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  1. Q 1) I am teaching 6th grade this year and we are on track with studying the medieval time period. One concern I have is when using the History Of The World study book as our basic text, the christian view is completely left off. I'd like to counter balance the theories but don't feel equipped enough to do it on my own. Do you have any suggestions for doing that? Q 2) How on God's green earth do I teach 6th grade and 3rd grade together? Thank you!
  2. Yes, I am using the same time period with my 3rd grader. However, they won't be studying from the same text. For the 6th grader the basic text is History of the World, 3d edition. (not to be confused with Story of the World) He'll also be using National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers and a timeline. He'll be studying important men and women from that time period as well. We will be using a primary source, and other general resources to pull information from the medieval time period.
  3. Thank you for your response. I am following The Well Trained Mind curriculum guide for History, there aren't any Q&A type workbooks involved this year. It is a read, write about(outline), mark on the timeline, find on the globe type of deal. There will be summaries as well, after outlining. I just feel that I won't know if he is missing pertinent information or not unless I do the history lessons with him, or before he does. In years past there have always been some type of guide for the parent. Maybe once all my material comes in, I will be pleasantly surprised and this won't be so overwhelming. At the moment I'm considering switching to a different curriculum. Which I would really rather not do, I love WTM.
  4. Good afternoon fellow educators, I am in the current stages of planning out our 6th grade year. I have three children ranging in age from 3-11. I am struggling on how to teach the history portion to my 11 year old. It seems that the only way I will be able to check his work, and make sure things are moving in the right direction, is if I read along side him or pre-read the text. Is this correct, or am I missing something? This is a huge concern for me. I am also teaching 3rd grade and I have a toddler. The idea of having to basically do the history lessons before he does, is worrisome. Please correct me if I am wrong. Or if you have ideas or suggestions I would greatly welcome them. Thanks for your time, Tracy
  5. Hi guys! This is our second year homeschooling. I have an opportunity to attend a conference in March in Memphis, TN. However, I'm wondering....is it really worth my time? It kind of seems like it's a big commercial for different curriculums. I appreciate everyone's opinions! Thanks so much! Tracy
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