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  1. Yes, looking at Writing Strands. Does anyone have any thoughts on Rod and Staff?
  2. Ack! Stressing over here trying to plan.....I'm looking for a inexpensive, basic writing program for an beginner. Someone just starting to write multiple sentences with the intent to move on to paragraphs. Please don't say copywork. We've done that, but I need more to teach. Probably a workbook style that gives prompts on what to write next and a step by step approach. Something that will teach skills so that we can use those skills when asked to write about another subject that is of interest to them. We have done FLL 1 & 2 and will do 3 this year, but I need more writing instruction. I love the grammar in FLL, but want more writing. It doesn't need to follow the Well Trained Mind style either. Thanks, Angel
  3. I have an 11 year old starting 6th this fall. She will be starting D. I know - REALLY behind. Now, I completely understand not needing to "keep up" with PS kids, however, I have just this year planned to enroll her in a ALE parent partnership with the PS for various reasons. Here are my fears and questions. She is behind for the most part just because we took it REALLY slow and almost to the point of me being lazy her first few years of school. Now, I am trying to catch her up and I don't know how. Math is so not my thing!! My husband, on the other hand, was a Math major and he was the one to originally pick Right Start as a program to use. BUT, he is not around (except on weekends) to help teach, so it is mostly on my shoulders. She understands the concepts of multiplication and division fairly well, but I feel we really just need to get the facts (all of them add., sub. mult.) memorized solid in order to push her ahead quickly. Any thoughts on how to do that? I think if we could get those solid, I could probably move through the next few books quicker than 1 a year. She also sees a tutor for her Language Arts and she has offered to help with Math. I just hesitate because Right Start is so different from what I am sure the tutor is use to. I am really starting to freak out. I need the ALE program for many reasons and I'm just starting to worry about how they are going to react to how behind she is. I don't want to push her beyond what she is able to do, but I really believe that now, the only reason she is behind is because it took us so long to get going. I truly believe she can do it. I just need to find a way to speed things up. Ideas? Help! :) If you are in the Right Start Yahoo Group, I also posted the same thing over there. Thanks, Angel
  4. So does he know them well and QUICK! See our problem is that my kids know how to figure them out in their heads and large numbers even. But she is now at the point she just needs to have them memorized and be able to say/write the answer quickly. It's only going to get harder and if she doesn't know the basics by heart she is going to take more time to do a problem because she is still figuring out the answers to those simple facts. I know Right Start is so opposite of public school and how kids just seem to memorize... I totally agree with them understanding the concept first, but we are now at the point where they understand the concepts and it just needs to be second nature. In order to move on and not become more work. You know? Hope that makes sense. :) Thanks
  5. For those of you who have used Right Start..... We are finishing C with my daughter right now and just starting C with my son. We have purposely (and sometimes lazily) taken the slow route with my daughter, but she seems to solidly understand and we have no doubt she can be up to speed by the time she hits high school. The one area she really struggles in is knowing the math facts. We did not play the games as much as we should, but I just don't have the time to devote to that. Even though I only have two kids they both still require almost all subjects be done with me. So, I am wondering what you who have used the program would suggest for getting her facts down. We do Xtra Math once a day, but I know she needs more. She also really struggles with subtraction. Any ideas to help with that. I appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks, Angel
  6. I've seen a few threads on what to do after FLL4 and I'm thinking I may go with R&S or Growing with Grammar. What I'd like to hear though, is what would be a good choice for a program that can be done independently. My daughter was a slow to learn reader and I am getting worn out with teaching every single subject. We need to start transitioning into more independent subjects. She will be 11 soon and we should be finished with FLL4 in a month or so. I just got Winning with Writing (Level 3) and so far she is flying through those lessons, but we have never really had a writing program, so it's easy for now. Right now we do Right Start Math, FLL, AAS, STOW so you can see it's very teacher heavy plus my son is 8 and I have to teach all his subjects. So, help!! What would be a good choice for grammar that is more workbook style that she can do on her own. Thanks. :) Angel
  7. Yes, they just searched for it or saw it on the home page right after you pinned it. Many of the times I get repins is right after I pin it myself. I'd love to see your pins of homeschool stuff. :) Angel
  8. I have a 10 & 7 year old. We did SOTW 2 last year and are finishing it this year. They REALLY struggle with the questions in the Activity book and narration. Sometimes I feel like saying, "Did you listen AT ALL!" I use to let my son (7) do something while I was reading so he didn't have to sit still. But he is a very focused kid and I found that he really didn't listen when he did something else. He was completely focused on what he was doing. My daughter does a better job with listening, but they really have trouble giving me a summary of what we read. Any ideas? How do I deal with the fact that it feels like they are retaining ANYTHING. What else could I do? Thank you so much for any advice you may have. :) Angel
  9. Thank you all for your help! I think we are going to try WWW and start with 3. I think we will both enjoy some independence. :) If it doesn't work for us we can always try WS. Neither program is so expensive that I would be afraid to try something different. Thanks again. I appreciate this community so much. My local homeschool community is more of the Abeka style, so it is helpful to have you all to bounce ideas off. :) Angel
  10. haha Sorry, Chrissy. I didn't mean that yours wasn't helpful, just that I'd love more people to chime in with their thoughts. :) However, your second post was little more helpful. hehe Thank you both! I know I need to not stress so much over this, but I feel like we have failed so much in the last few years and we are really hitting this critical time where she should be farther than she is. Plus, I spent most of the summer enjoying my free time and now I'm stressing to get school together in order to start next week. Thanks again. Hopefully my husband can also help me decide tonight.
  11. Has anyone used both of these or knows enough that could help me out? I do understand Winning with Writing is new and there are few that have used it for very long. But I need help and I am struggling to find a writing program. My 10 1/2 year old DD has had little writing instruction. I have failed her in many ways homeschooling (that is a different topic for another time), but we are both ready and willing to step up to the plate this year and work hard! Some of our struggles have been her being slow to pick up reading and trouble with spelling. Her reading is getting better and we now own AAS which I hope will help with the spelling and reading. She is a site reader, so I'm hoping that building the spelling through AAS will also make her a stronger reader. Because of these struggles she has also struggled with the WWE style. Dictation is difficult when we have to stop all the time to correct spelling. I would like to continue the WWE style of dictation and narration, but use it in our history and science like we normally would and not use the workbook. We are using FLL 4 right now and while she thinks it's boring, it is getting the job done. :) So, I am feeling like I really need a writing program to teach her how to construct a paragraph and get the basics of writing down. I feel like this would also help her feel more confident in writing longer narrations also. If you have stuck with me so far - Thank You! Has anyone seen or used both Writing Strands or Winning with Writing? I was going to go with WS, but then just discovered WWW today and I am now torn. We haven't used workbook style curriculum in the past because of her reading, but I think she may now like a few options like that. I think we would both like the idea of her doing some more independent work in the style of a workbook to guide her along. I would also appreciate any advice on to what level you think we should start. She understands types of sentences and subject, verb, adv. adj. because of our grammar work. But she really has no idea on paragraphs or more complex sentences. Thank you so much for listening and any advice you may have. Angel
  12. Thank you so much! The other thread and everyone's responses here have helped explain it so much. I appreciate you all taking the time. :)
  13. It looks interesting, but I'm having trouble figuring out what I would need to purchase in order to do the program with my children. I have a 7 & 10 year old. So, would I need a teacher guide (Unit 1 - 104 lessons) and then student pages for each child - probably intermediate and advanced (4 sets of 26 lessons to cover all 104 in the teacher guide). So what else would I need? Timeline? I just don't understand what all I would need to do the program. Anyone willing to spell it out a little for me and also let me know how they like it? Also, how often do you do it and how long does it take to do a lesson? So, how long would 104 lessons last me? Thanks so much. :) Angel
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