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  1. Glad you enjoyed it, I'd been debating on whether or not I should get it, I will buy it on your recommendation.
  2. I will need a review at 5:30, when I'm awake for no good reason!
  3. Back from Valentine's Day dinner, it was delicious! I was semi-good, I had a half a roll.
  4. Jean and Angi, why did my blood sugar go up after my walk? Also, what can I use to replace rice in my homemade chicken teriyaki? Quinoa? Tofu?
  5. Please send me a picture of what you get, I love looking at dishwashers
  6. Ds is cheating so hard on his math lesson, he used Siri for some of his questions and the calculator for the rest, lol!!! Don't worry I don't let him do that everyday but, I thought it might be useful for him to know how to use Siri in a pinch.
  7. good morning! Happy Valentine's Day! Woke up early this morning, dozed for a bit, never fully went back to sleep, I'm so over this week. Krissi- yay for sellling your house super fast! ((Jean)). I hope you feel better soon! ((Angi))
  8. Will y'all be doing anything for Valentine's Day? If so, what? I always get everyone in the house a small box of candy.
  9. Back from my appointment, gonna walk with boys and relax until dinner time.
  10. Good morning! Woke up early to phone call from my cousin, she's ok but, scared me half to death. She just needed to vent! We ended up talking past the time for me to get my boys up so, we had a late start and now I'm off to my dental appointment.
  11. That is precisely what my oldest will be doing! He'll have July off and back to work in August but, we'll only be working 3 days a week.
  12. Good morning! The sun is shining today and I'm so happy! DH's friend's celebration of life was last night, it was so hard but, it was beautiful to see the people who loved him and hear the stories. We will probably have another short day today because I'm still tired.
  13. No one, the warranty on ours is nearly up and they wanted us to extend it at $200 initial payment and $149 for 24 months. I had to tell my Dh no because we could just set that money aside and fix the problem as it arises and not have a monthly bill and $100 deductible.
  14. Good morning! My day is off to a bad start already, the boys are not up and technically, neither am I, I slept horribly last night. I didn't fill in the planners over the weekend so, I'll need to get that done this morning. I need to do a store run or grocery order, one of the two because we've been dining out entirely too much , I can't believe how behind I am and I haven't even started yet.
  15. Good morning! Dropping dd at work and then off to church for me and the boys. I need extra whatever you can spare today because I'm going to break the news to the kids.
  16. Good morning! Taking people where they need to go and doing the rest of my mundane work today, nothing exciting at all, I might watch a movie or something. I hope everyone has a great day!!
  17. Good morning! I'm finally able to log in and post, yay me! I'm not ok today, a friend of my DH's killed himself yesterday, we all loved him so much. He left behind a wife, kids and grandkids, I'm so sad for them and us, I haven't told my kids yet because they are going to be heartbroken. I don't even know what to say. We will just do our morning routine today and probably a store run.
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