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  1. Patty Joanna

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    I’ve reflected all day in this from so many angles. One of the things that strikes me is the sense of entitlement that must be at the back of this: We paid a lot for this vacation. I’m getting something back. The other thing is that I have wondered how the responses would have been different if my original post had differed in its context, in any of these ways (none of these the reality of the backstory). I was just musing on whether the circumstances would have changed the responses. 1. My friend had a beautiful piece of art stolen from the condo where she spends 1/3 of her year because the climate provides relief from a painful autoimmune condition. 2. My friend had a sentimental piece of decor stolen from the condo she and her (now deceased) husband scrimped and save to buy for their retirement home. 3. My friend had a valuable piece of art stolen from her multi-million dollar second home. It’s no big deal financially—she can commission a replacement—it’s the principle of the thing. My dh snd I had an interesting conversation about it today.
  2. Patty Joanna

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    If the bandaids were needed to finish the job at the doctor’s office, I’d finish the job. Or if they were specialty bandaids, hard or impossible to find in the stores, I’d ask for a supply. (We did that when my MIL had a cancer removed from an ...odd location, and we knew we weren’t going to find bandaids that would suit. They gladly gave us what we needed. But I would expect to buy bandaids for ongoing care. Piping up because of the “it might be cultural” part.
  3. Patty Joanna

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    The house is inventoried. I'll be watching to see how the management company handles this one...they HAVE to know who was staying in the place when the object disappeared. And do I trust the housekeepers? Yes, I do. There is *relationship* there, in ways you wouldn't believe (attending the funerals of the spouses who have died, for example) and they have been with the place for more than 30 years. It's the renters. And it is up to the management company to do *something.* They get paid a BOATLOAD of money every month.
  4. Patty Joanna

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    Please update us. What will happen depends a bit on your doctor. One dermatologist saw a growth and told me to come back in two weeks for a biopsy. She was a JERK of a doctor though (really bad experience with her) so I went to my GP and he LOOKED at it and told me it was basal cell carcinoma, and by the time I left, I had appointments set up with specialists to remove the thing (MOHS procedure), and a plastic surgeon to do repair, all within a week. The growth was on my face...and I had let it go for a long time because I thought it was eczema, a besetting condition in my life. So it was more complicated than it would have been a year earlier. One doctor was NOT helpful and the other was ACTION MAN. Now I have a new dermatologist who is wonderful. When she has seen a couple of very light questionable spots, she has frozen them off in her office, and they are gone. We have a history of skin cancers in my family, so I keep watch. The funny thing is that I grew up in Colorado and was in the sun a LOT and my dermatologist says I have the clearest skin, mole-wise, that she has ever seen.
  5. Patty Joanna

    What is wrong with people? :::rant::: But justified.

    This is a top-end condo at a resort, with a management company in charge. They will be getting a flea in their ear today. It's a really nice place (like I can never ever afford to go to a place like this...and I'm a simpler person anyway) just boggles my mind that people who CAN afford to stay at a place like this are walking out with (big and heavy) things that don't belong to them. And this isn't the first time. This is why when you go to a condo or an Airbnb, the knives are a little dull, the pans are a little less-than-great, there is no pepper, salt, paper towels, and there are only 4 place settings. The rest walks off....and the good and pretty stuff is locked in the owner's closet. It's always the few who ruin it for everyone, and it seems that monetary means make no difference.
  6. A friend has a property she rents out. Every time she goes back to stay in it, something has been stolen. I’m not talking about a pillow case or an ashtray...not that that’s excusable. I’m talking things that weigh 10 pounds or more and are bigger than a breadbox. I don’t even know HOW to steal something like this... and WHY??? Ranting. But srsly???????
  7. Patty Joanna

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    One part of the compromise might be taking a weapons safety class. I did and the thing THEY recommended was that the first line of defense for 99% of people was pepper spray...and they had a follow-on class to teach how to use that and to engage in self-defense. I think it is reasonable to have self-defense measures available and that you be trained in their use. I don't think it has to be (or should be) a firearm. One of the things that was interesting in this class was that they went through all the World of Legal you enter when you fire a weapon at someone, even an intruder in your home. It was eye-opening.
  8. Patty Joanna

    s/o Kids Movies that are Great Films

    Babe. We quote so many lines from that movie. The original Parent Trap with Hayley Mills. I hate with the heat of 1000 suns CGI cartoons.
  9. Patty Joanna

    Summer jobs for teens?

    Summer jobs: lifeguarding. Summer recreation/youth camp/sports camps. I would start looking at city / govt jobs NOW.
  10. Patty Joanna

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    It occurs to me that the next house I live in, I’m going to stand in the center of it and say, “You’re not the boss of me!”
  11. Patty Joanna

    OMG! I'm back!

    I have troubles linking to the social group on my desktop but I can from my phone. Customer Service is working on it. Yay!
  12. Patty Joanna

    OMG! I'm back!

    Welcome back! I'm not dead-certain, but I think you can make your username ManagerMom again...if you want. But if you are happy as it is, then YAY!
  13. Patty Joanna

    Benedict Option---is there a book club for this?

    Fabulous book! But no idea about a book "club" for it specifically.
  14. Patty Joanna

    Talk closets with me.

    I like the rail systems a lot; you can reconfigure them as life changes. At our old house, we spent too much money on getting drawers for our master bedroom closet (but it was the right thing to do for that house in that neighborhood). If we re-do our closet here, I am going to get the rail system and use cloth baskets (at 7% of the cost of an actual drawer) to hold my dainties and scarves and socks and anything else I would put in a drawer. One thing we did with our Most Fabulous Expensive Closet that I don't think added a ton of money but was a good value was to put cedar planking at the back of one of the walls. That supposedly keeps the moths away but the main reason I loved it is that everything smelled so fresh.
  15. Patty Joanna

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    Kind of but not really. We have an open-space kitchen/eating area/family room and an adjacent dining room and an adjacent-to-that living room. When we moved in, the TV was above the fireplace, which I hate because it gives you a neck-ache to look up at it, and we also pretty much never used the living room except for guests, and THEY mostly hung out in the open-space kitchen/eating area/family room ANYWAY, so we put the TV "family room" furniture in the living room, and that has become our family room, and we use it a lot more. The know, that space, has become an area we use a lot more when we are alone because it is near food. We still have the dining room in between them (and we don't have any other table to eat at in the open space area--it's just an oooch too small--so we put a reading chair there, and my dh lives in that chair. Crossword puzzle city. All these rooms have visual access to one another. The dining room is about 20' away from the kitchen, and it is not that hard to use, especially as we often do buffet-style service from the kitchen anyway, like on Thanksgiving or at group dinners. And to tell the truth, if I didn't have the furniture (or the dh!) ::::smile::: I have, I would probably use the space in a different way. (Well, for one thing, I would move, because this would be too big for me alone... And here we are in yet another episode of Patty Joanna Goes down the Rabbit Trail....) SO all that to say that we found that by using our space in a different way, we got more use out of it. We use the dining table for puzzles and when we have guests, we2 eat off trays on other days. Give it a shot; it might work a lot better for your family to rearrange the use of the rooms. I love seeing how other people make their houses fit how they live--here are a few examples... Our neighbors who have pretty much the same floor plan as ours did away with their dining room all together as they never have guests and they turned the combo living/dining room into a theater. A friend from my 35years-ago past woke me up to using the floor plan to make it work for YOU. She and her 2nd dh (no kids) bought a very small house that was cut up into little bedrooms upstairs, had a biggish LR, a medium DR and decent sized kitchen. They turned the small bedrooms upstairs into an office for each, a TV room, and a hobby room, put the master bedroom in the living room, a small sitting area in the dining room, and a kitchen table in the kitchen, and that was how they made that house work for them. It was a bit of a surprise to walk right into their bedroom, but once I was in the cozy sitting area near the kitchen, it was really a pretty pleasing arrangement. When my sister lived with my parents, they had a big apartment with a dining room and a living room; they put the smallish dining table in the wide hall between them and my sister used the DR for her LR and my parents the LR for theirs. It gave each of them some personal public space. :0)
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