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    I was born and raised in Texas. I'm 35 years old and a mother to four great kids.
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  1. I worked in a daycare right after my son was born. I was in the early 2's class. I was specifically told that I was not to say that the kids were bad to either the child or the parent. Ever since then, it's almost like the word "bad" is a four letter word to me when it comes to getting on to a child. I've never told any of my children that they are "bad". I've always said, "Don't be ugly." Then at a daycare my twins attended a few years ago I was volunteering in their room. Honestly, there were some really "bad" kids in there. However I said, "Don't be ugly to your friends." Th
  2. Who is the author of this book? I'm interested in reading it. Thanks. :001_smile:
  3. Laurie4b and HeidiD, Thank you both so much!! And thank you all who have suggested that I try to incorporate some of her interests into her schoolwork. I just talked with her about what we've been discussing here. She said that she doesn't have an "obession" per say, however, as mentioned before she does love animals. She's given me a list of animals she'd like to learn more about that I can incorporate into reading/literature and science. I did tell her that she will have to learn her "core" subjects, but I will try to incorporate her interests whenever I can. Thank
  4. KarenAnne, I've just looked at the Spelling Power website. Did you purchase any of the spelling magnets, phonics kit, etc.? I read some reviews on homeschoolreviews.com and it seemed like a lot of the parents were confused as to how to teach it. Something about the book being hard to understand? Either way, I will get it since you've given it a great review. I just wanted your opinion on the matter. I'm also adding the Jeffery Freed book to my wishlist. TY
  5. I'm so glad you asked! It makes more sense to me when you say it. My husband (her step-father) is dyslexic and it was the only way I could verbalize it. I have a worksheet that she did the other day. I didn't help her on it except to check it and discuss her mistakes. dilema (dilemma) calander (calendar) critisice (criticize) arithmatic (arithmetic) collage (college - the hint was "after high school") nesecetiys (necessity) laughter - spelled correctly diffrent (different) anonnoums (anonymous) vegtables (vegetables) Agust (August) cafateria (cafeteria) extra - spelled corr
  6. Hello! Thank you so much for posting that wonderful information. Your suggestions are invaluable to me. I'm so in love with the Classical method of teaching, but I've been wondering if she's able to "get" it. KWIM? I think I'm going to rethink her education at home. I completely agree with you. You really went out of your way to talk to me about your real life situation and I greatly appreciate it. Do you still incorporate all of the major areas of education? I don't care what kind of job she wants when she's an adult. I just want her to be able to achieve it if she wants to. Right
  7. Hello all! I'm a mother to four great kids (15, 13, and 6 year old twins) and I will be homeschooling them beginning this fall (except my 15 year old). I'm excited and scared, but I see that so many people are thriving and their kids are doing so well. That gives me hope and confidence. My oldest daughter who is 13 has recently been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. From the beginning I knew she was very different from my son, but kids aren't the same so I just took it at face value. Then I had my twins (fraternal) and I saw some similarities between one of them and my oldest daugh
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