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  1. Angi, how is Landon liking mystery science? Greyson is loving it. Doug has him convinced that he eats enough vegetables by eating bacon, lol. Because pigs eat vegetables, so he's getting his veggies that way.
  2. Good morning! I'm getting my hair done today so the boys will be "feral" schooling as critter would say, lol. Lynn, taking Thursday off sounds like a great idea! I've been kicking around having a day off during the week next year as well.
  3. (((Junie))) Ellie edpo: Thinking of using R&S grammar for my 6th grader next year, he's had some grammar, should I start him in the 5th grade book? Qoestion for my low carb ladies, what do you eat, that's quick for breakfast? I love oatmeal and pancakes, I don't care for eggs, unless they are sunny side up and I loathe bacon unless it's turkey bacon, not really a sausage eater.
  4. Good morning! So glad today is Wednesday because I can't wait for this week to be over. Nothing much to do today regular lessons, piano (I hope, the last two lessons were cancelled), mid week service and soccer practice. I'm hoping to get a load of laundry done or we're all going to be pantless, lol. Jean-I didn't get my step count either Slache-what happened? Susan-I pray things go well with the talk.
  5. I so understand! I'm that way too, always trying to fix it, I don't think it's a bad thing but, it sure can be hard. I'm very slowly learning to ask if they need me to listen or if they want help. Did I mention that it's slow going.
  6. Good morning! Is it just me or is it complete torture for anyone else trying to get to WTM? Anyway, last week was not great, I was just so totally drained, I'm feeling a bit better after this weekend though. We have regular lessons today, soccer practice tonight and some housekeeping in there somewhere, hope everyone's day is productive.
  7. Good morning! Yes, it's Friday eve!!! I have nothing to do today except regular stuff, lessons, folding and putting away laundry and I need to figure out dinner, anyone want to help? I don't mind buying stuff, just need low carbs..
  8. Ok, tell me where to start with my two, just for reference, the youngest is a much better writer than the oldest. I'm thinking book 2 for both? Or maybe something from Memoria Press since I have that coupon? Thoughts
  9. Good morning! We did school at the library yesterday and it was fun! Today we'll be home because I need to run people places and do laundry but, I sure wish we weren't going to be here. The februaries have taken hold and I just don't want to do anything, I know that there are other contributing factors but, I just want to blame it on February, lol. Edpo: Ladies, we are not doing any consistent writing, not even my older boy, the 10th grader. Help us to write something daily, I have IEW, which I love, and a ton of other writing resources, why aren't we writing?
  10. Good morning! Last night at soccer practice was brutal! It was so cold, the kid had a good time though but, I will be finding him and me some warmer clothing. We have regular lessons today and I'm thinking of going to the library, just for a change scenery. I just need a different atmosphere.
  11. https://www.hobbylobby.com/Scrapbook-Paper-Crafts/Planners-Accessories/Planners/Jewel-Floral-Travelers-Notebook/p/80868638 this isn't the exact one I have but, it's made by the same company.
  12. Today is going to be long! He's crying because he forgot part of a song!
  13. I don't know, lol. I googled it and I'm still not sure, I will have my Ds check.
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