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  1. Good morning, another sleepless night! Got much of nothing except I just remembered that soccer has started, lol. Gonna get up and get my day going. Angi-don't forget to workout!! Also, I need some help with counting carbs, and you will notice that I didn't text you yesterday, it's because I didn't check, lol. Every time I thought about doing it, I about burst into tears, I was really good yesterday though!! Slache-I got a TN at Hobby Lobby on Saturday to try, they were on sale, deeply discounted or I would not have purchased it. It's really cute, I bought a weekly, dot grid and lined paper insert for notes and stuff. I did put a few plans in the weekly but nothing else so far, I like it especially for ease of cramming into a purse or backpack.
  2. It's because I didn't do it when I was supposed to earlier this week so, I had to, lol!
  3. Hey ladies! Got up and went straight to work this morning, getting laundry done, going to Hobby Lobby etc... I'm getting a short break before starting dinner.
  4. You know what I hate? I mean this really grates on my nerves, I really hate it when someone has wronged you but, they're lazing around (notice how I avoided lay/lie, lol), like you've done something to them.
  5. Good morning! I'm here, begrudgingly! Finally got a decent night's sleep but, must get the day started now. Jean or Angi-have either of you tried the Keto coffee?
  6. Just wanted to let you guys know, so you can celebrate with me, that Ds made a 93 on his science quiz today! And on last week's quiz he made a 95. Guess why? Because reviewing your previous lessons really do work! Who knew, right? Good night!
  7. Hey ladies! Slache- congratulations on that realtor and getting the help you need! Krissi-glad you guys enjoyed your movie! My brother got to hold his baby girl today, he sent me pictures! My cousin is doing ok today, she was able to get some much needed rest. We had a fantastic lunch and walk around the mall with Angi and kids, my boys had such a good time.
  8. Late good morning! I woke up way early and wanted to post but didn't, dozed for awhile and then accidentally fell back asleep and overslept. The boys and I got up and went straight to work, we'll only get to math, Latin devotions for the youngest and literature, science quiz and devotions for the older before meeting Angi for but, that's ok. I think I feel a case of the februaries coming on too. Yesterday, I was thinking of putting youngest in school, it wasn't a bad day, we just had a family emergency and all sorts of thoughts popped into my head about the disservice I was doing him, even though, we were done with is major work for the day, all he had was reading left. Happy nirthday day again Krissi!! I hope it's wonderful and blessed!!
  9. Wel, my day went downhill pretty fast. My cousin had a small seizure at work and had to go to ER via ambulance and I had to go and pick her up and get her home and settled. Slace, I don't think I'm going to church tonight, I'm exhausted, been up since 4, so I won't get the dvd's tonight, I will get them Sunday.
  10. I'm not sure, let me get the videos tonight and see how many there are and we can decide then. How does that sound?
  11. The class is a fortune but, my church has the videos that I can borrow! I bought the book a few tears ago. So, when do we wanna start?
  12. Good morning! I'm exhausted, I woke up at 4 and dozed for the next few hours, never really going back to sleep. I have an appointment today, piano and somewhere in there we have to get our lessons done, or at least most of them and church services this evening. Ds actually has soccer practice tonight but, since he was sick this week and his team has no coach, I figured we'd stop by after service next week. I guess I'll get up, I don't want too, and start my day.
  13. I'll do it with you! We're talking about just reading the book and watching the videos right?
  14. Oh my goodness prairie! I'm so sorry, I wish I had some ideas but, all I do is curl up in a ball and cry like a baby
  15. Ok, will look at it again and use MP coupon for his next grammar book! I bought it because at that price, how could I not. Thanks!
  16. Well technically, we didn't have a mystery science subscription, he's just been using the freebies that come in the email and I was supposed to get it over Christmas break and forgot. You just reminded me, lol. Not sure if I'll get it now or just wait until next year, I may use the $10 coupon I have from memorial press and maybe get him there insects or birds book.
  17. Why are you sending your Fitbit back? you know technically, this is my Monday as well since, we did absolutely nothing yesterday except recuperate from colds. Feeling blessed that I wasn't the flu though.
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