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  1. I might actually have it, guess I'll look in the morning.
  2. Oh guys guess what? I finally inboxed the mini printer that I bought myself for Christmas! It's charging now! Ok for real, I'm going to bed, for some reason 6:30 comes early, even though that's not the time I'm wanting to wake up.
  3. Good job! Now tell me the name of it so I can buy it and hopefully use it with my Ds. And speaking of science, I need to get my big boy to using that expensive kit I bought him this summer for this school year.
  4. Not without me!! Unless of course, you're willing to share!
  5. Posting now because I may not get here tomorrow, it's my No Social Medai day. Good Tuesday morning! We have regular lessons and taking the recycling, after that I plan to relax and wait for it.....read. Planning to do a facial mask for my self care. Don't do anything fun without me!!
  6. I so wish I lived near you, my boys would be in your science class in a heartbeat!
  7. Good Monday morning! Dang it! I totally forgot about the blood wolf moon, guess I should've put it in my planner. We watched a movie and went to bed since everyone was still feeling poorly. The boys and I will do our morning time routine and then they will be free to relax and get better for the remainder of the day.
  8. Update: my kids are all complaining of sore throats so, I did a quick Walmart run and bought ginger ale, apple juice, orange juice, soup and crackers. No church for us today, I'm praying it's just something small. Angi, will text you later.
  9. Good morning! Had a fantastic time at dinner last night, we have church today and not much else. I do need to go to the store, I'm hoping I can put that off till Monday. Youngest will remain home, he has a sore throat, I'm praying it doesn't get any worse. My sisters girls both have the flu and one has a double ear infection. Baby update: she's breathing on her own! Jean- I hope you feel better today.
  10. I will bail you out! I know how stressful it is moving with small children.
  11. Next time but, I really need to stop going, I can't get out of there without spending at least $20 and that's with a coupon, lol
  12. If mine aren't humiliating then there's no way yours will be.
  13. Laundry going precription picked up one bathroom cleaned Michaels run done And I still only have half my step count, lol!
  14. Yes take the plunge if it's something you would be buying anyway.
  15. Good morning all! Yesterday was long and I didn't sleep well last night so, I'm sure that I'll be napping after we get chores done. I need to add to the prayer list, my niece, she was born yesterday three months early. Please pray that she can breathe on her own soon.
  16. Good morning, praying for a better day than yesterday. Today we drop truck for oil change, get dd to work, lessons and hopefully, a nap, I did not sleep well last night. Slache--did you get full? Lol Junie--that's great news about your dad. My mom could use some prayers, it looks like she may have had a stroke, she goes for another MRI Saturday.
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