that there was a ton of gummy candy and tortilla chips involved here, as well. And sugared-to-choking-level packaged oatmeal. :0)
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