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  1. This may not hit the point totally, but maybe there is a little something here--and yes I am white and always have been and always will be. I live in a mixed-race neighborhood, and walk a lot, and have people from India, Asia, Russa--and who knows what other languages are being spoken by white people?--whom I encounter on my daily walks. I admit that it is a bit off-putting to encounter someone different from myself, but mostly it is my dis-ease at this point, not knowing how I will be received. Do I smile? (I smile at everyone all the time, but now I worry about that being interpreted as patronizing..). IDK. My I-hope-someday-will-be-my-DIL is from another race. If my son and she break up, I might keep her. KWIM? Anyway, here is the thing I really came to say: I have lost all my hair--it's alopecia (Latin for hair loss which makes me feel a lot better haha). I look different, I can never look really NICE and put together. I get treated differently because of it. Some of that is good and some of it is bad. People assume I have cancer and am dying and so they remark on my courage (when I am having fun on the beach, and yes, this happened--they wanted to have their picture taken with me because I was so inspiring--having fun while I am apparently dying! It's OK--I smiled big and let them have their inspiration). People ask me -- random people in grocery lines -- how I am doing. Without fail this is because THEY have beat The Big C and they want to encourage me in my battle. I tell them that I am fine but ask them how THEY are and hear their stories. I have an awkward life because I'm different. But sometimes it is more than awkward. I decided I wanted to go back to a part time job--but who will hire someone who looks like they have a deadly disease? or who just looks "funny"--out of place? Should I work at a department stores? No one wants to buy clothes from a sick person. Should I be a receptionist for a medical facility? No. No one wants a bald receptionist. During the Christmas rush, when they are hiring anyone who can fog a mirror--they're not hiring me. (I repeat: I'm fine! I just have no hair! But boy, when I did, it was PRETTY. So yeah, I feel the loss.). I have a GREAT resume; and eventually, I did get a part time job that I love--online. No one cares what I look like. It's been a bit of an eye opener. Maybe there is something TO doing the experiment of going to a place where you are out of place (and this is not my first rodeo in THAT arena, either) and getting a whiff of being treated differently. Even so, I wasn't getting arrested or followed by the authorities or anything really important. It is still an eye-opener. This is a good and helpful thread. Thank you.
  2. I'm not one to live into regrets--at all. I have always thought that, with a few exceptions, we don't decide on things in order to screw up. We are, in general, doing the best we can...AND it is impossible to say what WOULD have happened had we done "the other thing." THAT said...I wish I had not lived so much into fear of all the things that would happen if I wasn't 100% responsible every single second of every single minute. Being a little afraid all the time has had too much shaping power in my life...still does. But I'm working on it. :0)
  3. Me neither. And my heart is always in my throat. I also can't turn away from the large building demolitions...what is WRONG with me? I think it is the same appeal, though--"How do they DO that?" LOVED seeing this today.
  4. There are wire brushes and there are wire brushes. Don't get one that looks like a hairbrush, with the wires stuck into a piece of wood or plastic or metal. Get one with heavier wires, wire-wrapped into shape. Ours looks a lot like this but it isn't this one:°-Clean-Grill-Brush/dp/B00TPAE1JW/ref=sr_1_24?dchild=1&keywords=grilling+wire+brush&qid=1590791829&sr=8-24 THEN (and I promise you this is genius!): Get the grill as hot as you can. Get the GOOD wire brush and a bowl of water. Dip the wire brush in the water and brushing the grates. Do it again and again the first time (but after the first time, do it every time you grill). You basically steam clean the grill in place. It can take some effort the first time and a couple of bowls of water. THEN reheat the grill to HOT. Then open it up and with a pair of long tongs holding a folded few paper towels dipped in canola or vegetable oil, brush over the grates. This seasons them. Be careful and watch out for flame-ups (like in the fire swamp!). Next time you grill, get the grill really hot, and do the oil thing again. Then when you are done grilling do the water/steam thing again. Before/after every time.
  5. OOOOH NOOOOOOO---Baggallini sale!!!!!!
  6. I got a one of those things you use to put your passport in and slip it under your shirt. It holds my phone, my small camera, and ... my passport, a couple of cards, some bills and chapstick...but I didn't usually carry my camera in it. I *could* though. I have also used a small-camera case as a lightweight carrier in the past.
  7. Property inspection, appraisal. I think there is a 4-week inspection class at a community college near us.
  8. ...but the jury is IN on your profile "quote"--haha!
  9. Interesting thought! :0) And I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I am THIS CLOSE to using my sterling...which I did not choose and did not buy for myself. A former student decided I ought to have sterling, chose the pattern, and got people to chip in to buy us an 8=place setting. Now that I am older and speed-dishwashing isn't such a necessary athletic event, I find I actually enjoy the sterling--the weight, the shape, and even washing it up. (Do you want to know a secret? Don't tell! I have a setting that I use all the time...I wash it up after each meal. I just don't tell the males in the they would notice....). :0)
  10. SOME millennials are buying the used china at the antique stores instead of getting their own brand new pattern when they marry/move in together. I have a friend who entertains a lot and she buys sets at the thrift store. When we go to her house, we never use paper plates...and she sticks them in the dishwasher, because who cares? She's not keeping them as a legacy; she's using them up now. Same with the millennials. For $50 they can get another set when this one is worn out or they hate it. I never got china and I'm glad. My sister did, and her dh was a china nut and then they divorced and so they split the china; she has a full set of regular dishes and china. Then, Mom moved in with her and she has HER regular dishes and a set of china. My mom ALSO made a set of pottery dishes for each of us when we got married, and my sister still has THAT. Then, they both hate each other's daily pattern and china pattern, and the stoneware is too heavy to lift so they got some Corelle that they use every day. AND...when I was helping them pack and move, I found yet another set and I put my foot down. I AM NOT PACKING THIS. All of these sets are for 8-12 people...and their table seats 4. HAHAHAHA.
  11. I got something called a "down blanket" from The Company Store a number of years ago and I think it is exactly what you are looking for. But they don't sell it anymore. I notice that they DO sell comforters with different warmth levels, so you can choose the more or less hypoallergenic, type of down, according to different products and the select the warmth level. I didn't see specific pictures of "light" so I can't tell if this is essentially a down blanket. Mine has a satin edging on the top and bottom, just like wooly blankets do.
  12. That is true. But I think it is exceptionally important in these times to use some common sense and be careful because people are basing pretty big real-time decisions on this data. It bugs me a little bit too, that if this persists, the reported cancer rate will look lower than it is...which affects decisions in THAT area. I know it isn't a simple thing...but I do think it calls for careful reporting...more careful than usual.
  13. I just got off the phone with my friend whose cousin died last week. He had entered hospice a month earlier as he had terminal cancer with a 2 month life expectancy. He got CoVid in the hospice facility, and the cause of death was listed as CoVid.
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